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  1. Inflation increased, the £26k back in 1998 is now £47k
  2. Thanks Mark Can't really believe the Essex won given some of the truly amazing cars at the event including many in the multi million pound bracket. I understand about 3000 cars were turned away as not being 'interesting' enough to take part. Should really be posting in the what made me happy today section. Still gobsmacked and have a rather nice bottle of Champers to consume.
  3. Well yesterday actually Went for a coffee in our village and saw a young bloke pull into the one and only disabled car parking bay despite there being others available (including etc one next to where he parked). No blue badge - clearly couldn't give a **** as long as he didn't have to walk and extra meter to Costa. I walked passed the coffee shop and saw him inside trying to use his jumper to cover his mouth as he didn't have a mask. I thought, as you do, about telling him not to park in the disabled bay when I suddenly saw two traffic wardens walking towards his car. They duly ticketed his car whilst I waited to see his reaction - it was priceless, made my day.
  4. Bazza 907

    Lotus Emira

    I was told by the factory that several people are claiming to be getting No.1...
  5. Agree, what an excellent day. Many thanks to Greg and his team who couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. Learned loads including that ValetPro make their own products. Top team, top day, donation made.
  6. @LotusFella Not sayin' they're not worth it but £12k for some calipers and pads..?
  7. Not just the neighbours but the whole street? 🤔
  8. 1) Any colour on support for older vehicles including (as others have said) parts availability 2) What plans are there for reinvigorating the Lotus ownership experience such that owners are made to feel cared for/'special'. 3) you produce great cars but need to sell in volume. How will you reach out/entice the traditional buyers of other marques e.g. Porsche to buy a Lotus?
  9. They could use a ballot system just like the premiere league clubs do for their season ticket holders where numbers are Covid restricted. In reality, if the lifting of full restrictions does not go ahead on 21 June I suspect it will just get cancelled for this year, but I hope I'm wrong.
  10. Royal Ascot starts today and is allowing 12,000 people, down from the usual 70 - 80,000. Perhaps the FOS could be done on a limited entry basis? I doubt it can be postponed other than for 12 months.
  11. I was there too in an Elise. Great turn out with some lovely Lotus including the above and amongst others a rather wonderful Evora 410 in purple (UV 10TUS) Probably a tad too hot for skiing Fab?
  12. Wow Amazing what you can see when you're out and about. Yes, pictures but no, won't share. Wow, just wow.
  13. Dark blue/green, could have been a final edition? Driving up and back down Ascot high street at 8.30. Looked stunning.
  14. No, I don't think he is. I'll ask him when I see him next. I do know he's owned the car >25 years though
  15. A44 Glacier blue. It's a 1987 Turbo HC
  16. Castle Combe Manor last weekend.
  17. Agree with comments concerning LEC. On the face of it I would say it looks a good car at a good price. Hood looks in good condition with the rear screen not milky. Bodywork looks good too but teh drivers seat could do with a bit of TLC It's an SE so better than the normally aspirated. Mileage is slightly higher than some but I'd say that's reflective in the price and the engines can do multiples of that anyway.
  18. Good day with some fantastic weather for a change. Great to see a number of old faces and whilst I missed Mike I did see Lionel. There were a number Esprits but was really taken with a red S2 which looked fabulous and was owned by a lovely chap from Worcestershire. Access to Quarry corner was blocked which was a shame but overall still lovely to see so many old friends. Traffic was light on the way home today and the air con set to max. Fab weekend.
  19. Justin, we went in early September and were very lucky with the weather. We had originally planned on early June but had to postpone due to Covid. You need to book accommodation early to get the best places although you can get lucky like we did in staying places like Duns Castle on the way up. I think Sept was a good time to go and we didn't see any midges. Appreciate that the Elan can get damp inside but I think the Esprit is probably too wide a car for the very narrow lanes/blind bends on the NC500 and on many occasions I thanked myself for bringing the Esprit. Motorhome/slugs are an issue on the trip - they are supposed to pull over and let you through after several passing places but don't. I suspect whatever time you go you'll be plagued by them. Getting up early or driving later in the day seemed a good idea on the days we did it.
  20. I had a similar choice last year when I did the NC500 (S3 Esprit, S1 Elise or M100) and I chose to take the Elan. It was the absolute right choice given the roads up there.
  21. Congratulations and Happy Birthday.
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