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  1. I read that quickly and thought it said "How to deal with Mechanics when you know they know nothing about cars"
  2. Congratulations mate, although the words 'weight', 'punching', 'above', and 'your', all spring to mind although not necessarily in that order..
  3. Maybe it only goes out at night. I know I shouldn't, obvs, but, er, actually, I quite like it.
  4. It was mentioned at the start of the thread but with no picture so here's one of my Essex Esprit.
  5. I think it will get lost in transportation..
  6. @mayevora C'mon, you can't leave it there, what was the joke?
  7. I'd blame the previous (but one) owner myself.
  8. Sam As I'm sure you know, a TC Special is probably the ultimate Europa (JPS?). In the UK, in very good condition, original TC Special's are probably worth £25-£30k (US$33k to $39k) and just roadworthy cars from £10-£15k (US$13k to 20k). Projects, when advertised, tend to go for probably more money than they are probably should given the expense of restoration even if the work is going to be 'in-house' If you fancy the challenge of restoring it yourself and don't mind losing money on it then why not? If you're looking to simply make a turn on it then I'd give it a miss.
  9. C'mon Stephen, can't you be more specific. Time picture taken, drivers name, weather conditions etc etc
  10. I guess you could use a white rubber paint pen like I do. I don't have the individual letters but on the tyre I need to reapply the white every few months to keep it looking fresh. On the tyre there are groves making it relatively easy but still time consuming. A real faff to be honest.
  11. Somebody exchanged on a house of mine but on the day of completion (when I was fully packed up) they admitted they didn't have the funds to complete. Solicitor gave them 14 days at a penal interest rate but even after that the funds never materialised. The (almost) purchaser lost their 10% deposit plus the racked up interest. Felt sorry for them but I had to take a hit of more than the deposit when it was finally sold.
  12. I met John a few years ago when he drove my NA S3 for a magazine piece. Top bloke who loved driving an Esprit again.
  13. Hi Steve Yes, tyre paint recently applied along with some very expensive wax!! Hope you and 004 are both well. Brooke, many thanks, good to see you're still around.
  14. Thanks Dave, unfortunately not my gaff.
  15. Went out for a bit of blast this morning.
  16. Congratulations Dave, a fantastic car. I'd love to have a JPS sat alongside the Essex one day.
  17. I went in something very similar in Cuba - It was a Russian car I think.
  18. See you more of a Ken Dodd than a David Cassidy mate.
  19. Chris, I've seen it many times and it is a cracking car in a fantastic colour.
  20. I wonder if this is an appropriate time to close this thread?
  21. Alex Great result, really glad it's going back to where it belongs. Perfect.
  22. There was one today on the Long Walk at Windsor, The people taking part were social distancing. No trouble, it won't make the news but it happened. Not saying you're wrong or I'm right, just that perhaps occasionally we should question our assumptions.
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