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  1. Chris, motor insurance rates are going up across the board for a number of reasons including Brexit (I know I know), Personal injury costs, latest regulator view on fait play between new and existing customers, lower investment returns etc etc etc. Obviously worth checking around though
  2. You're car to with what you want etc etc but as you're asking for opinions, personally I'd leave it as it is. Nothing wrong with it being as it came out of the factory and of course if you ever did sell it I suspect the next purchaser would prefer it stock. Appreciate that you could reverse any changes but is that likely? Just my 2p worth
  3. I think it's slightly on the high side for an S3 in the UK but it does look in very good condition and as if it's been well cared for. Assuming that you could get it for say €26k, at the current exchange rate that's £23,150 which, I suspect is close to a fair price. Personally I think a well sorted S3 is a better proposition than a non-standard, perhaps ropey, turbo
  4. Looks to me like she needs a good rest. Doesn't look well.
  5. TC planes in Europe all flying home. Announcement expected c2am Looks very sad for the 9,000 employees
  6. Lotus shoes - For the drivers..
  7. VW on the right, just wondering what the last 3 digits on the number plate were....
  8. Might not be of any help but My Merc twice had a similar SRS problem. Once it was the seat belt mount (that the buckle goes into) - replaced and sorted Next it was the pressure pad of the seat base - bought a second hand one and that fixed it
  9. As Sparky says, the respray/interior would not leave much, if any, change from £10k. You would be FAR better buying a sorted one and have the pleasure of driving it. If you enjoy a challenge and genuinely don't mind the probability of putting more money into a car than its worth, then go for it.
  10. It was much much more low key than the FOS. Ferrari had a tent as did Octane, Footman James and a handful of upmarket leather/clothes/tut. Only really needed two or three lotus cars and a flag or two.
  11. Hi Dave I was there with the Esprit on Sunday (amongst the line of Fezzas) but agree that with Geely sponsoring the event it was a shame not to see more Lotus. There was a black taxi and a Evora 410 strategically placed but little to connect them to Geely. Looking forward to seeing your Esprit, especially as we live in the same village..
  12. Thanks Danny Blimey, I hope that this is good news for the guys working there. Chesil's manufacturing facilities in Dorset are really something else. We will own a Chisel at some point. Always loved them although I'm fussy about the exact spec I'd want - metallic ice blue, creme interior, blue roof. If anybody knows...
  13. Good turn out this morning despite the soon to turn weather. Great to meet Alex with his day old Evora GT410? (sorry if I've got that last bit wrong).
  14. Yes please. I've been wanting to get it for ages. Will PM my details Bazza
  15. Presumably this is because you want to get some money out of Lotus?
  16. Just bought a Porsche Macan for Mrs Bazza and have to say it is a very nice bit of kit. If the Lotus SUV had been out I would probably have bought one..
  17. So was the £49k inclusive of 15% buyers premium and VAT?
  18. That's a shame, he's only just rebuilt it.
  19. Is there another for the passengers?
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