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  1. Hello Lotus enthusiasts,

    I hope everyone is well. Following on from my recent status post, for the duration of the next 3 and a half months I will be designing a car for 2048 to celebrate Lotus’ 100th Anniversary. I aim to design a car which is the epitome of Lotus. A stunning, British, thrilling car to drive - pushing the boundaries of innovation. I want to take this design opportunity to not only showcase my talent but to honour the brand by designing a car which embodies what the brand stands for and is everything a Lotus enthusiast wants and more... time to convert those Lotus skeptics.

    So my first question to you all:

    What would you want from a car of 2048 which celebrates Lotus’ 100th year anniversary?

    Thank you - I look forward to hearing your ideas...

    My best wishes,

    Jake Williams


    1. Bazza 907

      Bazza 907

      Hi Jake

      Hope you're well and manage to pick up some useful information for your design study. 

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