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  1. Yes i RS3, start a new configuration ( Second icon from top left of RS3) and it will ask you to select the model year, same selection within the Dash itself
  2. Make sure when you are doing the dash lights either receive software from the dash and then update the lights, then transmit Or Start a new config. but you MUST select the correct model year, update the lights if you need/want to, then transmit. The software has all three different model years in it, but they are all separate and you select the one you wish to use, then you MUST transmit the correct model year for it to work on the version you are using Hope this make sense
  3. Check the AIM software version on your lap top, make sure its v3.31.05 and also the software actually loaded on the dash is 02.32.59. This version should load the shift lights, but they can be changed and then re-transmitted afterwards as well. I have updated 4 AIM clusters to this software any they all work spot on. After upload you MUST reconfigure the dash to the correct model year group, Does yours show the cruise control icon now?? If you set up a new MX2E in the software it will ask you to select the correct model year, that message infers that this is not the case, It would appear to me there is something out of line between the two Or export the current dash file, update the change lights and then resend to the dash Ring me if you need so help I can talk you through what i have been doing
  4. The channels screen and the Alarm section on the change light screen are blank on the MX2E software (Not changeable by the end user) We can update the change light points or make it gear dependant
  5. The AIM normally reverts to KPH and degrees F after an update. You will always need to get the dash to relearn the gears again. If you look at the left side of the screen before you reboot it offers the option to scroll the models. Its 100% in there as i'm using the same firmware version as you guys now!!!!
  6. Mark Sounds like the new firmware didnt take?? Connect to the dash with the laptop and look at the live data you can see the firmware number , You can also see it in the dash menu, make sure its v02.32.59
  7. Mark The new software definitely have all three versions of software in it. I have updated three cars with it and it works fine (1 x s2 and 2 x V6 Exige) The dash needs to be reset into the correct model year after firmware update but before the change lights (To be honest until i did it a couple of times i had some issues) Give me a call if you need help with it Cheers Dave
  8. They have released the update last night, couple of small bits to do but this is a big update with versions for 2004-2020 cars as well as the additional sensor displays Far too much to type here but if anyone wants help or info please give me a call Here is a link to the update
  9. You are 100% correct the MX2E was intended to be for the S3 variants of the Elise and Exige, During testing and installation I realise the dash could be made to work in the earlier cars (I wanted one in my S2 Elise so had a vested interest so to speak) Even though the AIM factory in Italy is currently closed due to this blessed virus, We have been getting a steady stream of updates to test. One arrived today with an operational cruise control light, an updated race/sport display that's much easier to read larger MPH number, No digital rev counter on the Road screens and also the ability to add additional sensors and display the info on the dash. They have also updated the software for the earlier cars and that all seems to work as intended. There are a few small tweaks to do, then Im pretty sure the update will be released. Due to the software having different models available (2004-2207/2008-2010/2011-2020) once the firmware is updated you MUST tell the dash which version to use (If you don't it uses the older version without the updates) Happy to help anyone who needs it, Ive done a few updates inc the additional sensors so now have a good understanding of the software
  10. Just in the process of adding some additional sensors to the Elise, So once i update the software i will let you know what they look like on the AIM dash GPS is on there to support track times, It was never intended to give locations (other than the track name) The software doesn't have mapping like a sat nav etc etc.
  11. Sorry Im confused, What car is the AIM fitted to? The 11-19 can protocol will only work on S3 Elise and Exige. If it is an S3 version why have you tried to use the Evora protocol?
  12. use the message/alarm section in RS3 to create the messages that you need (alarms)
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