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  1. PascalM

    Formula One

    OK Sure, both Max and Lewis had their fair share of overtaking rules infringement. But let us be honest, isn’t all that overtaking not making F1 much more fun to watch? That’s what the public wants to see. Just bring back plain motor racing Because, in the end, isn’t overtaking on a narrow track always pushing the ‘other’ competitor? If that’s an issue, then rewrite the big book of rules to 1 sentence: no overtaking.
  2. PascalM

    Formula One

    You forgot the most important factor: Lewis will be allowed, at own discretion to fight the would-be double champion Max, to cut corners while other competitors need to stay put between track limits. 😄
  3. PascalM

    Formula One

    Yep, thanks to the allowed shortcut… It was a different story for the Saudi GP…
  4. PascalM

    Formula One

    Thanks, but no thanks. I've been following F1 since 1980 and have seen similar situation in the past. Never have rules been able to bring fairness. It's war behind the steering wheel. To be honest, it's that war that brings all the beauty in races. Nobody want's a winner by rules...
  5. PascalM

    Formula One

    Agreed, whom ever won, with all those rules in F1, it was going to be a rules decision. Not a racing decision. Oops, my mistake... British Commonwealth then 😄
  6. PascalM

    Formula One

    Bwaah, not sure about that… nevertheless, questionnable decisions for and against both parties…
  7. PascalM

    Formula One

    First allowing Lewis to take a shortcut, while Max in Jeddah was given a penalty. And now the story with the doublers…
  8. PascalM

    Formula One

    What do you need to become F1 World Champion? A Brit as FIA Director… YES!!!
  9. PascalM

    Formula One

    Yeah, they’’re not used to fighting fair and square. This is real F1 race fighting. What we missed all those years…
  10. PascalM

    Formula One

    How many shortcuts is Lewis allowed to take?
  11. A flying car was already done, though for the bad guy: see The Man With the Golden Gun. Elon Musk blasted its Tesla Roadster into space, thus that’s not a real option too 😀… I’d still like to see a classical chase… with the badass in a Pininfarina Battista for instance (Tesla’s for the badass helpers which are rocketed from the road by the Evija onboard firing power) A full EV James Bond movie in support of the zero carbon - zero emission move we’re expected to make. Just in time for the after-Emira era of Lotus. Why not even a cameo of the first new EV Lotus model? Oops, here is Lotus PR on the phone, have to go 😂
  12. Too expensive? Not for her majesty’s secret service 😀 Anyway, in movie making there are simple workarounds to make us believe. They didn’t blow up a real DB5 in Skyfall… 😀😀
  13. The Esprit was out of this world back in the 70s. And that’s what a Bond car should be. Therefor for me the Evija should be the next Bond car. Given its power, sophistication, incredible good looks and being ahead of its time, I see no other option. Imagine a shot where Bond would need to unleash that 2000PK… OK, the batteries wouldn’t last for long, but hey, which Bond car does 😀…
  14. Hopefully not having to put it in a container full of water for 3 days like a Tesla… 😀
  15. PascalM

    Lotus Emira

    It’s simple though… the owner of no 1 will be chinese 😆
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