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  1. Rare as hens teeth

    You've not seen an original unrestored Compomotive wheel then Tocus.
  2. Non-Lotus engine problem

    Have you checked the air filter isn't blocked with crap?
  3. Looks great, riding a bit high though, particularly at the back?
  4. Teaser

  5. Florida category 5 hurricane

    Sunday Telegraph has quoted some idiot trying to guess how much it's going to cost the insurers
  6. Happy 50th Kimbers!

    Happy Birthday
  7. Anyone looking for an S2.2?

    A friend of mine has a friend who has an Essex and apparently it's not for sale - just in case anybody is not looking to buy one.
  8. Happy birthday Mark Blanchard

    Happy birthday Mark
  9. Is my Evora too expensive?

    Yes, they knocked us down £500 on a car they had originally valued at £5k
  10. Is my Evora too expensive?

    I took my Dad's car to and it was pristine too. They managed to find 4 or 5 incredibly small stone chips/marks on the front of the car and deducted something like £100 off the valuation they had given me for every one of them. It was then a case of "take it or leave it".... The only way that they won't reduce the value is if the car is in EXACTLY the same condition as it left the factory.
  11. 1981 Dry Sump project

    That roof stereo isn't even the correct model. I'm thinking of getting an agreed value insurance policy on mine.
  12. Great photo. The Dino looks tiny compared to the (stunning) Esprit
  13. Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Easy Tiger
  14. New car!

    My first time in a moving Evora. Very nice piece of kit too.
  15. New car!

    Well done Bibs. As others have said, a great colour.