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  1. That's an odd advert. If I understand it correctly, it's not for sale for £20k but Mr Pallet Racking is asking if anybody will restore it for him for £20k.
  2. Hi Chris Some, not all Essex Esprits have "Essex" cam covers like mine in the picture below.
  3. @Jack Stone Max, your car after the M40 ding?
  4. Can't help but just had one replaced on my M100 Elan - not cheap..
  5. As your asking.. Liked the video but I think if you could show the product your using at each stage, why and its cost it would be more useful.
  6. Jim Clark practicing to see where the rest of the cars are?
  7. I think it's a proposed bringing forward of the 2040 date BUT it refers to a ban on new car sales not a ban on petrol cars as such.
  8. Obviously the Evija is a technical masterpiece but I think the Esprit is better looking
  9. Hi Lex I've just had a crawl under the Essex and it looks to me as if it's galvanised silver with a thin layer of black paint over the top. Some of the black paint has come away is a small number of places leaving the silver showing through underneath.
  10. No problem Colin. It's a kind offer you've made.
  11. Looks like you stopped just short of the full end of jetty James Bond experience
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