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  1. It didn't show any of it on MOTD last night but when Man U were 1-0 up with 10 mins to go they kept falling over and not getting up to waste time. When Thierry Henry scored with 1 min to go to give Arsenal the lead, the Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehman got the ball and fell to the ground clutching his foot in mock agony. About 55,000 fands in the staduim almost wet themselves with laughter. I pay about
  2. Just back from seeing Arsenal spank Manchester Utd at the Emirates stadium - FANTASTIC (sorry any Manu U fans) but it was a truly great piece of theater !!! Go along and enjoy it, its one of the few areas where you can be totally politically incorrect for a couple of hours. Avoid eating the traditional "footie burger" unless you like spending time with your head down a lav.. Bazza
  3. From start aged 14 by year of car.. Past 1962 Austin Mini Seven 1964 Morris Mini 1972 Mini with Cooper 998 engine/roll cage etc 1972 MG Midget - dials everywhere - happy courting days 1974 Renault 5 - Happy college days 1978 Fiat X19 - Cool car but a rust bucket 1971 Lotus Europa (Renault Engine) - Amazing go cart but wrote it off on first downpoor 1969 Lotus Europa (Renault) - donor car to repair earlier write off.. 1964 MGB roadster - saw an opportunity to make some fast cash. 1971 MGB roadster - It worked last time so it can (and did) again - the bliss of late 1980's classic car boom ! 1986 Ford Escort XR3i - a proper car at last - the muts nuts in white (well it was the late 1980's) 1982 Mini 1000 - Boring but cheap to run 1989 Lotus Excel SE - A wonderful car but had to go when a Company car turned up 1986 Vauxhall Astra (Cheap run about) 1987 Vauxhall Astra (Company car list was not long..) 1995 Vauxhall Corsa GSI - very quick and fun company car (getting promoted a bit now) 1998 Merc SLK (Company car) - 90,000 miles in 2.5 years - I lived on the motorways.. Present 1986 Lotus Esprit S3 (owned since early 1990's) 1998 Lotus Elise S1 - wife's car after not much persuasion (owned for 5 years) 2003 Merc 220 cdi Estate - Amazing for long trips up and down the motorways (owned from new) 2004 Mini Cooper S - Bought last week to drive to the station car park - seems nice but not a Lotus Bazza
  4. Red as an undercoat for metallic ice blue he means... Bazza
  5. I've owned my S3 for 16 years and love it. Speed wise there is very little in it between an S3 an S3 Turbo. A mate with a mint S3 Turbo (are you going to admit it Mickey M. ?) and I had a drag away from some lights on an empty road and up to any legal speed there was nothing in it. Looks wise its a personal choice of course but to my mind the cleaner lines of an S3 without the black plastic louvres on the tailgate make it look better. Cost wise an S3 will probably be a better option (no turbo wastgate sticking, less stress, no engine rebuild at 60,000 miles...) All the G cars are fantastic but for what its worth and to add some balance I'd go for a NA S3. Bazza
  6. Neil You're probably right about the rear bumper - It does have LOTUS embossed on it whereas his Essex No. 11 doesn't - as you say pubicity shots inculding the original sales brochure show a flat bumper without the embossing. Either way
  7. I've just been up north to look at the Essex that started the thread. It is No.12 and the bloke also has No.11 which is also for sale - you are right Wayne. It's been resprayed but that's about it - no MOT, its not been restored and has not been taxed or been on the road since 1999. I took it for a test drive and almost crapped myself when I tried to brake - there are no brakes and the wiff of petrol made me think that we were about to have an engine fire at any moment. The paint job is OK but not good and the rear end has had a prang as its got the wrong replacement bumper on the back. I was told he would take a realistic offer for the car. I made one and it soon became apparent that he had no intention of taking a realistic offer for the car. All in all a complete waste of time. The garage should be ashamed of itself for describing a car as restored when it isn't. Bazza
  8. What can I say that hasn't been said already? A truly great and memorable few days, I really enjoyed it. A massive thanks to all involved in making it so special - well done a magnificent effort. Bazza (nee Gazza!!)
  9. I'm really sorry to hear your news but glad that you are OK. I did see your car on the M11 but didn't stop because of the road traffic agaency vehicle was there with you. The weather was absolutely unbelieveable, the rain was so heavy it had created mini rivers on the motorway and even travelling in the slow lane at a constant 40 mph (without braking, accelerating or turning) I could feel the back end of the Esprit let go of the road as it aquaplaned. Bazza
  10. 431 miles over the two days in a 20 year old car - Faultless !
  11. Ok I admit it I spent most of thee day cleaning and polishing the car. Wife is (still) in London splashing the cash on the basis that I'm off to have a great time with you guys tomorrow and Monday. Wonder how much it will have cost me... Bazza
  12. As we come off the M25 onto the M11 we'll pick up Chris Cole in his dodgy coloured (red) S3 Turbo Bazza
  13. A few months ago I put my name down for the new Esprit. I was slightly disappointed when I read (here) that the launch was being put back to late 2008. Last week I received a letter from my Lotus main dealer saying that the Esprit launch has been postponed to "late in 2009" by which I take it to mean I wouldn't get the car until early 2010... I've called the dealer to see if its just a typo and am waiting to hear back. Bazza
  14. Mat Glen told me the same thing but did say that I could take the print out away and then get a local Lotus dealer to adjust the set up if need be. Not ideal but I totally understand where they're coming from and wouldn't want to be stranded in deepest darkest Norfolk if they couldn't put it back together again.. Bazza
  15. Just had a call from Lotus - they've got a few more Geo slots available !!! Bazza
  16. Just called and they're fully booked on the geometry checks. Bazza
  17. I'm coming up the M3 but put my name down earlier to meet up the South West convoy at South Mimms service station and go round the M25 clockwise.
  18. Hi I'll meet up with you at South Mimms Service station on the M25 - Meet at the petrol station. Looking forward to it Bazza
  19. Bibs Stocked up on them when the Factory were flogging them off cheap about 2 years ago.
  20. Full leather in an Esprit interior simply means a cold posterior and no trackion when cornering Probably not - down to Dorset but will let you know if I can make it. Glad to see you working hard. Neal - We bought the wife's Elise from Barry Ely and its fine. He knows his stuff but check out (go see) where he works before leaving your pride and joy there..
  21. Go to see Gerald Turner at GT Sportscars up near Newmarket - he's No.1 one chap for Esprit's in UK. Chris - you had the decency to spray your car ice blue yet matey?
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