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  2. Welding option I would speak to Mark at Harris Bros. MK18 1QS. - practical and has F1 experience and more. 01280 812316 Best wishes Nick
  3. Hello i have a 1998 GT3 with the Kesley Hayes system. But The "dreaded switch" that is mentioned. May I suggest this as a possibility. Use a Diesel common rail pressure sensor - lots of pressure headroom. Some signal conditioning to provide pump on/off switching at desired pressures with relay contact for output. Low pressure alarm relay contact. Analog scaled pressure output- to aid diagnostics. Would anyone like to contribute a knackered switch so that a fluid adaptor can be engineered?
  4. First, a huge thankyou to all who have contributed help and knowledge. Me and my 1998 red GT3 are much happier as a result. 1st and hopefully hopeful post in stevens brake sticky. Thanks again Nick
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