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  1. Bazza 907

    elite to auction

    Hmmmmm.... Looks lush Paul
  2. Bazza 907

    elite to auction

    I was interested in the car but the non standard features including it having been altered from an auto to a manual box put me off.
  3. Bazza 907

    Essex Random Images.......

    Gear knob looks more Halfords than Lotus
  4. Bazza 907

    Essex Random Images.......

    The inside of one as I recall. More worryingly how did he know what one looks like...?
  5. Bazza 907

    Essex Random Images.......

    Essex Advent Calendar
  6. Bazza 907


    Gin advent calendar seems to be going down well..
  7. Bazza 907

    Dry sump purchased

    Congratulations, great purchase. Looks like Trevor's old car
  8. Bazza 907

    Elise S1 or S2 (k series) Wanted

    Chris Can't help as we're not looking to sell our S1 Elise but as you probably know, they are fantastic cars. We have a couple of Esprits that sit along side the Elise and swap into them depending on mood. If/when you buy (a good one) you won't regret it. Good luck in the search
  9. Bazza 907

    Compomotive CX500

    Ooh, I'm interested but can't seem to PM the chap with the wheels for sale
  10. Bazza 907

    [PICS] 1986 Lotus Factory Tour

    Agree, really interesting to see the pictures. Not an Essex though but a homage. Looks like a 1985 car judging by the registration 'C' registration and colour coded bumpers.
  11. Bazza 907

    Essex Random Images.......

    Tocus Take car with the wing mirrors, they are very delicate
  12. Bazza 907

    Possible Cars & Coffee Event in Berkshire

    How about an Esprit? I'm up for it.
  13. Bazza 907

    S2 Esprit project car

    Sounds a lot if it needs a respray and isn't in very very good condition.
  14. Bazza 907

    Lotus Europa twin-cam cutaway original art

    Got a very similar picture to this from a magazine back in the 1980s "Car" magazine I think