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  1. @Bibs Indeed it would but I couldn't afford the handbag that such a purchase would require..
  2. Presumably that makes the Archbishop of Canterbury a racist as he's questioning what she said?
  3. You mean it's not true? 😮
  4. Perhaps the "only selling to keep the wife happy" has something to do with the asking price?
  5. Makes Jonny's car at Matty's look a good price given what it is.
  6. It's had lots of later car parts fitted but, apart from the gold stripes on the front, looks good and has clearly been well looked after.
  7. Says its a 1981 X reg N/A upgraded in 1995 to Turbo HC spec (1986/7 presumably). Interesting
  8. Couple of bits of wood that you keep in the back of the car and take out every time you leave or arrive at the basement car park?
  9. Ask your insurance company and they will tell you if you need to get an external independent valuation. Mine simply asks for some photos and a condition report but they will often charge you for the privilege of agreeing a value with you.
  10. Market value represents what the insurance company feels is the market price for your car. It is most likely to be less than you think it is worth. If your car is written off then they will only pay out what they think it's worth and if you disagree you will have to prove it's worth more - adverts for similar cars in similar condition etc. Not easy and normally leads to disputes/unhappy claimants. Agreed Value policies agree a value of the car at the outset and normally lasts 12 months. You'll need to send photos and a condition report and get it 'agreed' with the insurer. Policy is usually mileage restricted. The massive benefit if an agreed valuation policy is that it means you know exactly what you get if the car is stolen/written off. The 'agreement' is made at the start of the policy so if you don't agree with the valuation then you can go elsewhere before there is a claim/issue. In reality I've never heard of a 'reasonable' valuation being turned down. As others have said, due to the rarity of the Esprit it is an absolute no brainer to get an agreed valuation off you get the chance
  11. What overhead lighting are you using? Both look similar and appear to give a good light - would you recommend them? Thanks
  12. I want it to be wide, low, sleek, stunning lines and look as if it's doing 120mph stood still. Oh, hang on a minute, I've already got two Esprits..
  13. There's a host of things not quite right (standard) about this car. Not necessarily a problem but they should be reflected in the asking price which, at £41k, they are clearly not.
  14. The wording on most policies is "SDP including commuting". However if it doesn't say "including commuting" it's not covered. Many classics car policies are SDP only and you are not covered for commuting.
  15. Absolutely love the colour. Probably my favourite colour on a Lotus.
  16. A few years ago somebody on here was trying to find what happened to the registration number 600 LOT
  17. It was in the auction when Lotus sold off their museum cars. I was tempted to bid on it but it was withdrawn just before the sale. Last I heard (about 10 years ago) it was being put back together/restored by Paul Matty for a serious collector. Any updates?
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