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  1. Early Esprit's cars don't have the fly off handbrake handle whereas later cars do. I'm not sure of the timing of the switch but I suspect it was c1984 model year changes.
  2. Bazza 907


    If anybody is interested, the FCA gives publicly disclosed short positions on its website so you can see who and by how much they are betting on a share price fall on any individual company. Last one available was as at 25 Jan.
  3. Had to look up "bogans". Never seen that word before
  4. Putting some balance back, I've found that for some children private education is absolutely the right thing for them. The parents I know who send kids there do so for the best of reasons and it is genuinely financially painful for the vast majority. Yes of course there are exceptions but to generalise that those who send their kids to private school do it for bragging rights is like saying that those who buy sports cars are doing it because they're lacking in the trouser dept. Clive, sorry about the issues with the ex.
  5. If it does then further proof that there's a market bubble emerging.
  6. They were selling the the correct ones on fleabay a while back
  7. Lucky you didn't merge the Essex 007 thread in with them too
  8. Does it have a clutch or is it an automatic?
  9. Hi Lex My wheels are still original/anodised and are not 'mirror' polished. You can polish anodised wheels without removing the original finish as I have but if the wheels are ever refurbished it would appear that you can't get them re anodised - I know Jonny (Pitts) tried to get his Compomotives done that way but wasn't able to.
  10. Yes, you're right, not the active suspension Esprit but a white turbo. Just seen it in the "Esprit Addiction for life" DVD and it was A65 JEX. Last MOT expired August 2012. Wonder what happened to it?
  11. Wasn't active suspension car JEX? Also I seem to remember that Kato &/or Ken Baird owned a S3 with the number JEX?
  12. Lift the sunroof into the first of it's two positions (i.e. the lowest position) as this relieves the pressure on the pin (bottom of your right hand arrow). Then, yes, slide the blue highlighted plastic part to the left per your red arrow - but I'd say 2 or 3cm not mm. This will release the pin. Now do the same to the other latch. If the blue part doesn't move easily you can use a screwdriver to help to some leverage into it - it can need help to move especially if it's not been moved in a while. Get out of the car and (ideally first time with somebody on the other side of the car to
  13. I once had a mini with a go faster stripe on the passenger side - kept wanting to veer to the right every time I drove it..
  14. Is the clutch ok?
  15. If it was a private sale then he's got no right of redress unless it's been misdescribed as previously mentioned. However, I wonder if he could make an argument that if you made a living (or part of a living) from buying, doing up and then selling cars then you could be seen as a part time motor trader? If that was the case then the car would have to be 'fit for purpose' which, if it broke down within a day, it probably wasn't?
  16. If an Essex went up in percentage terms in the next 7 years as they have in the last 7 years, they would be knocking on the £1m door. Where is that wonderful thread?
  17. They should be quite different to S1 wheel centres. As I recall this was done about 3 years ago by Fabien when he was refurbishing his Compomotives. I might be interested in a spare set.
  18. Agree but probably needs to be priced accordingly not £100k
  19. That looks like the one that Allon White reupholstered and was for sale at Paul Matty's about 3 or 4 years ago. I saw it there and personally thought that it was a shame that the interior had been redone that way but it was a lovely looking car.
  20. Steve There is/was somebody searching for the Esprit that went off the road in 1982 on Pistonheads. He thought that it might have been 020 which, as we both know, was broken for parts by two companies. How about a website for Essex Esprits?
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