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  1. I think there was a thread with pics of this car a month or so ago. Bazza
  2. Great looking car well done Bazza
  3. I had it done 5 years ago. One of the best things I ever done. Once done I was 20:20 and I've had problems since but over time my eyesight has deteriorated slightly to the point where I now wear glasses for driving at night but don't need them during the day. I had mine done privately at Moorgate Eye Hospital in London which was more expensive than the High street option but hey you only get one pair of eyes. Moorgate get to correct all the horror stories you read about with Laser surgery. Sorry just reread my earlier post and thought I'd better correct it as it should be I've had NO problems since. Bazza Sorry I've just re read my post - It should have said I've had NO problems since. Bazza
  4. Paul I'll do some digging first to see if I can find some originals first but thanks very much for the kind offer. Bazza
  5. If it helps putting things into perspective I'm getting a double garage built in Dorset using Portland stone (to match the house) and the quote I've got is
  6. Yes the very dirty Cooper S I could see your low and wide lights behind me and thought that's either an Esprit or a Ferrari (loads of Ferraris as Maranello is just down the road) so I thought I'd let you pass so I could see what the car was Bazza
  7. I was driving the grey Mini that you overtook - your car looked great. That BMW driver - typical eh ? - what a plonker.
  8. Tonight at 7.45pm on the A30 heading towards Camberley at Virginia Water. F registration silver Stevens - looked like a Turbo but couldn't tell if it was an SE. Had some idiot in a new BMW 7 series chasing it so when it got to Sunningdale it slowed right down presumably to wind the Bemmer up.
  9. Paul What is the diameter. I wonder if they'd fit the split rim compomotives that are on the Essex? They look very similar to the ones used on teh Essex cars Bazza
  10. Bazza 907

    Summer Ball 2008

    Sounds great - Double room for Mr & Mrs Bazza please !
  11. It's No.11 and thanks. The picture was taken after an hour of driving in the rain on the M25 and well before I bought and applied what's got to be the best but most expensive polish ever !
  12. Chris the figure I mentioned to you about 3 weeks ago (
  13. I'm glad I started this thread as I now feel much better at the cost I paid.
  14. I found out that E5 SEX was sold by DVLA in 2004 for
  15. Thanks chaps Cost - well I'd rather not say because as you may know Mrs Bazza sometimes looks here and it will cost me a Hermes Birkin handbag or two (more likely) if she finds out - trust me they are really not cheap Bazza
  16. I know that for many people the whole idea of a personalised plate is crazy and to a large extent I agree. But I've always thought that if it was a really good one then I might be interested. So...I've just bought the plate "1 ESX" to go on the Essex. I'll keep the existing plate on retention to use again if I ever sold the car. Happy to accept any comments that I've got more money than sense but I don't think that I'll lose money if ever I wanted to sell it. Having said that I have no intention of selling either in the foreseeable (20+ years) future. Bazza
  17. Looks like my Essex made it in too !
  18. Mike Its good to hear postive news like this and I'd say that it's obvious to anyone who's met you that you're a good bloke. Congratulations to the two of you on your anniversary. Bazza
  19. I know it was a long time ago. Its down to a hard core of about a half dozen of us now. We've all been through the girlfriend/financee/wife/kids stages so now we average about 2 Esprits and 4 family cars plus an assortment of kids. It would be great if anybody fancied coming along, no invite needed just turn up and say hello. Bazza
  20. Rainbow and Dove in Hastingwood just off the M11 near North Weald airfield is where a few of us with G cars meet up (on first Sunday of the month- for the last 10 years or so). Great food, good car park.
  21. Bazza 907

    New Esprit

    When I was outside near the entrance to the Factory it was decelerating so couldn't tell. Wayne, Where was that picture from?
  22. Bazza 907

    New Esprit

    Wayne Yes looked just like that one but was mid blue metallic B
  23. Bazza 907

    New Esprit

    Yeah unfortunately by the time I'd got my mobile phone switched to camera the driver had obviously seen me and put his foot down. It did shift. What I mean by underneath is from the back, below the rear valance. Driving another Esprit meant that I was low enough to have a decent look at it as it was 10-15 meters in front. As I said, the mechanicals from the back were not like any other Esprit I've seen and the components were all like new - shiny and clean. The rear wing was like a s350 but sat higher up off the body.
  24. Bazza 907

    New Esprit

    A group of us wetre travelling to the Classic F1 Team Lotus place opposite the factory on Saturday morning for a look around. Just about to turn off the A14 (or is it A11?) and spotted a late body Esprit (mid metallic blue) with round rear light panel and Sport 350 type wing (but not quite the same). The underneath was all new. It was on trade plates. I was in the Essex and when it saw me pull in behind it it took off. Later saw it enter the Factory but it was so quiet that I couldn't tell what engine it was running. Sorry if this is all old news but I was excited to see it. Bazza
  25. That is one very very nice looking car. Well done, now go and enjoy
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