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  1. I was just getting my phone out to take a picture my Evora by the sea at St Margarets Bay when a rusty Vauxhall Zafira came and parked right next to me, which was annoying seeing as it was 9.30am and the car park was pretty much empty.
  2. I finally have my Evora back, and it's wonderful.
  3. Personally, i do like guages. I accept that it's not so safety critical in a car, but in aviation, small guage movements can sometimes foretell issues before they become serious problems, which has certainly been useful in the past. Though when my Merc was having overheating issues (2 year old car, 30k miles and needed a new head gasket) the guage would suddenly jump from normal, into the far red, which was pretty useless.
  4. That red/grey Exclusive interior is stunning. I love the interior in my S, that that's on a new level.
  5. Speaking from personal experience, the 2+2 option certainly makes it easier to justify the purchase to sceptical other halves, even if, in reality you don't end up carrying the munchkins in the back very often. I'd be happy enough if it came as a 2+2 whereby you could only use the back seats when the roof panels were in place, that would be a good compromise. I somehow doubt it'll work like that, sadly.
  6. After a little enforced absence, my Evora should be home next week. I miss just seeing it in the garage, let alone driving it.
  7. He really is a master at spending other people's money.
  8. Welcome. If I didn't already have an Evora, that one would definitely have tempted me, great value. With the Evora being based on such a solid engine, the mileage obviously didn't scare anybody off
  9. Fair point. But my point was that, no matter how much I may disapprove, I just don't like the idea of people being told what they should and shouldn't do (assuming their actions are legal).
  10. I disapprove of people leaving the house in pyjamas and onesies, I certainly wouldn't. However, I also don't like the idea of the state telling people how to dress.
  11. I can see the benefit to owners of a car a step below the 400, i'd certainly be tempted, but I suspect that it probably wouldn't stack up for Lotus. As others have said, stripped down versions are usually sold at a premium, not a discount. I suspect that removing the supercharger and having a slightly lower spec is unlikely to find them the kind of savings required to make a huge difference to the RRP and still make enough profit. Plus, it would give lots of ammunition to the anti-Lotus brigade - "it's too slow"... "look at these cheap cabin plastics" etc, particularly as it would need to be visibly different to avoid cannibalising the already disappointing Evora 400 sales. Thinking about it, I do wonder how the range will evolve over time. Assuming no "new" models appear, I wonder how the three models will move together or apart over the next 5 years. I still wonder if Lotus are missing a £50k 2 seater with some of the luxuries and practicalities of the Evora, but still retaining some of the wildness of the Exile.
  12. I think that second design is much better, looks very clean and fresh.
  13. Agree with this. It almost outshines the gorgeous Vauxhall behind.
  14. I do like the idea, but I just wonder whether it's appropriate in an £80k car.
  15. I guess i'm just dashing my hopes in advance, that this might be a 2+2!
  16. I doesn't state behind which seats they'll be stored...
  17. I always put a splash of water with my single malt, no ice. My one Christmas disappointment, is that nobody bought me any scots this year, so i'm going to have to go shopping. Might take the opportunity to try some different stuff.
  18. The Evora Roadster is obviously going to be the big story, and could be a real break-out car, if they get it right. But just as important as the car, is the marketing, which is going to be hugely important, and going on current evidence, is something they're not doing well enough at the moment.
  19. I hope that made him realise that she's probably not the one.
  20. Colin, i'm still not sold on the 400's styling and have never been a big fan of red cars, but that colour really does look good.
  21. Go through the Roundhill Tunnels on my way to and from work. Never ceases to put a smile on my face. Even my wife squeals.
  22. I have two young kids, which probably explains my bias. I'm not sure I could have convinced my wife about a car which couldn't carry them, even if only occasionally. I'm not that familiar with the US market, but in the UK there seem to be more competitors in the 2 seat convertible market at that price level (F-Type, Boxster, SLK55, AMV8) than there are in the 2+2 sports coupe market (basically the 911, which is more expensive).
  23. Glad you're enjoying it. I drove mine today for the first time in a few weeks and am still smiling. What sort of exhaust is that?
  24. I got hit fairly hard from behind on the motorway a couple of years ago and had a sore neck for a couple of days after, but then it was fine. I hit somebody up the rear very slowly about 10 years ago (it was in practically stationery traffic). I sometimes used to see the bloke I hit around town and he would always make a joke about his whiplash, which I just ignored, to be honest. If he hadn't been driving a complete rust bucket of a Vauxhall Cavalier then I doubt the damage to his car would even have been visible, but as it was his rusty wheel arch popped out (my VW Golf was undamaged). At the time I had a company car, so had no dealings with the accident claim, so gave it no further thought. It was only a few years later when I bought the company car off he company and went to arrange my own insurance that I found out they had paid out £7000 for his whiplash claim. An utter joke.
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