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  1. Just had a call from Lotus - they've got a few more Geo slots available !!! Bazza
  2. Just called and they're fully booked on the geometry checks. Bazza
  3. I'm coming up the M3 but put my name down earlier to meet up the South West convoy at South Mimms service station and go round the M25 clockwise.
  4. Hi I'll meet up with you at South Mimms Service station on the M25 - Meet at the petrol station. Looking forward to it Bazza
  5. Bibs Stocked up on them when the Factory were flogging them off cheap about 2 years ago.
  6. Full leather in an Esprit interior simply means a cold posterior and no trackion when cornering Probably not - down to Dorset but will let you know if I can make it. Glad to see you working hard. Neal - We bought the wife's Elise from Barry Ely and its fine. He knows his stuff but check out (go see) where he works before leaving your pride and joy there..
  7. Go to see Gerald Turner at GT Sportscars up near Newmarket - he's No.1 one chap for Esprit's in UK. Chris - you had the decency to spray your car ice blue yet matey?
  8. If anybody needs a lift from Heathrow airport let me know as I'll be passing on the Sunday and returning on the Monday night after the visit - just let me know. Bazza
  9. 1986 Esprit S3 Totally as it left the factory except for a stainless steel exhaust and plastic wheel nut covers ! Bazza
  10. Good idea - I know that there has been alot of speculation and talk about about the new Esprit (or whatever its going to be called) but as somebody who's actually got their name down for one I'd like to ask a genuine question about the car to the guys at Lotus. I'm prepared to shell out c
  11. No. 90 1. Bazza 2. Esprit S3 1986 3. No 4. Hotel booked (1 night) 5. Yes unless it conflicts with Charity drive 6. Yes 7. No 8. Ascot, Berkshire
  12. I read Kimbers comment that Lotus lost
  13. Any date in October would be fine for me too A not to be missed event Barrie
  14. 112 1. Barrie 2. 86 S3 NA 3. 0 4. B&B 5. Ascot
  15. The S3 headre tank that Gerald at GTS fitted was made by a guy who fabricates parts for Spitfire aircraft and cost me around
  16. I had same problem - Lotus seem to have stopped making them so Gerald Turner at GT Sportscars (the Best Lotus Mech. by miles IMHO) had one made for me - cost less than an Lotus one and looks as good/better. Bazza
  17. Count me in unless it snows !
  18. I'm looking forward to getting one - especially as I understand a photo of my Glacier blue Esprit is in it About 10 years ago William Taylor of Cotterie Press took a photo of it when we were on a hoon to the Factory and since then pics have appeared in the big yellow Lotus book Baz
  19. The Goodyear Eagle GT 11 from Tire rack look very similar to the orginal NCT 1's -- assuming you can get them with black lettering rather than white and they are 235 60 size. What do you think ? A trip to disneyland ? Barrie
  20. About 6 years ago a chap I met at Castle Coombe or Donnington (?) who owned a G car that needed some rear tyres. He said that he had a contact at Goodyear. Later it transpired that his contact was his better half. Upshot was that Goodyear still had the moulds and that if we could garantee to take 100 pairs of rear 235 60 VR 15 NCT 1's they'd make them. Naturally I said I'd take a few and others I know seeking the same holy grail also agreed to buy them including spares for rainy days. Then, all of a sudden he stopped answering his phone and didn't return letters. Last pair of NCT 1's I found were in the US whilst on holiday but that was about 8 years ago courtesy of Hoover Free flights offer ! I still have around 4mm on the NCT's and don't even want think what the car will look like with skinny tyres. Bazza
  21. Thanks As I understand it the cost is about the same but I agree if I get another 20 years that isn't too bad !
  22. My S3 is 20 years old and still has the original (plastic) fuel lines. A friend had an almost nasty split and petrol leak in his S3 which has led me to consider fitting new ones. Question is do I go for Lotus replacement for originality or do I go down the route of metal braided hoses ? Any thoughts would be appreciated Bazza
  23. I've had my '86 S3 for 16 years - its been a fantastic car and I def recommend an S3 - Less to go wrong than in a Turbo, cheaper to run and all the looks. Check all the usual things as you would a normal car. In addition check the exhaust manifold is not cracked, tyres can be tricky to get hold of - original Goodyears are no longer available. Try to speak to the specialist who has looked after it. If its a good one you'll never regret buying it Bazza
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