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  1. I also think a mechanical roof would be a pointless waste of money and weight. Fundamental Lotus rules of looks, weight and handling still need to trump practicality, or it's going to fighting on unknown territory. I've said before, and appreciate it's not an issue for many,but if they could manage to keep the 2+2 arrangement (even if storing the roof takes the back seats out of commission) then my chances of buying one would be exponentially higher.
  2. I think it would benefit the brand hugely, but it would require a large short-medium term injection of cash, which just isn't realistic in the present climate, sadly. Dreaming for a moment, I guess the fantasy would be finding an investor with the cash and the long term vision to give the undoubtedly brilliant engineers at Lotus the chance to really stretch themselves. Not only would that give the Lotus brand a boost, but open all sorts of new ideas which the investor brand could use, and also sell on to others...
  3. Love that Carfection 410 video. I know darker colours are not everyone's cup of tea with these cars, but I think it looks fantastic.
  4. I really enjoyed it as well. His style is very relaxed and not at all pretentious, and unlike so many Youtubers, it's his passion shines through.
  5. Any news on this? Bell and Colvill are great, but this would make life so much easier for me.
  6. Blimey, didn't realise you had three now, glutton for punishment!
  7. Looks like a company that's prepared to properly invest without vanity, sounds good.
  8. It looks pretty mean in the flesh, but I bet it shows up any dirt or blemishes like anything and the matt look is just a bit too 'aftermarket' for me. Particularly when you can get a 400 for only £10k more...
  9. Sounds like babies being thrown out with the bathwater, or just some fairly desperate pre-sale cost cutting. Shame, as i fancied a go at the academy.
  10. Did all Evoras come with a tool kit?
  11. I'm having very similar feelings. Nothing else that's affordable really appeals to me. The only thing that I keep looking at is an Elise.
  12. Mine's currently at Bell & Colvill having a few bits attended to, and I'm missing it already! I even miss just seeing it in the garage, let alone driving it!
  13. Personally, I wouldn't go near any dealer that would run that kind of advert with somebody else's barge pole.
  14. I've only been watching from a distance, but they don't seem to be shifting much at the moment.
  15. There'd be nothing borderline about it.
  16. I'm starting to feel like I know this bloke quite well.
  17. I miss the hours i've spent trying to get homelink to work! And yes, I have done all the things suggested on previous threads.
  18. So I bought a new battery yesterday then drove 20 miles home. At midnight last night the alarm went off, and battery is flat, so we have a fault. Bugger! Any obvious things to check before I get on the phone to Phil at B&C?
  19. Right, gave the battery a nights worth on the ctek so will put it back in at lunchtime and hopefully it will still be start at the end of the day. If it goes flat again then the local place have a Varta E38 silver which will do the trick. One thing I meant to ask, is that when I discovered that the battery was flat yesterday, there was a clicking from the front end of the car, does anyone know what this might be? I wondered whether it was just because the battery was going flat, or whether it was a fault which might have cause the battery to drain in the first place? I've not had any other faults or electrical gremlins before.
  20. Thanks, got the boot open ok, what is this little cable on the picture, should it just pull out of side of battery?
  21. forgive me if this has been covered a million times but I'm on mobile and at work. Can anyone tell me what battery is reccomended for the S as my battery has gone completely flat (was fine driving into work this morning). my wife is coming over later with tools so I can take it home and charge it, but as its parked on road I don't want to risk using the emergency boot opener until I actually have to as have heard stories! Hopefully battery can be revived, but need to know which sort it is so that I can check my local place has one just in case. Ta
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