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  1. These seat fixings are for the Cup R etc, The 430 comes with normal seat runners
  2. that info is almost a 100% copy of the lotus supplied info... Sorry cant post pictures or videos
  3. They are a direct copy of the Lotus supplied info on the dealer release notes....
  4. Release by lotus a few days ago Ordered one for my 3leven. Which looks identical apart from the new one has an additional internal baffle weld in
  5. Certainly fun to drive enthusiastically on track
  6. Not sure you are correct... The yellow 311 in the video has the sequential gearbox . so highly likely it also have the 'race' engine at about 460-460 bhp. So in reality nothing like either of the two road versions
  7. Did someone mention sensible cars?. Remember when asked how much it cost just do like I did and say I'm not telling...... That was almost a year ago
  8. Thanks Found the connection finally, behind the motec unit. Sadly lotus decided to use a different connector so I have to modify the loom plug or buy the lotus adapter harness
  9. Just ordered the GPS sensor to upgrade the Motec dash to log info and support lap timing/predictive timing ETC. Does anyone know the location of the wiring connect on the 3Eleven to connect the GPS sensor too please??
  10. Lotus do it on the same size wheels 265 or 285 on the rear of the Exige, both use a 10'' wide rear wheel
  11. Much much easier to do uprights. I looked long and hard to do the arms, just not worth the hassle. Uprights really easy to machine and Still plenty material left for the threads the bolts use
  12. Leave the steering arms alone . Machine the uprights, I took 5mm off mine
  13. This Ollie is a good guy, knows his stuff Also not expensive, used him for all my geo stuff, it's a two hour driver for me to go see him!!!
  14. My Cup360 can with 2way nitrons and 550/1100 springs After first trackday i sent the Nitrons back to Nitron, Third adjuster added, and changed to 850/1100 springs, Car was significantly better
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