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  1. Bazza 907

    Essex Random Images.......

    Neil Thanks for posting. I have also been in touch with the original purchaser of Essex No.11 who is keen to see the car again. I wonder if we could arrange for the original owners to be reunited with their old cars - maybe a feature for Absolute Lotus magazine? Could get Zoe Randle there too..?
  2. Bazza 907

    G car buyers guide

    That car was discussed a few weeks ago by somebody who used to own it (had red and white leather) but he was put off buying it back given it hadn't been used for so long.
  3. Bazza 907

    What made you happy today?

    Got name checked on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning
  4. One of these is car related the other is name related.
  5. Bazza 907

    Stunning S2.2 for sale by auction

    Hi Geert Sorry I didn't mean to be offensive but in my personal opinion they have no place in an Esprit. The point I was making was that the seller seems to have been economical with the pictures so as to hide the existence of the sunroof. Having previously travelled long distances to see cars that are far from that described I find it annoying. If the car has a aftermarket sunroof why not show it as some people, like yourself may like it whereas others like me, might not. Again, personally the rust underneath would worry me as would a re spray without taking all the glass out - but hey that's just me.
  6. Bazza 907

    Stunning S2.2 for sale by auction

    Has it got one of those awful cheap aftermarket sunroofs? Looks to me as it it has and there has been some clever photography to almost hide it
  7. What a fantastic day. Huge thanks to Bibs and all those involved in making it such a brilliant day. Just got back home having stayed overnight in Suffolk. Funniest moment with a doubt was when the F1 cars were on track mid afternoon. We saw them go off before heading back to the car which was parked in the line on the track. On the way we walked passed the Classic Team Lotus marquee. Mrs Bazza (who has owned the Elise for 16 years) stops and says "hang on a minute that jacket looks nice, let me have a quick look" Not one to say no (years of training) I agree but highlight it's all roped off/closed as the guys were all on track demoing fettling the F1 cars. Undeterred and with years of retail experience she spots a bloke and calls him over. After a brief chat he unclips the rope, lets her in and shows her the jacket. After a few minutes she say its not for her but then I hear hime explain "it had been modelled on the one my Dad used to wear". Mrs Bazza; "Oh, who's he?" Bloke: "Colin Chapman".... I desperately tried not to laugh and have to say Clive was the perfect gent, very gracious - top, top man
  8. Bazza 907

    Essex at Stocks

    Hi Mark Yes it does. I had a good look at No. 100 when Ken Baird was selling it at the same time I was looking to buy 011. No. 100 had had a small fortune spent on it at SJ but in the end I went for 011
  9. Bazza 907

    Essex at Stocks

    Cam covers - some did some didn't. Oddly enough the ex US Essex copy Esprit does have the "Essex" cam covers.
  10. Bazza 907

    Essex at Stocks

    It's an Essex thing, nuf said.
  11. Do we need a ticket for the catering/burger vans/grub?
  12. Tickets gratefully received this morning. Thanks Bibs.
  13. Attended the 50th in the S3, 60th in the Essex and will be in the S3 at the 70th. Guess that means I'll be in the Essex at the 80th.
  14. Bazza 907

    Dry sump for sale

    Yes, been for sale for a while now. Wonder if it's had a respray?
  15. Bazza 907

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    Insurers are clamping down and reducing the Driving Other Cars Extension. Check your Certificate wording to make sure you still have that cover even if you know you had it previously.