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  1. Sorry, but am working on Saturday. Hope you all have a good day.
  2. So all the policies that involve spending more money would get through, and the ones that might save some cash wouldn't. How's that going to work in the long term? I think that if we weren't about to start Brexit talks, a minority government might just about work, but think right now a majority (however small) is probably essential.
  3. This is the crux of it. We're all Lotus fans, but often for very different reasons.
  4. To be fair to James, he makes it pretty clear that these are just his opinions. I'd rather that than yet another generic review, where everything is benchmarked against a Porsche.
  5. Thanks Bibs, but mine is an auto, so not sure why it happened to me!
  6. I think we need a youtube video of that one!
  7. I get the impression that James' delivery was a bit strained on this occasion, on account of the fact he had come to some difficult conclusions about the car. Even by Lotus standards, the 410 is a niche product. I really like it and would love to drive one on track, but if I was going to replace my car then i'd buy a 400. If, on the other hand, I wanted a track weapon, I'd buy an Exige. So while there will be people who its perfect for, I think your conclusions are valid. Keep up the good work, your opinions won't always be well received, but I appreciate the effort your passion and effort to help the brand.
  8. I had the same thing (reduced rev limit and no cruise) happen a couple of times, but not happened recently.
  9. No black pack and has leather seats with the red piping, rather than the alcantara that I think the sports racers got? Other than that, I think it has everything, apart from folding mirrors (which I was going to do, but have never found the time)!
  10. How much much difference do we think there is between a MY2012 car like mine (which has heated seats, camera, nav etc) and the Sports Racers? I don't want to, but I may have to consider selling mine, hopefully not.
  11. Parked on the driveway of an empty house we're selling. Makes a good impression as you approach the house though...
  12. Stunning, and some good roads round there (out of the tourist season).
  13. I only got to the end in the hope of seeing more of Aimee. Did I say that out loud?
  14. @Bibs Is the new dealership in Maidstone still going to happen at some point?
  15. Pulled up outside the post office last night to find a big group of rather chavvy looking youngsters outside. I got out expecting the worst but instead I got loads of nice comments and genuine questions about the car, and there is now probably a video on social media of me giving it some beans for their benefit as I left!
  16. She's only ever cared about Independence. Getting elected was just a means to an end. I have no issue with Scotland becoming Independent, It just makes me angry to see them being led there under false pretences, by a bunch of charlatans.
  17. Mine has developed a bit of a creak recently, only really noticeable at slow speed, but will get B&C to have a look when it goes in for service.
  18. Inkyfingers


    Lucky you, it's a lovely part of the world, so many fond memories.
  19. Inkyfingers


    My dad and I used to have a leaky wooden yacht on the Norfolk Broads and one of our favourite haunts was the Woodforde's pub (Fur and Feather) at Woodbastwick. We'd have a game of having a pint of all their different beers, then seeing if we could still find our way back to the boat mooring at Salhouse.
  20. That's pretty impressive, considering the issues you've had (and that you own so many cars)!
  21. I've probably averaged 3000 miles a year, as a second car. I use it for work when I can, but that not always practical, so it's mainly weekends.
  22. I was lucky enough to fly in Spitfire ML407, which was incredible.
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