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  1. My brother is starting a car website. Just random stsuff about all types of cars. This is his first attempt at making a website. Honest opinions please.
  2. Fixed, emptied Mailbox
  3. Let me know if you're interested... $100 + shipping
  4. I have a 2001 spare tire, jack, etc. for sale... PM me an offer if you want it. Thanks
  5. I'm not a fan of them right now...
  6. Doing routine maintainance and saw that the coolant level seems low (RT RR wheel well container is completely empty). Lotusespritworld states: Anti-Freeze Coolent Concentration requirements: min: 25%; max: 50% recommended: 30% Additive quantity required @ 30% concentration
  7. I have a couple more questions on fuel trim... My short term fuel trims vary but not at the same percentage... And my bank 1 long term stays at 3.13% and the bank 2 stays at 0... Also my exhaust pops on idle and on overrun... Any input on this issue? Also My Throttle is only getting 40% when I floor it. I checked all the normal stuff... (Pedal travel, wires/tubes in the way, linkage movment, new TPS)
  8. spoonito

    Limp Mode

    So if I put the + Lead from the volt meter on PIN 36... Where do I put the - Lead?
  9. spoonito

    Limp Mode

    Ok, Please walk me through this, as the nearest lotus dealer is around 60-70 miles away. Why do I need to know the pin for the ECM... So I touch pin 1 or 3 on the connector and the middle pin on the TPS?
  10. spoonito

    Limp Mode

    How do you measure the voltage at the TPS? People keep telling me that, but I don't understand how to check with the TPS on the car and the harness plugged into it. The OBD II reader I've been borrowing is very basic and doesn't give TPS voltage. With the harness disconnected, I can only measure resistance... Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your reply BTW...
  11. spoonito

    Limp Mode

    Thanks for the insight... I already knew what what limp mode is and why it does what it does... But I need to know what it does exactly to the Esprit... Been trying to resolve an issue for the longest time. Which is I'm only getting 40% throttle... I checked pedal travel, I checked the pedal stop (both have been adjusted), I made sure no wires or tubing interferes with the actuation of the throttle linkage, I replaced the TPS sensor and it is still giving me only 40% throttle. I'm guessing that it's somehow being put in limp mode and I want to know the specific symtoms the Esprit has when in limp mode.... For instance, The car still accelerates albiet slowly... It will still rev all the way to redline... It just won't go into full throttle when the pedal is floored. No codes pulled up when OBD II reader connected. BTW sorry if I'm coming across a little mean... Just that I'm frustrated with the whole situation....
  12. spoonito

    Limp Mode

    Can someone please explain exactly what this does to the car in terms of how it limits power, etc...
  13. I think the point of jacking up the rear is to help force the trapped air further up the system to the radiator cap. Air usually wants to rise in a liquid so jacking up the rear will help... At least that's my take on it.
  14. Anyone know how much a throttle position sensor is? I've been calling around and no one has one or they say they can't get one. I did get one quote of over $300, and even then he didn't know if he could get it. I just want to know if this at least in the ball park figure... Thanks
  15. Ok, so I just tried every pin combination for the three pins and every reading is reading ZERO (closed and open position). I hope Im doing it correctly... But since I believe it's fouled up these readings would confirm that. And how would I know if it's the TPS, the wire harness or the ECU itself that is not working correctly.
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