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  1. The Essex is regassed every few years and it then works well. However, I sometimes can't be bothered to get it done given our poor summers. Personally it really doesn't make much difference either way.

    If you have a car with a factory sunroof, yes it gets hotter in summer but you can open it (two levels) or remove it completely.

    If you find the right car I really wouldn't worry if it happened to have air con or not. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Greg | ValetPro said:

    In discussion with Bibs it was suggested that we meet at ValetPRO have a tour of our site and then have a drive around the south downs and make our way to B road Hunting Club to do the detailing.   What do you all think of this as an idea if it can be done?

    Sounds great.

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