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  1. I got hit fairly hard from behind on the motorway a couple of years ago and had a sore neck for a couple of days after, but then it was fine. I hit somebody up the rear very slowly about 10 years ago (it was in practically stationery traffic). I sometimes used to see the bloke I hit around town and he would always make a joke about his whiplash, which I just ignored, to be honest. If he hadn't been driving a complete rust bucket of a Vauxhall Cavalier then I doubt the damage to his car would even have been visible, but as it was his rusty wheel arch popped out (my VW Golf was undamaged). At the time I had a company car, so had no dealings with the accident claim, so gave it no further thought. It was only a few years later when I bought the company car off he company and went to arrange my own insurance that I found out they had paid out £7000 for his whiplash claim. An utter joke.
  2. I have read all the threads and spent a long time faffing with this, but no joy. In the end I went to Timpsons and got a spare doofer programmed, much easier to be honest.
  3. I appreciate that rear seats are not important for everyone, but for many they are useful to have and open up a wider market for a car. I hate to say it, but Lotus are going to really have to up their marketing game to compete in the upmarket 2 seat sports car market.
  4. I've never been a massive fan of convertibles, but I'm quite interested in what the roadster will look like, particularly if, by some miracle, it still has rear seats.
  5. Enjoyed reading that. After nearly 6 months of ownership, my experience has been very similar. I'm intoxicated by the handling, the ride and the NOISE! I love the rarity, and the positive response it seems to get. My wife, who was deeply sceptical, has been well and truly won over and my eldest daughter absolutely loves it. Although I don't use it every day, I certainly could, it really is quite refined. The only annoyance I have is why did it take me so long to buy one!
  6. That's great news about your rig. I've been to Guyana, actually. Spent 6 weeks trekking through the jungles and doing community work. The interior is well worth exploring if you can with some stunning scenery, including the magnificent Kaieteur falls. My memories of Georgetown are not so good, as I got mugged and picked a very unpleasant stomach bug, but it does have a few architectural gems.
  7. The fact that out of the BMW, the Audi and the Lotus on our drive, only the Lotus is fully functioning* today. *strange rattling noise excepted.
  8. Should be able to get up there, what time is it?
  9. I thought Skyfall lost the plot towards the end, as did Quantum of Solace in my view. I like Craig as Bond, he brings a dark intensity which moves things on nicely from the cartoon violence and cheesy one liners of the Brosnan era. After 50 years, I think it's good that the franchise can still adapt. I'd also have that Jaguar over the DB10 every day, the Aston looked bland in my view.
  10. I'm interested in this. There is, in my view, still room for specialist printed magazines so long as the content and the production values are of a high standard. If you would like any help with finding a printer or advice on the production side then do let me know. I'd like to think I may be able to chip in with an article occasionally, even as a Lotus novice, but finding the time is hard at the moment.
  11. Saw this last night. I thought it was excellent, was intense from start to finish.
  12. I was uncharacteristically rash, as I bought the first car I looked at. Though was partly down to luck, as happened to be the right age/spec, and in a colour I liked.
  13. I'm still loving my Evora S, but I think I may need to at least drive one of these at some point. If it really is as much of a step forward as some are saying, then it must be one hell of a car. For what it's worth, it's a no from me on the letters.
  14. If today goes to plan, I may be able to get up tonight.
  15. How are the kids getting back from France?
  16. There was one at Bell & Colvill when I picked up my Evora. It looked evil, but I imagine a nightmare to keep clean!
  17. Thanks all, As is it doesn't sound like an immediate issue, I think i'll pop into a specialist when I get the chance and let them adjust it!
  18. Thanks, that's put my mind at rest. How big a job is it to adjust?
  19. Whilst washing the car for the first time last night, I spotted that there was a gap between the boot and the roof of the car, through which you can see the engine. There also appears to be no seal of any type in that area. Is that normal (for cooling purposes) or not? I have attached a rather crappy photo, but hopefully you can see what I mean.
  20. Lotus Evora S (2012) Date Added: 06 July 2015 - 10:30 AM Owner: Inkyfingers Short Description: My first Lotus, nearly two weeks in and absolutely loving it. View Vehicle
  21. I'm not usually a fan of convertibles, but a Targa type would definitely be of interest, and I think it could work well with the Evora styling.
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