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  1. I find the IPS gets better the harder you drive it. Mine feels a little hesitant when doodling about, but feels plenty sharp when pushing on.

    I always have it in Sport mode (unless coming on going at unsociable hours*) and I use the paddles all the time. 


    *of course, when leaving home, the neighbours have already been woken by the boom when the engine starts 😜

  2. On 12/08/2019 at 06:49, Barrykearley said:

    They are selling for sure as folks on here are defo buying them.

    It’s very much a buyers market though, I don’t like to talk down prices, but the economy uncertainty due to government ineptitude hasnt helped. There’s some amazing bargains to be had and once the economy has settled you will be kicking yourself if you haven’t grabbed one. The values of these cars has been rock solid for a fair few years now - only the last few months a dip being noticeable

    Have used your words to convince the wife that we're better off holding on to my Evora for a while :driving:

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  3. 22 hours ago, Bravo73 said:

    Yes (sort of). Someone else has tried to sell an IPS recently (was it @Sumsion?) and I don’t think that he had many, if any, enquires. 

    Yes, that's what concerns me.

    Luckily i'm not desperate to sell, so if I have to wait it's not the end of the world (who could mind having an Evora in the garage...).

    Having been watching the used lotus market on and off for a while, I've been amazed by how prices have held - sadly with all that's going  on in the economy generally, I wouldn't be surprised to see demand/prices falling.

  4. OK, so after 4+ years I've decided I'm definitely going to sell the Evora. Very difficult decision as every time I drive it I fall in love with it, but I'm just not driving it enough.

    I had considered chopping it in for an Elise, but Elise prices seem to be very strong now, so might go without for a while.

    Anybody had any recent experience of the market for an Evora S IPS 2012 MY (27k miles)?

  5. I've had his book on my shelf for ages, and sadly it's taken his passing to make me read it.

    I'm 100 pages in and it's wonderful. He tells a wonderfully exciting story (and he hasn't even gone to war yet), while remaining incredibly humble.

  6. I have always thought I wouldn't be able to cope without a stereo, but since the stereo in my daily shed Golf stopped working (repairing it would cost more than the car is worth) I've actually not missed it as much as I thought, and quite enjoy spending a quiet journey alone with my thoughts. I imagine it would be even easier with a nice V6 soundtrack added!

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