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  1. Went to this last year and bumped into Kimbers and Wendy. Great event. Wendy's artwork is simply fantastic
  2. That's really not too bad and much less than I would have anticipated. 😀
  3. Does it look to be sitting quite high? Especially the front?
  4. Would be a shame to see it broken for spares but I suspect that it might be worth more going down that route
  5. Yesterday I went to Blenheim Palace for the Salon Prive club day. I arrived early and parked up with a great bunch from the Lotus Drivers Club. Later in the day the Essex was picked out to represent Lotus by the Club Secretary and entered the main South Lawn event. It won a fantastic cup, medal and rosette. A superb day and great to meet so many friendly people who really cared about cars. I've attached a few pics taken by a lovely chap who also won a prize with his McLaren (RJVimages).
  6. Lovely C reg Turbo on Chobham Road Sunningdale. Managed to say a quick "Hi". Blimey they do look the 'dogs danglies' on the road..
  7. If you blip the throttle a few times whilst the car is stationary you'll soon get it passed idle temp.
  8. Agree with comments on the colour but needs a creme interior to really set it off.
  9. My fans don't cut in for quite a while and only when the needle is quite a way past 90. I suspect you're overly concerned because it's a new to you car and that it will be fine. As others have said the fans should kick in by the time it gets half way between the 90 and 140 marks. They should bring the temp back down to 90.
  10. Met Tim Shaw (of Car SOS fame) today at The British Motor Show. He said he owns a white dry sump Esprit and showed me a photo of it.
  11. @Dave Eds Blimey Dave, didn't know you were in the RAF in WWII..
  12. I know quite a few people responsible for the smell of gas too...
  13. And while your at it, try and start the car.. Happy Birthday
  14. I'll be over in a blink of an eye
  15. I don't know, some people, it's all about "ME ME ME..." Seriously, good for you. Long time dead etc etc
  16. I've used the Roadforce guys in Chingford but the absolute best place to get the wheels balanced was using the on car wheel balancer. There is a place in Oxfordshire that does it using the machine in the You tube video. Expensive but I found it totally worth it
  17. Yeah, but think of the income tax bill...
  18. @Jack Stone Max, yes, Chobham Common, just round the corner 😉 Often go up there to have a blast in one of the Lotus. Good place to spot the latest camoflaged McLaren en route to their test track - pretty pointless of course as they all look the same.
  19. "Don't sell it" - well you were at least expecting that.. Seriously, it is a fabulous car and I'm sure it will make the next owner very happy.
  20. Couple of pics taken by Emma Woodcock for the Absolute Lotus magazine photoshoot.
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