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  1. You are very welcome...Your English is very good, I fully understood everything you asked me
  2. Built 3 C1 race cars over the last couple of years. Raced them for 2 full seasons, Let me know if you need any info or insights
  3. No the Evora 400 cars use bigger pads than the Exige V6, The earlier S1 Evora used the same pads as Exige V6
  4. Arms sometimes crack along the moulding line, look at the picture closely and you will see
  5. There is a channel expansion box that means the whole AIM kit can be added if needed, some more info on the spec sheets. See page 15 and 19 as a start point
  6. The MX2E is 'taught' the gear ratio's during its set up calibration (RPM Vs in gear speed) The dash doesnt know if its Manual or auto (ad doesnt care ) Just need the two signals (RPM and MPH)
  7. The software is very limited in what it will allow end users to change....... But the shift lights are fully adjustable/configurable and can be gear dependant ie the lights can come on earlier or later for a given gear
  8. Its not the ECU that matters its the CAN Stream that is important. If your EMU ecu uses the correct can stream then it should work. Does your standard dash still work correctly?
  9. Took less than an hour to install. It truly is Plug and play. It just needs the Time, Date, MPH/KPH, C or F Setting and then the dash putting into learn mode for the gear change to set itself on a road test. All this is done from the 4 external buttons on the new binnacle Sorry cant post pictures
  10. First MX2E fitted earlier today. Mileage is stored in the instrument cluster only , But can be set by AIM before dispatch to the correct mileage of your car if that's required I can confirm that the Sport and Race buttons can be seen working in the display (Buy very small font ) Fitted to a 2017 350 Sport Exige
  11. GBP pricing is £1225 + vat. UK stock apparently available from late next week........
  12. Unless things have changes you are correct Mine and the two that are at/where at. Bell and colvill
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