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  1. There's a host of things not quite right (standard) about this car. Not necessarily a problem but they should be reflected in the asking price which, at £41k, they are clearly not.
  2. The wording on most policies is "SDP including commuting". However if it doesn't say "including commuting" it's not covered. Many classics car policies are SDP only and you are not covered for commuting.
  3. Absolutely love the colour. Probably my favourite colour on a Lotus.
  4. A few years ago somebody on here was trying to find what happened to the registration number 600 LOT
  5. It was in the auction when Lotus sold off their museum cars. I was tempted to bid on it but it was withdrawn just before the sale. Last I heard (about 10 years ago) it was being put back together/restored by Paul Matty for a serious collector. Any updates?
  6. And another thing..... Only kidding. I did the NC500 in September in my M100 and it was brilliant
  7. The UK motor insurance sector is highly competitive and has been profitable for 4 years out of the last 40. Some analysts think it should apply for charitable status given claims paid compared to premiums. However, I agree they are not all good. Hometree - avoid at all costs. My experience with them make Danny's BG issues look tame. They broke our boiler during its annual service and left us with a freezing house for 2 weeks. Complaint? Hmm "put it in writing and we'll get back to you within 8 weeks". Sometimes the press is the only way to go.
  8. An alternative theory - I can see why people wouldn't want to say what a great deal they got on a car in case it caused an issue when selling it. If I'd bought a new car with a £80k retail price for £70k I'm not sure I'd want that known, especially if I was trying to sell it for say £65k to £70k a year later.
  9. Assuming that you buy one that's been properly looked after then I'd expect it to be just as reliable as the Porsche. Servicing and maintenance should be regular and combined with pretty regular use you should have a reliable car. Key to buying one is to get the best you can afford. Starting with a basket case or even mediocre car will mean you will potentially more time under than in it - some like that of course. There are members cars here that come up for sale every so often but it's a small market so when you've found one ask people here what they think of it as they may even know th
  10. Not as steep a curve as the white HC Turbo Esprit. One minute its advertised at £15950, the next its £12995.
  11. The holdall is up to £250 and I can see it going quite a bit higher.
  12. Chris The B*** TEC Esprit was featured in a car magazine quite a few years ago. Think it was a comparative test with a black S2 Exige and as I recall it had its BBS wheels painted to look like Compomotives. Pretty sure that the wheels have been put back to original.
  13. Really does look like a 1989/90.
  14. Early Esprit's cars don't have the fly off handbrake handle whereas later cars do. I'm not sure of the timing of the switch but I suspect it was c1984 model year changes.
  15. Bazza 907


    If anybody is interested, the FCA gives publicly disclosed short positions on its website so you can see who and by how much they are betting on a share price fall on any individual company. Last one available was as at 25 Jan.
  16. Happy Birthday young man.
  17. Had to look up "bogans". Never seen that word before 🤣
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