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  1. Didn't Lotus used to own Milbrook at some point?
  2. Key question is why it needed a new front bumper/bonnet and who did the repairs - Looking at the way in which the side trim has been applied I doubt that it was Lotus..
  3. The previous series wasn't all bad either although the Elise should have won (yes I'm biased).
  4. Whilst the dreadful sunroof devalues this car I think you'll need to pay £35k for a really good S3. If you want to buy one that needs work and money then there will be quite a few at c£25k. Mine is in tip top condition and couldn't be bought for £35k (if it was for sale) with an agreed valuation to match. Check out recent magazines for how good S3's are.
  5. I'd have a very good look at the paintwork as the pearlescent white can't be matched if there is a prang and effectively needs the whole car respraying. Brian (identical car, on standby for the motor show) had to have it completely resprayed to get it 100% perfect. Have to say it does look very nice but I wouldn't be taken in thinking it's worth a huge amount more simply because it was a motor show car.
  6. That's an aftermarket sunroof and it's a pity it's there.
  7. Hi Simon I don't know the car but a mate of mine does - he owns the sister car that was at the motor show and is in the exact same colours. I'll ask him. Just checking, it wasn't re registered in the last few years from B61 PEX was it? If so search the forum for a thread about it.
  8. @SparkyAm I right in thinking that the Emira is exactly the same as the Esprit underneath but just different?
  9. @Dan E It really does look like a supercar. I was going to describe it as a junior supercar but I don't think it deserves the junior tag. There isn't an angle I don't like. To me the car looks perfectly proportioned whereas, please don't flame me here, the Evora never quite did. The blue one looks a bit more hunkered down being a display model but the grey one sat as it will be produced and looked 'right'. For choice I wouldn't go with the grey colour as I think some of the design lines are lost but they stood out really well on the blue car. The interior looks bang up to date and the fit and finish appear first class.
  10. Went today and thought the Emira looked even better in the flesh. Lotus had a fab stand which was full of the great and the good including Matt Windle, Russell Carr and Scott Walker. The hospitality with free food and drinks was rather good too.
  11. Fantastic launch, stunning car. Huge congratulations to all at Lotus. Wow!!!
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