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  1. Bibs Rachel Chloe Yasuo ChrisJ Sparky Tracy internets Mrs internets aka Catherine Dan E The Commander aka The Commander Dave Excell Ann Excell Scott Noisy Nick Philcool Sue John Ben Dave Atak Karen Pete Sue Alan (temple) Linda Trevor Lorraine Harriet Paul B Bazza Emma
  2. Spotted this morning in Foxhills car park in Surrey. Looked fab and hats off for taking out late November.
  3. @TpupNomad Might be worth flagging with Mark at Stocks Sportscars in Chelmsford who has sold a few Essex cars in the last few years. He is sometimes on here @lotuseaters
  4. Journalist at Evo back in the early days?
  5. First concert ever concert was the Boomtown Rats, c1980 at UEA RIP
  6. Export model for Australia?
  7. To be fair, you could say the same thing about sports cars...
  8. If they wanted one with a well worn body and slightly higher than average mileage (😂) I can help out. Does have S2 wheels though..
  9. When people ask about my "I ESX" number plate I just explain I'm dyslexic and thought I was buying something else...
  10. As I recall the £85k translated into what would have been a £95k purchase price once buyers fees etc were added on. It didn't make its reserve which is why it didn't sell at the auction.
  11. Sorry but that gave me the best laugh I've had for ages. As Stephen and others have said, congratulations on your new purchase, enjoy.
  12. Aston Martin share price is down 95% from its stock market debut only a few years ago..
  13. Pete, sorry to hear, take it easy.
  14. Went to this last year and bumped into Kimbers and Wendy. Great event. Wendy's artwork is simply fantastic
  15. That's really not too bad and much less than I would have anticipated. 😀
  16. Does it look to be sitting quite high? Especially the front?
  17. Would be a shame to see it broken for spares but I suspect that it might be worth more going down that route
  18. Yesterday I went to Blenheim Palace for the Salon Prive club day. I arrived early and parked up with a great bunch from the Lotus Drivers Club. Later in the day the Essex was picked out to represent Lotus by the Club Secretary and entered the main South Lawn event. It won a fantastic cup, medal and rosette. A superb day and great to meet so many friendly people who really cared about cars. I've attached a few pics taken by a lovely chap who also won a prize with his McLaren (RJVimages).
  19. Lovely C reg Turbo on Chobham Road Sunningdale. Managed to say a quick "Hi". Blimey they do look the 'dogs danglies' on the road..
  20. If you blip the throttle a few times whilst the car is stationary you'll soon get it passed idle temp.
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