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  1. They emailed me today saying that it was the overseas mailings that were disrupted. That said, mine never turned up and I'm in the UK.
  2. A few months ago Bibs contacted me to ask if Mrs Bazza's Elise could be used for some filming to represent Lotus. The car was picked up and used for filming in Hertfordshire and then used on another day down in Beaulieu. It was pitted against a Porsche Boxter and the aim was to show how each car rescued its car company from bankruptcy. The programme will be aired at 8pm on Tuesday 21st May on ITV4. I've no idea how good it will be but it's probably worth watch.
  3. I didn't receive a copy - thought my subscription must have lapsed. Will get in contact to get the copy above. Thanks for flagging
  4. Bazza 907


    Yep, my M100 has done 280k
  5. Bazza 907


    or even over 280,000
  6. Bazza 907


    There's a big party for (M100) Elans
  7. Mercedes used Esprit as a level of trim. Mind you wasn't Elite a brand of condoms?
  8. Watch out for The Car Years, 8pm Tuesday night on ITV4 - It's all about how the Elise saved Lotus
  9. The one with Britt Ekland..?
  10. That looks lush. Love the colour coded wheels
  11. I didn't but I did get offered one at a very good price duty free. Decided to buy another Lotus instead - you can never have too many..
  12. Hi Andy Did you sell that Omega that I came round to look at about 6 weeks ago?
  13. Very sorry to hear.
  14. I saw one in North London close to Vegantune about 15 years ago. Odd looking thing but at least the rear lights didn't look as awful as the ones on this car.
  15. It's also an insurance broker in Hillingdon or somewhere like that..
  16. I've not been keeping up but could it be the new SUV? Really hope it is. I keep looking at Porsche Macan
  17. He had it up for sale quite a few years ago. I went to his house in Hampstead and in the underground garage were all these drum cases with Spandau Ballet on. I haggled a bit but we couldn't agree on the price so I left it. Drove well as he'd put some hot cams on the car. Just as I was leaving I asked him about the drums and he said he was in a band. Seemed like a nice guy.
  18. Short answer is no but I have all the kit.. I will start this summer as I stop work next month.
  19. There is very very little turbo lag - I could hardly tell it was a turbo. They are very quick to c4000 revs but then really kick on again after that to the red line. Handling is excellent as you'd expect. Mine has huge mileage but is a fabulous little car. It's also steel blue which is clearly the best colour!
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