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  1. Pete, they have to employ lots of people to keep the all the silverware clean. Oh, hang on a minute....
  2. Bazza 907


    Are you going delusional from cold turkey withdrawal mate? We're here for you (but not there, obvs)
  3. Just seen it. Loved it and all the better for Tim Shaw's obvious love for the Esprit. Car.SOS.S08E03.Lotus.Esprit A few adverts but worth watching.
  4. Interesting that the Govt MOT checker says it was a white Esprit first registered in March 1994 and has yet to have it's first MOT!
  5. You can't beat it. Note The Tesco mobile network. Cheap as chips.
  6. Simon @Sizona knows that my phone is a Nokia 6310 (can I be a STG?) which means he can't send me pictures of the league table with Chelsea above Arsenal
  7. Thanks Phil. How do I get National Geographic? NG is available via Disney+ (long story, don't ask) but only picking up previous programs. Not sure what TNG @Fridge means - The Next Generation?
  8. You would think they'd consider their of turnover as well as yours...
  9. Taken on Sunday, after a glorious drive and just before lock down.
  10. Following his flirtatious interview with glamour model Jodie Marsh..
  11. Looks good but who put that steering wheel on?
  12. It's not a proper Bazza Audi, it's got an indicator stalk.
  13. Looked very good in the flesh.
  14. Steve We could have a great 40th this Summer..
  15. No.11 out of hibernation and looking forward to the Spring.
  16. Keep your contacts live by asking them for a coffee/catch up every few weeks.
  17. Your car but I also wouldn't.
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