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  1. only if they have the 3mm spacer on the rear wheels
  2. Sounds like the brake light switch that needs either correctly adjusting or replacing and correctly adjusting.
  3. Yes that looks like the factory lithium battery ( My 3Eleven also uses a superB battery
  4. That's not the aim dash that is being fitted to the FE cars.
  5. Simple answer is NO, Many differences one being the position of warning lights so software is not transferable, Ask me how i know
  6. I would love to see the engine bay temps on a car that retains the original cats putting out 450 + bhp. Not to mention the life spam of the catalysts
  7. NO they are too short for the rears on the cars with 285 tyres (Lotus fitted a 3mm spacer to the back of the wheel so these are too short by 3mm)
  8. Apparently not an upgrade option, You want lap timing and data logging? Buy the MX2E
  9. There are a few hardware changes on the new Lotus/aim dash that means the software/firmware although similar, will not work correctly on the other dash. So NO you cant have the lotus firmware on your MX2E.
  10. Fill through the return feed from the cooler, You can see it if you look down on the gearbox from the left side/ rear of the car (rear off gearbox) looks like it was used as a speedo pick up from the original installation
  11. If the dash is in track mode you cant access the menu with the engine running (data recorder is 'on')
  12. What exactly does the kit do? Does it simply allow remote adjustment of the dampers, Allows in car adjustment of the dampers even on the fly or is it a semi-active set-up that stiffens/softens the dampers itself depending on car sensor inputs? No not active Does it allow you to store your own preferred settings as pre-sets, with the ability to amend those presets if you want? Allows three stored settings to be used at the press of one icon on a touch screen, as well as one click adjustments, which can be changed/stored in one of the three presets by the driver if necessary How
  13. Just fit the Lotus quiet track silencer, Have one on my 3Eleven and its fantastic, repackable etc etc Lotus part number is A138S0100S
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