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  1. Binge watched the whole series on Saturday. Had trouble sleeping 😵
  2. Wow, front cover! Really looking forward to receiving my copy and hope the ol' girl gets a good write up. A huge thank you to @Bibs for fixing it up.
  3. Yes, looks like a great event. Unfortunately it clashed with Goodwood Revival which was a pity.
  4. Today the Club Lotus (Bucks, Berks, and Oxon area) held its annual concourse competition at a big (100+ cars) classic car show. I took the Essex all polished up but didn't win anything (despite being in a class of just two cars..) but 10 minutes later the car show organisers announced the Classic Car of the Show and now I'm chuffed to bits.
  5. Sorry Mark, I was light heartedly referring to the 'Essex' Esprit's that were convert by Jim back in 1980/1
  6. And to think that started out as a JPS Esprit..
  7. I'm not so sure about the Essex. As with some of the other cars, there are things about it that are not quite right about it or, perhaps better to say not as you would want bearing in mind its a collectors car.
  8. It wasn't supplied new with Essex decals fitted and the other two (?) look a likes were white when they left the factory. We've all seen Essex copies but they're not Essex Esprits.
  9. Sorry but I agree at that price they're too expensive. Max £150-£200 given the alternatives.
  10. Didn't look like an Essex when it was built by Lotus - it was painted white as I recall
  11. As Justin says, it's damage below the paint, will not be a cheap fix and may get far worse depending on when it was done/mileage thereafter. Looks like the windscreen has been replaced hence the poor fitting trim. Lotus quality was never that bad when new. As I've said previously, if you want a really good one you'll need to pay a really good price.
  12. Wow, what a car to own, congratulations. Best colour too.
  13. I've found it depends on the weight of the car. The Elise seems to have no problems but the Esprit is a different matter. I've found that a year or two despite the tyre pressures being raised to c40 psi. Nothing worse than square tyres..
  14. Get yours rechromed? I had my wheel nuts rechromed and it didn't cost a fortune.
  15. As you're thinking, it depends on if you want a 'fully restored' car. If you are paying others to get you there then you can at least double the £20k you mentioned. A recently completed restoration where a good chunk of the work was done by the owner cost north of £40k. It's important to go in with your eyes open.
  16. @BibsI've thought about these recently. Club Lotus offer a 10 or 15% discount off plastic looking sets but they seem very generic - to fit wheels/tyres ranging from 13-21 inch or something. These seem to fit the Evora wheels really well but would they work as well on 15 inch Esprit wheels/tyres? Are they adjustable or do they come in a range of sizes? Have to say that they look good and if they prevented square tyres after a long winter lay up I'd definitely buy a set.
  17. Didn't Lotus used to own Milbrook at some point?
  18. Key question is why it needed a new front bumper/bonnet and who did the repairs - Looking at the way in which the side trim has been applied I doubt that it was Lotus..
  19. The previous series wasn't all bad either although the Elise should have won (yes I'm biased).
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