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  1. Just fit the Lotus quiet track silencer, Have one on my 3Eleven and its fantastic, repackable etc etc Lotus part number is A138S0100S
  2. They are due to launch the kit in qtr 1 2021. As is usual with Kom-tec they want to test the kit completely before launching to customers
  3. Sofware is the same Re the models you click the model and them scroll with the LHS buttons. Later firmware is available via RS3, you will need to update RS3 to get the updates
  4. Its not currently, But if new cables are made then it probably will retro fit, Just having some made so i can fit one into my project Elise
  5. OY stop saying nice things about me Tip = look for VX220 bolts
  6. Yes it does, well it does on the couple i have fitted to Cup cars Yes same binnacle
  7. SW 3.34.02 is the RS3 software, nothing to do with the dash firmware. Start a new configuration in RS3 and re-flash the dash The decimal places are all programmable in the RS3 configuration Dont forget to select the correct model year of software in the dash once its updated
  8. The dash units are the same. Its only the binnacle that's painted on the lotus one, But that wont fit the 2004-2007 white dash non airbag car anyway. You will need to 'sort' the control buttons, unless you find some who has sorted that point
  9. Yes I have done a couple including one in my own Elise project car. You are correct the binnacle doesnt fit, I modified the binnacle and made up some buttons to do the job
  10. Its has been requested many times, so is on the list. However as its not a 'fault' or 'glitch' its on a very low priority, Aim used the standard lotus dash as the basis, that has a 9000rpm scale. If they ever change it there would then be complaints from people who are upgrading there engines to rev higher. The dash was designed to please most of the people most of the time. If someone wants very specific function one of the other AIM product that is fully configurable are available, but with the data logging etc etc are significantly more expensive than the MX2E, and worki
  11. Fix for odo 6th digit is in the next firmware release (Just tested the beta version))
  12. Does reverse work? Not designed to work with reverse, so no it does not
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