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  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished wheels
  2. Thanks Lex, yours will be equally fantastic when it's finished.
  3. My black bits have slightly more of a sheen than Lex's which as you say look almost matt. They do look very good but I would go with a slightly more satin look.
  4. Only problem is that Steve wants payment in kind..
  5. I was looking at the front of the car...
  6. I've seen them done with Subaru gold.
  7. Thanks Mark, I'll look into getting it done. Was yours done locally?
  8. @Mark Blanchard Looks really lovely. Mrs Bazza has been asking about getting a ceramic coating putting on her Porker. What would you say is the difference it's made?
  9. I can resist no longer. I'd go for an Esprit. Don't believe what people say about them always needing work. I'm a long term owner of two Esprits (30 years and 14 years). Neither have been trouble or misbehaved - OK, I broke down once following a split water pipe but that's it. The new Merc was more unreliable and needed more attention. If you look after an Esprit and service it properly I would ague that it's at least as reliable as an Evora. Then we come on to looks. Subjective of course but in my view the Esprit simply looks stunning. Performance wise there is little in it but the
  10. So what happens if there are, say 1000 entries or less? Does the draw go ahead regardless or does it get pulled and you get your money back? A mate did this once, raffled his house, DB9, the lot. Didn't sell enough tickets but was contracted to the draw so ended up losing the lot for a relatively very small amount.
  11. Does look good but I don't think you can buy it for £38k. Looks like if you win you can have either the car or £38k. I'd take the car
  12. On the fiddle or blowing her own trumpet?
  13. Looks like the lock on the Essex and that also has separate keys for the lock and the ignition.
  14. Bugger, I was going to grab one just in case I ever needed it.
  15. I once test drove an S2 JPS Esprit being sold by Mike Spence Garage just outside Reading. It must have been 1985/6. Not familiar with the car but I lifted the toggle (top part of 31 above) and it accidentally flew off. Couldn't find the damn thing to put it back and had to give my profuse apologies. As I recall it was less round and more hexagonal shaped.
  16. Would be interested in your views of it as a drone first timer. At some point I'd like to get one.
  17. Mike started the Esprit club back in the early 1990's. A group of us used to meet (occasionally still do) the first Sunday of the month at the Rainbow and Dove pub in Hastingwood. I've got some photos somewhere if anybody here buys Mike's old car.
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