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  1. Hi Stephen @stephenwhyte I meant Fabian's tyres
  2. Fabian Looks absolutely wonderful. Are your rear tyres Goodyear 235 60 VR 15 or ZR 15?
  3. Bazza 907

    V8 esprit

    This one?
  4. Bazza 907

    V8 esprit

    Trying to read the number plate - looks like Purso's old Final Edition Esprit
  5. They're big side lights on the red Esprit!
  6. I think I can see a car or a sheep in the field behind the cars - could it be a lambikini?
  7. Agree with Sparky. In 29 years the S3 Esprit has broken down on me only once which I put down to it being properly serviced every year irrespective of mileage. The Essex never and the Elise only once in 17 years. All are properly (GST) serviced. Key is to buy one that's been looked after or spend the money getting it back to how it should be.
  8. Chris, motor insurance rates are going up across the board for a number of reasons including Brexit (I know I know), Personal injury costs, latest regulator view on fait play between new and existing customers, lower investment returns etc etc etc. Obviously worth checking around though
  9. At Castle Combe in 2008
  10. You're car to with what you want etc etc but as you're asking for opinions, personally I'd leave it as it is. Nothing wrong with it being as it came out of the factory and of course if you ever did sell it I suspect the next purchaser would prefer it stock. Appreciate that you could reverse any changes but is that likely? Just my 2p worth
  11. I think it's slightly on the high side for an S3 in the UK but it does look in very good condition and as if it's been well cared for. Assuming that you could get it for say €26k, at the current exchange rate that's £23,150 which, I suspect is close to a fair price. Personally I think a well sorted S3 is a better proposition than a non-standard, perhaps ropey, turbo
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