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  1. As Sparky says, the respray/interior would not leave much, if any, change from £10k.

    You would be FAR better buying a sorted one and have the pleasure of driving it. If you enjoy a challenge and genuinely don't mind the probability of putting more money into a car than its worth, then go for it.

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  2. Hi Dave

    I was there with the Esprit on Sunday (amongst the line of Fezzas) but agree that with Geely sponsoring the event it was a shame not to see more Lotus. There was a black taxi and a Evora 410 strategically placed but little to connect them to Geely.

    Looking forward to seeing your Esprit, especially as we live in the same village.. :whistle: 


  3. Thanks Danny

    Blimey, I hope that this is good news for the guys working there. Chesil's manufacturing facilities in Dorset are really something else.

    We will own a Chisel at some point. Always loved them although I'm fussy about the exact spec I'd want - metallic ice blue, creme interior, blue roof. If anybody knows...


  4. 13 hours ago, PAR said:

    If I was in the market for an NA, i would probably have a go at that one.

    Clearly prices have bottomed out, doesn’t break the 30k barrier it seems.

    Again, look at the interior presentation. Scuffs on the drivers seat, rubber part of drivers mat not clean. It's an enthusiasts car why not present it enthusiastically..


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  5. 1 hour ago, andydclements said:

    But those signs are not visible given the direction of travel that's implied by the direction that the car is facing, so the ones that would matter are at the start of that section of road.

    Good theory scuppered only by the fact that he's 'obviously' reversing up the road... 

    Chris is a little backwards in coming forwards and so it wasn't PCN but the NCP he was after. :getmecoat:

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