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  1. Happy Birthday. Half an antique and ten!
  2. The National Classic Car show in November. Shine courtesy of ValetPro @Greg | ValetPro
  3. It also does a party trick of driving at speed under the lowered barrier at the NEC giving a fright to the passenger who donated to the Sporting bears charity for a ride
  4. Just looking at that last pic - how the heck do you get in the house? Are you really really slim?
  5. I think this is from a 1980s motor show.
  6. Is that a change of Spurs badge for every time the team has actually won something? 😂
  7. The Essex Esprit was driven by Roger Becker whilst the owner was having kittens that he'd re enact a certain car chase 😉
  8. I'd have had you pegged north of 30...
  9. Just back from a great 4 days at the NEC. The Essex was in absolute tip top condition after the ValetPro guys worked their magic on it. If you've ever seen it and thought it looked shiny you should really see it now. Many thanks to all who came over to say hello on the Club Lotus stand, lovely to catch up with so many people. Fabian's cars look brilliant. Just one from me
  10. I'll be there too with the Essex (Club Lotus stand) so please also come and say hello. I won't be cleaning it in advance as it's getting a special going over by the wonderful ValetPro company on the South coast. Many thanks to Greg, @Greg | ValetPro Elliott and the whole team.
  11. Bazza 907


    I thought you had to apply for historic car status..?
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