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  1. Presumably this is because you want to get some money out of Lotus?
  2. Just bought a Porsche Macan for Mrs Bazza and have to say it is a very nice bit of kit. If the Lotus SUV had been out I would probably have bought one..
  3. So was the £49k inclusive of 15% buyers premium and VAT?
  4. That's a shame, he's only just rebuilt it.
  5. Is there another for the passengers?
  6. Best of show is fantastic. Need to apply the cleaner first then the polish. Gives almost a wet look on dark cars, more so on black. Expensive mind...
  7. Again, look at the interior presentation. Scuffs on the drivers seat, rubber part of drivers mat not clean. It's an enthusiasts car why not present it enthusiastically.. Ahhhh
  8. Think I've got a ticket that I can't use if that helps.
  9. I think Chris @internets is your man. My Esprit was compared to one a few years ago.
  10. It's one of the two copies originally in the US.
  11. Andy, I'm sure you're not. You may have seem some like that but it doesn't mean that those in good condition have all been replaced.
  12. That's a new one. Mine hasn't been replaced and is in excellent condition. Good excuse for a picture though.
  13. Wasn't that the one that TE Lawrence topped himself on Clouds Hill in Dorset?
  14. Spot on Buddsy Close neighbour has just turned up tonight in a new £250k Aston DBS (680bhp or something like that). I said it's pretty pointless given Ascot high street is a 20 mph zone and she agreed.
  15. Jonny, you may not have been away but it's good to see you posting again.
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