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  1. HI

    STILL HAVE V6 Exige forged wheels AVAILABLE:)


  2. Seriouslylotus

    Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    To be honest i was also surprised!! But that is what we found
  3. Seriouslylotus

    Komo-Tec Exige S EX460

    The Lotus sport box on my 360 cup measured at 7bhp more than the standard box with valve open, so very believable to me The measurements where done on the same day on the same car without taking the car off the dyno, so a direct comparison, We even refitted the standard box and did another run to prove, Also then refitted the Sport box, again to prove
  4. Those Lower spring rates are from the S2 cars 550/850 is a great start point on the V6 exige's.....
  5. Not really Think the exige's has braided hoses as standard, my cup car did.....( But don't think they are stainless)
  6. Yes from chassis number KH10262 onwards They are now listing the Yoko advan v105 195/50/16 and 225/45/17 on 6.0x16 front wheels and 8.0x 17 rear wheels
  7. Seriouslylotus

    Clutch Master Cylinder

    Collecting parts from Lotus tomorry Gary will ask whilst I'm there for you...
  8. Seriouslylotus

    Removable Momo fitted

    Its an additional part (tick the box if you want I.....)
  9. Seriouslylotus

    Removable Momo fitted

    yes, unless the car was originally designed without and air bag (v6 cup cars need this part)
  10. Seriouslylotus

    Lightweight battery

    That battery is a PC680 Odyssey, search online ... Think they are between £80-100 delivered, Well the last one I bought was, I used it on an S2 Here is one at £89.99+ vat
  11. Seriouslylotus


    Deffo +2, you can see the steering rack extenders.....
  12. Seriouslylotus

    Nitron 3-way

    Send me your email, I will send you the pictures you need...
  13. If you space them further apart you could fit a third lamp And totally stop the air flow into the rads......
  14. Seriouslylotus

    Air bag cover

    DO NOT I repeat DO NOT replace that part with anything, unless you completely delete/remove the airbags
  15. Seriouslylotus

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    funny how different people remember the same event differently. But I suppose your car was slower in the afternoon because your tyres went off? Not because I got up to speed with the circuit.....