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  1. Teaser from Lotus Cars for Shangai Auto Show for all new sportscar that Phil Popham announced in recent interviews
  2. For those of you wanting to know where the Ypres Lotus Day will bring you, watch the cycling event Gent-Wevelgem today.
  3. Registrations for the Ypres Lotus Day 2019 are open. This year we’re starting from the Ypres Grand Place for a wonderful scenery. More info:
  4. Thanks all for your valuable feedback. Guess I’ll have to get back and have things sorted out. For sure it’s a nice helmet, but I was not seeking one to put solely on the shelf.
  5. Andy, The helmet is ECE 22-05 certified. From what I read ECE 22.05 ‘Economic Commission for Europe’ regulation for helmets is accepted in 47 countries. Good for road use, karting and trackdays, but not motorsport. I did not read the regulation, yet I assume that trackday organiser will indeed mitigate and specify their safety requirements on top of that. No view whether UK is one of those countries. Of course the question is: need of open or closed helmet. From what I read, open face helmets are preferred in cars with air bags. This is because the airbag inflates into the same space as the chin/face protection on a closed face helmet, which pushes the occupant’s head up and back and lessens the effectiveness of the airbag. Closed face helmets are preferred in cars without airbags due to the additional impact protection they provide. I understand that indeed ‘open’ cars like Caterham will need a closed face helmet. Not sure what the status is of an Elise with its soft cover off. Guess I’ll have to see once I visit a track.
  6. Thanks for the advice Jonny. My track ambitions are very limited, just looking to have a couple of rounds on famous end less famous race tracks. Just the experience, not seeking personal best or track records Yet I was seeking my own helmet suited for my needs and complying with safety regulations. My Lotus dealer (also competing in LCE) has those helmets on offer. He told me that they are suitable and I purchased one. At my own risk...
  7. For my track beginners steps, found a nice suitable helmet
  8. What a great line up!! Missed that line up during Lotus 70 celebration...
  9. Thanks Timothy! Great video to relive a wonderful day.
  10. Great story Andreas. Welcome! Sorry to be one of those kids who got an white Esprit with rockets and popping out fins. My first Lotus Yet it took me till 2015 too before I got one in scale 1/1.
  11. I know... just a gentle reminder What a courage to post picture proof here...
  12. Oh no Shorts to interview Julian Great article! Remember his interview in the movie Lotus Elise The Inside Story. I fell for the Elise due to the lines of the car. Lines which made me recall the lines of the Ferrari 246GTS (a Dino as Enzo Ferrari would say as he only wanted V12 to bear his name back then...) and were continued in the 308s and 328s. Beautiful design. It was then also a pleasure the hear that Julian based his Elise design on the 246. A confirmation of how I perceived the Elise design. Even more so, he has a 246 in his garage. That is, I still suppose he has...
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