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  1. DO NOT just move the wiper arm You need to move the arm on the motor If you move just the wiper arm it will go past the edge of the windscreen and cause damage
  2. Yes with the 343 discs the calipers have spacers
  3. Longer mounting ears on the front discs Rear 343 discs will take the deeper front pad (Well the alcons do, not sure on others)
  4. Binnacle cover finish,boot up screen, oh and the colour of the box it comes in!!!!! Operationally they are 100% the same
  5. The Icon manger is locked down in ALL versions of the MX2E. Firmware is the same on all versions
  6. Re the indicators, I added it to the update list many many weeks ago, Pretty sure aim will do it but updates take time, They dont just sell the MX2E and to be fair to AIM its a nice to have rather than a 'It doesn't work fix'
  7. They are Ferodo DS25HP ..Supplied in the caliper by AP Racing
  8. We find the ECU speed is spot on, there is also a setting to adjust the accuracy up and down by 0.1% increments,
  9. select the vehicle section and it will display the 2011-2020 version, click the top right button, Then use the LHS buttons to scroll through the model varients ( once you are on the correct version click the top right button to select the configuration) Its a real shame these things are not preset to the correct car by the company selling them!!!!!
  10. The actual ECU is used by Lotus on lots of models inc the V6 Exige , 2ZR Elise, 3Eleven etc etc, But the programme/software will be specific to the model its fitted too
  11. Just tested another Beta update from AIM and the lights on buzzer is definitely coming, as is the ability To enable and disable the gear position. Plenty of other stuff in the update!!!
  12. I would be more concerned with the dealers 'story' than the ECU dump. Lotus DO NOT fit used parts to production /sales cars, period They MAY re-use some parts during developement etc etc but a NEW car would not leave the factory with use parts fitted. Even if they did reuse an ECU they will have the ability to wipe it clean anyway. What is the 13th digit of the chassis number, Number 2 by chance????
  13. Run away....................................
  14. If you send it back to a dealer with the ability to set the mileage, YES no possible for the end user. Happy to help sort if you need it doing
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