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  1. Bazza 907

    BBS Wheel

    Sorry but it was another very kind forum member who happened to have 2 spare.
  2. Possible although he was around Heathrow which was the wrong direction and I suspect going back to the factory at Woking
  3. Saw this on the M25 today. Looked like a Batmobile but was actually a McLaren Senna (prototype?). Played a bit of cat and mouse if that's possible at 20 mph. He seemed to like the esprit.
  4. Bazza 907

    Which Telescope to buy?

    Hard to believe I know but I've not had time to set it up and use it yet. Life is has been busy. I have it and I will get round to using it either this Summer or definitely next
  5. Bazza 907

    Bumper Repair - Paintwork

    Is it Frank at Option 1 in Bromsgrove? Worth a try, he was very good when I took the black Esprit there but make sure you know what satin black he's going to paint it. I think Paul Matty uses him.
  6. Bazza 907

    So who's the biggest Essex fan?

    Oh I do like that..
  7. Went to a meeting with an insurer on Friday where the CEO said that they do a series of checks including whether the policyholder invests in shares. Apparently there's a correlation between owning shares in companies and being a better driver. I kid you not.
  8. Not yet. I've not found a wheel refurbisher that will match the colour of the new rears with the (to be refurbished) front wheels. The BBS wheels on the car are fine but I really want better than fine..
  9. After 8 years in storage followed by a recommissioning by GST, today I managed to give it a proper clean.
  10. Bazza 907

    S3/Turbo Tyre Options

    They also have 4 holes rather than 5..
  11. Bazza 907

    S3/Turbo Tyre Options

    @GTK Yes Walton's book is unfortunately wrong. If you look at the press releases the tyres are VR speed rated and developed by Goodyear specifically for the car. I also read that Speedlines were offered but I've never seen an S3 on Speedlines. Would be interesting to see if any ever actually fitted given that they would be 14 inch rather than the BBS and Compomotives were 15inch.
  12. Bazza 907

    S3/Turbo Tyre Options

    The tyres for the S3/Turbo are wrong on the LEW link. They should be Front: Goodyear NCT 195 60 VR 15 Rear: Goodyear NCT 235 60 VR 15
  13. Bazza 907

    JMG gone!

    Kimbers is spot on. He did the job he was brought in to do but if you need to grow a business you need a different skill set. Personally I think a few mistakes were made on his watch which stick in my throat rather but looking at the bigger picture we should all thank him for what he achieved.
  14. Bazza 907

    What made you happy today?

    Blimey, I've heard of missing the bowl but you must have been bursting to do that much damage...