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  1. For sure not huge... for our meeting (Lotus Drivers Meeting Belgium) of 19 September we called Elise S1 owners to join us. call it some kind of a Covid-19 proof mini event
  2. yep. 75 years (2023j is a more viable option to me (plant overhaul ready, new car line up, good timing to evaluate Geely’s achievements...)
  3. What was that banner at the end of the day saying again? See you next year?
  4. Le Mans Classic has been postponed to 2021: 1-4 July. More information:
  5. Bonjour Laurent, welcome and yes please keep us updated on your project. In case you would be interested: Lotus Drivers Meeting Belgium Here is more info for 2020
  6. Hi Jonas and welcome! Seems indeed that you have embarked yourself in an adventure. But as I read, you don’t lack any motivation. Success! (craziness is a word )
  7. Well, received today my copy of The Roadrat Special Edition signed by Russell Carr, Anthony Bushnell and Barney Hate. Strange to see it's limited to 260 copies, while initially it was said to be limited to 130 as the Evija. Nice drawings and still need to read the article. Almost 20 pages for Evija. Yet, my expectation was a more extensive elaboration...
  8. I have a copy too. was on the watch and hit AddToCart as soon as it appeared
  9. Going on Saturday too. Looking forward to the last paragraph of the Lotus press release: “Finally, there will be one last surprise at the Goodwood Festival of Speed for Lotus Fans. Further details on this will be communicated nearer the event” Type 130? I really hope so.... LOTUS AT THE GOODWOOD FESTIVAL OF SPEED 2019 Celebrating the unbreakable Goodwood lap-record New Evora GT4 Concept race car world dynamic debut Legendary cars reunited with legendary drivers Prize draw to win the Jim Clark Trust Lotus Evora, signed by all 2019 F1 dri
  10. Great Bibs. I’ll be there on Saturday.
  11. Mailing from Goodwood Festival of Speed giving an overview of what we can expect. Lotus is partner and following was mentioned: The all‑electric halo hypercar Catch a glimpse of Lotus' bold and exciting future which begins wi
  12. Agreed, there is a cost. But with subscribers who generate the revenue left out of the blue... At least a signal via email or the site could've been given. Word would spread very fast and have resolved the issue without a costly operation. But maybe that's my simple thinking...
  13. How do you mean Jean? Yet, I can tell you that there were delivery problems with latest issue 7 (May/June) which was published early April. Did you receive this issue? I did not receive the issue neither and contacted the magazine ([email protected]). Apparently they lost a full batch of shipped Lotus magazines. I had to contact them twice (the second copy they sent didn’t reach me neither - did they send it or were there other problems? - so a third copy was sent) when I finally received my copy this week. As they knew they lost a full batch of Lotus magazin
  14. I was in Monaco last summer and the showroom was still there. Here you see Lotus showroom of Thierry Verhiest in Oostende, Belgium.
  15. Teaser from Lotus Cars for Shangai Auto Show for all new sportscar that Phil Popham announced in recent interviews
  16. For those of you wanting to know where the Ypres Lotus Day will bring you, watch the cycling event Gent-Wevelgem today.
  17. Registrations for the Ypres Lotus Day 2019 are open. This year we’re starting from the Ypres Grand Place for a wonderful scenery. More info:
  18. Thanks all for your valuable feedback. Guess I’ll have to get back and have things sorted out. For sure it’s a nice helmet, but I was not seeking one to put solely on the shelf.
  19. Andy, The helmet is ECE 22-05 certified. From what I read ECE 22.05 ‘Economic Commission for Europe’ regulation for helmets is accepted in 47 countries. Good for road use, karting and trackdays, but not motorsport. I did not read the regulation, yet I assume that trackday organiser will indeed mitigate and specify their safety requirements on top of that. No view whether UK is one of those countries. Of course the question is: need of open or closed helmet. From what I read, open face helmets are preferred in cars with air bags. This is because the airbag inflates into the same space
  20. Thanks for the advice Jonny. My track ambitions are very limited, just looking to have a couple of rounds on famous end less famous race tracks. Just the experience, not seeking personal best or track records Yet I was seeking my own helmet suited for my needs and complying with safety regulations. My Lotus dealer (also competing in LCE) has those helmets on offer. He told me that they are suitable and I purchased one. At my own risk...
  21. For my track beginners steps, found a nice suitable helmet
  22. What a great line up!! Missed that line up during Lotus 70 celebration...
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