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  1. Is there ever a good time? With the focus on emissions, I still think Lotus could actually make quite a good partner for a manufacturer wanting to put a hybrid/EV drivetrain into an interesting car. Lotus have some experience, after all.
  2. @Bibs I'm pretty sure that's still out of their budget.
  3. @JayEmmI had a similar experience with the Jaguar F Type. I had both a V6 S and a standard V6, each for 24 hour test drive. In fact, I drove the V6S over to the Porsche garage in Tonbridge to test the Cayman S and after the 15 minute test drive in the Porker (when I'd already decided the car wasn't for me) I made a point of telling the salesman that the Jag was actually a test drive and didn't have to go back till the following morning. The only amazing thing, is that after the two extended test drives, Jaguar didn't make any effort to follow up, and I had to call them after a week or two to ask a few questions. @Colin G Sadly, I can not see myself buying a new Lotus as things stand. If I chop in the Evora for another Lotus, it will likely be for another used car, regardless of my budget.
  4. Sorry to hear that James. Though, as the great Confucius once said; Man who makes Youtube video about how reliable his classic Lotus is, may be asking for trouble.
  5. I'm an estate agent and we make a point of making our photos as realistic as possible. Unrealistic photos might get you more viewings, but if people arrive and are disappointed, then they're less likely to love it, and more likely to consider it overpriced.
  6. I like the idea of a nut and bolt restoration, but it's just not an option at this stage with a young family and a full time job. Instead, I will be looking for the holy grail...something that's not a wreck, but isn't perfect and therefore isn't too pricey!
  7. @blindside Maybe, but somehow think it's somebody i've met. Anyway, my journey towards Evora ownership started with an F Type V6 S. I really liked it; the looks, the sound and even the handling, it knocked spots off the Porsche Cayman S I also drove, which felt totally soulless. However, I was having trouble getting the purchase passed my 2 i\c who felt it was pointless buying a car we couldn't get the kids in, which got me thinking about the Evora. As soon as I made the decision to go and drive one, the outcome was inevitable. I still wouldn't rule out an F Type at some point though,
  8. He's quite annoying. I recognise him, but can't work out where from.
  9. Afraid this is another article from which we learn almost nothing that we didn't know already. Having said that, the more press coverage the better.
  10. @JayEmm Is the rad leaking on the Evora, or the Excel?
  11. Thanks @Hawaiis0 and @andydclements for the advice. @JayEmm I've heard rumblings about them before. Despite their location, neither I or any of my friends have any personal knowledge of them. May go and take a look, if only for comparison at this stage. I'm doing some major researching at the moment. My ideal car is one that's not a show car (with associated price tag) but also not a wreck, as I don't have the time or space for a major refurb job. I'm reasonably practical, though my actual mechanical experience has only ever been on WW2 Military vehicles, rather than cars.
  12. You guys aren't helping. Anybody know the car? Got any thoughts on the price?
  13. l always sing the praises of the the Evora, but can't imagine making anyone sit in the back for 8 hours, that's pretty hardcore. Took one of mine out today, safe to say she still loves it.
  14. @JayEmm , thanks to you and your bloody video, I've spent most of my Christmas break looking at Excels, including this one, which is just down the road from me....
  15. My daughter is 5 and all legs and still fits in OK behind me, but then i'm only 5'9". The only issue I have is that I can't put the seat as far back as I normally would to get out.
  16. That's a stunning car, in a gorgeous colour.
  17. My 5 and 2 year olds love the Evora, but only for about 45 minutes, after which they get claustrophobic, start screaming and pulling my ears.
  18. Can I ask why? I can't imagine there's much weight benefit?
  19. Due to my design/print background, I've always had a soft spot for Apple, but like many, I am running out of excuses for their malaise. My last two iphones and my wife's have been repaired several times; failing screen, failing batteries, refusing to charge at all, charging only on a Wednesday when the wind is blowing from the west. As for the new Macs, they are rightfully going to be overtaken by competitors if they don't get their act together pronto, if it's not already too late.
  20. My dentist owns a TVR, so they're not all bad.
  21. Look forward to that James. I quite like the look of these but the interior really puts me off. Some people might say that's not the point in a car like this, but even the basic Elise interior looks far superior.
  22. Best of luck James. If the guys from the factory can't sort it, then not sure where you go from there...
  23. @JayEmm Sorry this is still ongoing, really hope it comes to a satisfactory conclusion, whatever that may be. Out of interest, how reliable have the Elise and the Excel been?
  24. I also think a mechanical roof would be a pointless waste of money and weight. Fundamental Lotus rules of looks, weight and handling still need to trump practicality, or it's going to fighting on unknown territory. I've said before, and appreciate it's not an issue for many,but if they could manage to keep the 2+2 arrangement (even if storing the roof takes the back seats out of commission) then my chances of buying one would be exponentially higher.
  25. I think it would benefit the brand hugely, but it would require a large short-medium term injection of cash, which just isn't realistic in the present climate, sadly. Dreaming for a moment, I guess the fantasy would be finding an investor with the cash and the long term vision to give the undoubtedly brilliant engineers at Lotus the chance to really stretch themselves. Not only would that give the Lotus brand a boost, but open all sorts of new ideas which the investor brand could use, and also sell on to others...
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