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  1. Martyn Disappointing news. I only went to one (last year) but really enjoyed it. Many thanks for doing all the organising of this event over the years. A thankless task but one that you stuck too despite the many brickbats. Well done mate.
  2. Seasoned as in old (git, probably)
  3. Quoted in the evening newspaper today and described as "seasoned". WTF..
  4. Nuts As Trevor says, completely overpriced. Will probably be back within 3 months with somebody saying that they simply didn't have time and that they were simply looking to just recoup what they paid for it.
  5. Real shame about the interior but does look a good price currently.
  6. Bazza 907


    Those Tornadoes
  7. Sparky, never had you down as a Labour lover
  8. Enough about the wife, what about the car?
  9. Wouldn't have got much change from a proper engine rebuild, respray and a bit of suspension work. If the interior was then redone then £20k would seem cheap, even in 2009.
  10. Sun out today so took the old girl out for a spin to a local classic car breakfast meet.
  11. Cliff, Many thanks for posting, looks great.
  12. Swerved to avoid an octopus - were there any squid marks?
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