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  1. Mike Do you mean a UK No. 27? I think UK Essex 26 was rebadged 100 so there was no UK Essex No. 27. Essex 26 is/was up for sale at Stocks.
  2. More a case of Con selling
  3. Bit of a miserable day but the cake made it all worthwhile. Absolutely wonderful recreation. Thanks Tom and hope everyone got home safely.
  4. This Esprit has the same material - might be worth trying to track down the previous owner
  5. About 20 years ago we took the Elise and did the pass a few times en route to lake Como. We stayed at an absolutely stunning little hotel called Hotel de lac in Varenna. There was an underground car park that they were happy to let us use rather than parking outside/on the road.
  6. 34 years to the day after it rolled off the production line.
  7. Hi Mark I'll be interested in any replies as I'm doing it in the Summer too.
  8. Looks lovely Dave, any more pictures?
  9. Hi Jonathan The letter dated 1992 was to Mike Maynard who ran our G car group that met from about that time at the Rainbow and Dove pub in Hastingwood. A few of us still meet up but Mike sold his Essex blue N/A S3 quite a few years ago and lost touch. He was known as "Spotter" by a few including Chris @esprit22. Very interesting list, thanks for sharing it. I guess Steve @Veilside probably has seen it but it was new to me.
  10. Classic Cars magazine at Hethel.
  11. I'm tempted to get a new watch. I'm no expert and I've been happy with my Seiko for the last 35 years but fancy a change. I start looking around at Omega Seamaster planet ocean (I may be wrong in the description here) watches and find that the second hand values of them are actually very close to the new ones (if bought Ex VAT at Heathrow/Gatwick etc - appreciate though I'd need to pay duty etc). The second hand ones seem to being sold by guys who buy them cheap then sell them on making a tidy profit, I assume. Seems odd but then I discover that they have to be serviced every few years (not unreasonably I suppose) but the guys selling them second hand don't seem to price the (c£600+) cost of the service into the equation - "it's hardly been used so doesn't need a time due service". Lastly I discover that the watch doesn't actually keep very accurate time either and that I'd be better off buying a cheap quartz watch if I wanted an accurate one. Have to say that it's rather putting me off bothering. Am I missing something???
  12. Somebody on here bought it. Can't remember who though. Kevin Wheeler?
  13. Agree totally. brilliant video and shows what a great car the Esprit is. @Mysterae I'm doing the NC500 in the Summer with some mates. Can't wait.
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