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  1. Lotus Essex jacket (info)

    It's mine now !!!!!!!!!! It's sitting on the back of my chair. I've been hoping to get one for years so am absolutely chuffed to bits A big thanks to Bibs for flagging that it was back on eBay whilst I was away on holiday last week. @esprit22 Chris, I'll make sure to wear it next time we meet as you're obviously taken with it
  2. Lotus Essex jacket (info)

    Too big...?
  3. Lotus Essex jacket (info)

    Went for £155. Gutted as I tried to log in to eBay and couldn't. Would have bid much higher..
  4. yellow turbo for sale

    Personally not sure about the black bumpers on a 1986 car. If you're going for the early Turbo look why not do the wing mirrors black? The yellow/red could be a great and rare colour combination though
  5. Happy birthday Mike Brewer - cbclotus

    Happy Birthday Mike
  6. Excel, Whats it worth?

    Yes it had been sprayed by SD in Blackpool and was a fantastic looking car that looked very underpriced. Congratulations
  7. Gumtree find

    Do I get a bonus point for saying Mr Esprit drove it there and that there is a very handsome man wearing a blue fleece looking at the back of the yellow one?
  8. Looking for a nice Lotus in London!

    Happy to take the Essex to work slightly earlier than normal..
  9. Couldn't resist it

    Blimey Pete, you'll own an Evora 430 GT in a couple of years at this rate.
  10. TLF GT430 Club

    Jonny Congratulations that is a fabulous car in a brilliant colour.
  11. How full?

    two or three inches below the top
  12. Having just read about Vern’s wife who secretly had his Esprit seats recovered I thought I’d see what remarkable things have people done for you? Around 11 years ago I bought my Essex Esprit and set about collecting all things ‘Essex’. The memorabilia goes back to the early 1980’s so there wasn’t much of it about but what there was all seemed to appear on ebay. Mrs Bazza was at home looking after the children (1 and 3 years old) when she suddenly says that she wants to start earning again and has got herself a part time job delivering Thompson local deliveries to the houses in our area. So, off she goes with both kids in tow dropping off the phone directories and getting a few pence per delivery. The problem is that where we live everybody (except us) seemed to have a long driveway to walk down before you get to the door so as I saw it she was flogging away for bugger all. Her choice mind. I’m then bidding on the next Essex item on ebay but I miss out to an ebayer called “Steve Elite” . Next time I see ‘Steve’ bidding on an Essex item I really push the bidding up but he still wins it. It happens a few more times and I’m now getting quite annoyed. A few weeks later see another rare Essex publication on ebay. OK, I’m earning good money in The City so, childish as it might seem, I ain’t going to be beaten by him again and will pay 'whatever it takes'. Ha, I finally outbid him to win it! May have paid a stupid amount but, I beat him. Scroll forward to later in the year and we have our wedding anniversary so I give Mrs Bazza the usual box of chocs, as you do. She then presents me with a huge presentation file full of Essex memorabilia. Yep, she was ‘Steve Elite’ and every time I bid against him/her on ebay it meant that she had to deliver another 25 directories. Obviously I had no clue what was going on but the money she was making dropping the telephone directories off was being used to bid for the Essex stuff. She said she almost wept watching me drive the price higher and higher...
  13. They're all at it! it will just leave you feeling exhausted..
  14. They're all at it!

    Why, have you got nice knees?
  15. London T-Charge

    I've got 5 cars and the only one that doesn't pay the Toxicity charge is.... the big V6 diesel...