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    I was talking to a former multiple Lotus owner is B&Q last weekend. We had a lovely chat, until he told me he thought the Esprit was the worst car Lotus had ever made.
  2. That Elise itch is back with a vengeance.
  3. Has the creaking now gone entirely?
  4. Thanks Bibs. As usual, I was really hoping for somebody 5 minutes down the road! Out of interest, what do you know about Maidstone Sports Cars?
  5. It's hard to be precise, but my car has felt a little skittish recently and I'd like to get the geometry/alignment checked, to make sure it's all in order. Can anyone recommend somebody in Kent they'd recommend to do this?
  6. Forget the Sports Racers, apparently the really desirable cars are the MY12 onwards non Sports Racers, highly desirable so I've heard.
  7. That can't be Norfolk, there's a hill!
  8. Ha, I was excited for a moment there.
  9. All the friends I've carried in mine have been very complimentary about the cabin, and even in the paprika I quite like it.
  10. Sorry if I'm being thick, but what is that you're driving @Bibs
  11. We had a new member of staff start on Monday, all seemed fine until she e-mailed early Tuesday to say that she was resigning as she didn't like the drive to work. The journey from her house takes 20 minutes and is along good roads, and she must have driven it at least twice to come for interviews. Unbelievable.
  12. @Colin P A friend came over yesterday and was surprised to see the Evora parked on the drive, absolutely filthy. I politely reminded him that a Lotus is for driving, not posing. And no, it doesn't leak...
  13. I never thought i'd say this, but I quite like the stripes.
  14. Another great review, even if the bloke looked about as enthusiastic as a wet weekend in Scunthorpe. I really can see myself in a 410 at some point.
  15. After a day of getting shouted out for all sorts of things, none of which were my fault, I got in the Evora, wound the windows down and drove pretty much the whole way home in 2nd and 3rd, and arrived feeling much better. The Evora is not only a great car, it is genuinely good for your mental health.
  16. I've tried to sign up to this, but can't seem to register.
  17. The difference is that for the next two years at least, Trump will have a legislature that should, at least in theory, be relatively supportive. Having said that, there is a lot of inertia in Washington, and even Republican representatives may not back some of his wilder plans. Obama, having set such high expectations, was always likely to fall short in what he could achieve. We can only hope that the same happens to Trump!
  18. I also love the S1 Recaro seats. Not only are they very comfortable, but they also seem to wear quite well.
  19. I've no intention of selling, but for a car at this value I'd take a small hit and sell via a dealer, probably by SOR. I just don't have the time/energy to deal with people and would feel uncomfortable with large cash transactions, bank transfers, people coming to my house etc.
  20. Very sad news, they definitely seem to have potential. But bloody difficult to make headway in this market, when even somebody like Lotus, who have all the facilities, the skills and a brand with 50 years of history are struggling.
  21. Looked out of my office window and saw this in the distance, did a bit of a double take!
  22. It may well be the floor of the car, rather than the wheel arches. Just a bit of leather, some padding and a slice of flimsy aluminium between your bum and the road, wonderful!
  23. The only thing I find with the Evora is that when driving on wet roads, the noise of the water hitting the wheel arches seems quite loud, but I guess that just reflects how quiet the cabin is generally. Only the good noise (engine and supercharger) gets through.
  24. Who is Gerald, and what is he going to do with your car?
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