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  1. I fear he’s 250Cup on here too. How ironic and par for his course... What a sh*t stirrer. Porsche911R I mean lol ? Sad.
  2. Apparently it’s from the 311? Happy to be corrected!
  3. I've never thought about two colours max, before. I feel you may well be right! Thanks very much for your interest. i will know more after Christmas but it looks like only three SE's were made for the UK market and one of those is white with a black leather and white stitched interior:
  4. I would describe the seats etc. as Royal Blue and the sills and dash as Blue/Black rather like the Quink Ink I used to use 40-odd years ago at school. You can see the exterior metallic blue colour in the seat inserts which is a sky blue metallic (lighter again). The steering wheel is blue/black leather and the passenger airbag cover is the same as are the 4 desk-mounted air vents with contrasting stitching. My 250 SE came with all of this pre-specc'd by the factory. Here's a link to a LHD sister car for sale in France with more interior pics:
  5. Hi SFO. The colour blue for the seats / gear surround / door cards is stunning and the quality of the leather is impeccable. It all really lifts the interior and like you say it's not too light. The stitching throughout is also outstanding. The blue/black leather sills (quite a lot darker then the seats) really contrasts nicely, all held together by the same lighter colour blue stitching. It's hardwearing too. Thanks very much for asking. I'm thrilled with the whole package.
  6. I have a first-gen 250 Cup-esque SE which was already specc'd by Lotus. I too could have done without the radio because the radio reception is poor, even in built up areas. Standard fit Clarion radio (unless it's changed) has no DAB of course and no LW (what, no cricket?!). However what redeems it is the USB port for phone charging and Bluetooth for playing my iphone music which is actually surprisingly good with by far a better sound than the radio, and connects automatically, although sooner or later I'm sure there will be a new aftermarket DAB single DIN with a pop-out large screen for nav (and apple CarPlay which is a real boon in my Alltrack). The dash speakers are also specc'd down to a price. Having read tales of ineffectual aircon, I'm actually very pleasantly surprised. In these current warm and muggy days it has performed really well and cools so well sometimes that I have to take some chill off using the heater too to moderate, otherwise it's too cold. And that's very much part of the car's analogue charm. I personally wouldn't be without it, living in a northern conurbation with stop-start traffic a lot of the time. I use the car 2-3 days a week, just to keep the LI battery topped up of course ??
  7. Many congratulations @The Pits! Sounds fantastic! Not too long to wait, and your car your way. Brill. Enjoy the anticipation.
  8. Just lovely! Enjoy your new pride and joy! ???
  9. Hellers

    Evora GT430

    Slightly askew the topic: different league (but not really around the twisties?) tested £204,540 ??? 1359kg dry; 1,486kg (DIN, inc. 90 per cent fuel) Power (hp): 570@7,500rpm Torque (lb ft): 443@5,000-6,500rpm 0-62mph: 3.2sec Top speed: 204mph Now what's REAL value for money, even if the roofless Evora never transpires, hmm?!??!!?? i suspect the Evora would more than keep this lottery-win Motor more than honest... NB. Moderators please move this to the recent convertible thread if more 'appropriate', thank you!
  10. Hellers

    Evora GT430

    Thanks @scotty435 The brand has me hooked, and now as an actual real new owner too. I can totally feel all the love that's going in to the product. This new car just builds on that. I suspect this car will become a defining watershed for Lotus now there are new owners, and also for JMG. What he has achieved during his tenure so far has been quite remarkable. Bravo all round and thank you for your very kind comments.
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