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  1. OK I'll have a stab and say mid to late £30's as an asking price. Personally I'd remove the round Lotus sticker above the side indicator before posting advert pictures.
  2. Not sure if you're referring to owning an Esprit and an M100 Elan or the 1960's version. If it's the former I have both. As already said, the Esprit is a massive occasion to drive, looks stunning and you can see jaws drop as you drive past. Filling up with petrol needs to be planned as you can have a queue of people wanting to talk to you about the car. They drive very very well too. The Elan is less of an event but is also very good to drive. The soft top is very easy to put up and down and it is much more of an every day car but still has the go cart feel, just a bit less so than a
  3. That would be the ONLY reason you to justify selling the dry sump. In my humble opinion blah blah blah
  4. Not sure that was for investors. If it was it wasn't very good.
  5. Enjoyed that but as others have said, there was probably too much management consultant speak in there. Perhaps they feel that they have to come out with all this guff to sound on etc ball. Seems to me that the new car will look like a slightly smaller version of the Evija which should made it stunning. Really looking forward to seeing it in the flesh at Goodwood.
  6. Whatever makes you happy mate. Thing is, if you decide you've made a mistake selling it then would you be able to replace it with similar?
  7. Couldn't agree more given that's my car 😀
  8. The Essex is regassed every few years and it then works well. However, I sometimes can't be bothered to get it done given our poor summers. Personally it really doesn't make much difference either way. If you have a car with a factory sunroof, yes it gets hotter in summer but you can open it (two levels) or remove it completely. If you find the right car I really wouldn't worry if it happened to have air con or not.
  9. What colour is that John? You mentioned ice blue but the last photo looks more like Glacier blue (A44)?
  10. @Gm77 Was yours the one for sale at Hexagon London recently? - if so, lovely car.
  11. Chris Pete PAR PainterDave Michael P John Oz Spyros The Bartman and Caroline Senior Kevin and Clare Dave Eds SFJ-Matt neilreid top-plumber & Shelly Schumacher Hornsey Boy Sparky internets FortheDrive Dave and Megan Spadger27 slay Phil Flash OnlyLotusforme Bazza
  12. This really does highlight the need for people to get an agreed valuation on their insurance policy. Without that the valuation is based on 'market value' and you're going to struggle to argue in the event of either a total loss or if repair costs get close to 'book value' and the car is therefore condemned as a write off.
  13. 1. Bibs. 2. Dan E 3. Bazza 907
  14. Retire, too many people carry on working and peg out very shortly after they stop working which seems such a waste. I had a full on City job which meant leaving home at 5am and returning 9pm on a good day. I was well paid and really enjoyed my job but it wasn't a healthy existence. Two years ago I was in your position and decided to take a break. I had a 3 month sabbatical and went back to work two days a week. I'm now down to 1 day a week as a consultant which gives me the opportunity to work on other projects as/when I fancy it. Although it's been a bit of a strange year with Co
  15. @Bibs Indeed it would but I couldn't afford the handbag that such a purchase would require..
  16. Presumably that makes the Archbishop of Canterbury a racist as he's questioning what she said?
  17. You mean it's not true? 😮
  18. Perhaps the "only selling to keep the wife happy" has something to do with the asking price?
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