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  1. I find it's the seats that are bot tight but that's probably just me..🤣
  2. It's a lovely car and I suspect worth every penny. Shame he isn't on here as much, he added a lot to TLF and I hope he starts posting again.
  3. Weather looks ok. Dry. # Forum name Car model and registration Passenger? Mobile number sent - TomE Evora S - V6VOR No Yes 1. Bazza Elan At this time of the morning.....? Mobile - previously sent 2. . . 15. Reserves:
  4. Insurance for this will be virtually impossible to obtain.
  5. Pete Don't know the car but the dealer is relatively new in Camberley and has only been at the location for about 6 months. They've certainly got some top end cars in there but, without any real reason. I've always wondered when it's going to shut down. It's about 20 mins from me so if you're interested in the car I could always pop over and have a look for you?
  6. Managed to get hold of a spare front Compomotive in case I ever need it. Not perfect but they are soo hard to find.
  7. Hi Sue (& John), welcome back
  8. @910Esprit As an MGA or a risk carrier?
  9. Markerstudy just let almost 500 staff go last month. It's a highly competitive market out there. I'm no fan boy of the insurance industry but I know its poor reputation is often undeserved.
  10. Insurers offer different prices (for the same risk) depending on distribution channel. More cost effective channels get better premiums. Bit like when I went shopping and bought chocolate digestives at Waitrose, got home and was told that the same ones are 30% cheaper at Lidl (whatever that is). Markerpoint? not heard of them but Markerstudy are insurance brokers not underwriters i.e. they simply pass the risk on and take a commission.
  11. S1 Elise. It became an instant classic whilst still being built. It saved Lotus, is an absolute peach to drive (at any speed) has a stunning shape, is cheap to run and maintain. Defines the Lotus philosophy of 'adding lightness'. Anybody who loves driving should own one at some point.
  12. Not sure where he lives but I know it went to Hampton Court last year so maybe a 47 mile round trip?
  13. The Esprit only appears to have done 2k miles from new. Interesting to see but its a museum piece and obviously doesn't get used. Shame really.
  14. The London Lotus Centre moved from Edgware to just off the M25 (a stretch to call it St Albans) in the 1990s
  15. # Forum name Car model and registration Mobile number sent - TomE Lotus Sport 110 bike Yes 1. Bazza 907 Elan or Essex Yes 2. . . 15.
  16. Does that make them more expensive to have maintained?
  17. Have to differ with a few here. The brakes on my Essex are very good. I'd say not far off the Merc and Porsche.
  18. You can take it apart and fix it if th motor is still working. I think that there was a repair guide either on here or LEW. I'm sure you can get one to fit from places like Hong Kong or China - eBay is a good place to look.
  19. I read that quickly and thought it said "How to deal with Mechanics when you know they know nothing about cars"
  20. Congratulations mate, although the words 'weight', 'punching', 'above', and 'your', all spring to mind although not necessarily in that order..😉
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