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  1. Went out for a bit of blast this morning.
  2. Congratulations Dave, a fantastic car. I'd love to have a JPS sat alongside the Essex one day.
  3. I went in something very similar in Cuba - It was a Russian car I think.
  4. See you more of a Ken Dodd than a David Cassidy mate.
  5. Chris, I've seen it many times and it is a cracking car in a fantastic colour.
  6. I wonder if this is an appropriate time to close this thread?
  7. Alex Great result, really glad it's going back to where it belongs. Perfect.
  8. There was one today on the Long Walk at Windsor, The people taking part were social distancing. No trouble, it won't make the news but it happened. Not saying you're wrong or I'm right, just that perhaps occasionally we should question our assumptions.
  9. Yes they should, but the overwhelming majority who are protesting peacefully should hold their heads up high.
  10. You do need to use it though Justin.
  11. Wot, eating Kitkats?
  12. Yeah, right up until they needed to herded into a small area for the rescue helicopter to land. Then they were all standing shoulder to shoulder .
  13. @Sizona Hi Simon, by the sounds of it your toolkit is a genuine one from the later S3s. Have you picked it up yet? Looking forward to seeing it in pictures and the flesh.
  14. I don't think there will be many around on the original chassis. Is it a drop top? What did you pay for it and when?
  15. Clearly DC should go but he has no intention to unless there is continued press/negative public sentiment towards him. Personally I hope the press keep on at him until Boris is forced to do the right thing. If DC's actions lead to people ignoring Govt advice, and they will, then I think the press are absolutely right to keep hounding him. If we are locked down again what's the excuse for going out for a little drive.."Oh, officer, I was just checking my eyesight in case I need to drive somewhere, I have an important job dontcha know.." @PaulCP - It was a jogger out exerc
  16. Wasn't thinking of going for a drive until my eyesight took a turn for the worse. Might need to go for an hour test drive to a local beauty spot just to check its ok.
  17. Well, it's currently taxed and MOT'd so it appears to be on the road in the UK.
  18. Hi Helen Welcome to the forum. Back in the day the mid 1980's Esprit was offered with cloth, half leather or full leather. The vast majority were half or full leather. Yours looks like the cloth interior with a few bits trimmed in leather - the colour is known as "Silver" although its actually a light grey/blue. My 1986 Esprit is half leather. Might be worth getting a certificate of provinence from Lotus that will describe exactly how it came from the factory, down many in that spec etc etc.
  19. Unless it was written off in an accident?
  20. @jep Justin, how do I go about getting the Elise ULEZ exempt? Have you done it?
  21. Nigel I'm only looking after it until you win the lottery..
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