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  1. I think I may end up keeping it long term as well. I had imagined I might swap it for something else after a couple of years, but genuinely can't think of anything (within reasonable budget) that I would swap it for. Funnily enough, the only lusting I have had is for an older Elise, for some simpler, stripped down fun, that I might even be prepared to risk on a track.
  2. Regardless of the 400 issues, I'm liking all the talk of the S1 being a future classic.
  3. Out of interest, I had a new Mercedes C Class (work mile muncher) that broke down within 30 minutes of leaving the dealer, then twice more in the first week.. It then needed a new head gasket after just 35,000 miles and many other relatively minor, but exasperating issues fixing in the three years before I lobbed it back at them.
  4. Personally, I think Jayemm has reported on his issues in a fair and reasonable manner and as a possible future 400 buyer, i've been watching with interest. @JG220is right that perhaps our expectations should be different for a handbuilt sports car that they would be for a Ford Focus. However, as fans of the marque, we do no favours by simply writing off issues as somehow beingexpected, as at this price level Lotus do still need to up their game in order to win over new buyers and to rid themselves of the reputation that some in the industry still bring up regularly (even if, often, it's not deserved).
  5. Funnily enough, my target weight is 75kgs. If I reach it, I will treat myself to a 400.
  6. Super, thanks Bibs. Due to some work being done i've been parking the car outside and it seems to have accelerated the previously very minor marks.
  7. Love it, that's a proper Evora smile! I used mine for work today, and ended up giving an old lady a lift to a property and she absolutely loved the Evora (even though she could barely get back out of it)!
  8. Ooh, thanks Bibs, that would be excellent as wife can drop me off and pick me up from Maidstone quite easily. Any idea when, or dare I ask who?
  9. Thanks, i'll probably end up going to Bell and Colvill, but it's a bit of a faff as i'm in East Kent and i'd need to leave the car with them. I was hoping there might be somebody closer, but sounds like i'm out of luck.
  10. Hi, familiar story, but my passenger side headlight has started peeling really badly and looks a mess. Can anybody recommend somebody in Kent or nearby who could restore them?
  11. I had a look at the blue 400 Auto when I was getting my car serviced a few weeks ago, it's utterly gorgeous, though the interior was a little plain. Thankfully, Jamie must have had the day off that day, so I escaped the showroom with my life savings intact!
  12. Love it. This is why i'm too scared to phone Jamie for a 400 test drive.
  13. Coming through Dover this evening, a young lad shouts "i love your car", but was obviously so distracted, that he drove his scooter into a post. I tried not to laugh, but failed.
  14. Took the car out for a proper back road blast in the sunshine today , so thought i'd take a few pictures as I love seeing the colour at its best. Just down the road from where I took the pictures I was cheered by a load of soldiers out on an exercise (at the weekend, perish the thought).
  15. Yes, they have, but we are talking historically here and despite the clamp down, there are still plenty of legitimate reasons why a successful company wouldn't show a profit, particularly when they are part of a bigger group.
  16. First time i've seen a 400 out on the road. Quite a subtle colour, but looked lovely.
  17. There's a big difference between a company that has never made a profit, and one that's never posted a profit, if you know what I mean. Sounds broadly positive though, so fingers crossed.
  18. Out of interest, where is the sub in the S1 Evora? Did they all have one?
  19. Sadly not, but hopefully things will change one day. If you can get enough traction on youtube then perhaps it's worth trying again at some stage, what with your professional background and Bibs contacts.
  20. I finally saw a 400 in the flesh today when I took my car to B&C for a service. Like the original, it looks a lot better in the flesh than it does in photos, the blue one in the show room looked really lovely. My only criticism is that while the interior layout has clearly been improved, it looked a little dull to me in black leather, and I think i'd have to go for red, or better still, something from Lotus Exclusive. I decided not to arrange a test drive at the moment as I'd probably get carried away, but if a couple of deals come off later this year then I may well go back. Luckily, Jamie wasn't about when I popped in!
  21. I appreciate this is not perhaps likely in the short term, but eventually, it would be great if you could convince Lotus to let you do some sort of factory video; 'My 400 Goes Home' or something... Short factory Tour, bit of info about the manufacturing process, few laps of Hethel. If Lotus could be convinced, with your talents it could be a wonderful bit of free marketing for them and a thoroughly interesting video for those of us who are already converted. I know there was the Discovery film a few years ago, but would be nice for someone to show that these are modern sports cars, not glued together in Norfolk by turkey farmers, as many seem to think.
  22. Just got home from holiday and caught up with your videos. I am really enjoying them, they are interesting and I like your delivery. However, I cannot help but feel like I am doing something naughty. I've never done either, but imagine it's a similar feeling to cheating on your wife, or watching porn when your wife is in the in the next room.
  23. That blue looks lovely. My Evora is going in for service when I get back from holiday and whilst i'm very happy with it, I may just have to test drive the 400 while i'm at B&C. Could turn into an expensive day.
  24. That's why I bought it. Though, in my mind, I thought would be fighting off the local yummy mummies, not morbidly obese families in people carriers. n.b. In case my wife is reading this, I am happily married, and in no way have a thing for posh mums in Audi Q5s.
  25. I was just getting my phone out to take a picture my Evora by the sea at St Margarets Bay when a rusty Vauxhall Zafira came and parked right next to me, which was annoying seeing as it was 9.30am and the car park was pretty much empty.
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