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  1. Its has been requested many times, so is on the list. However as its not a 'fault' or 'glitch' its on a very low priority, Aim used the standard lotus dash as the basis, that has a 9000rpm scale. If they ever change it there would then be complaints from people who are upgrading there engines to rev higher. The dash was designed to please most of the people most of the time. If someone wants very specific function one of the other AIM product that is fully configurable are available, but with the data logging etc etc are significantly more expensive than the MX2E, and worki
  2. Fix for odo 6th digit is in the next firmware release (Just tested the beta version))
  3. Does reverse work? Not designed to work with reverse, so no it does not
  4. 1. Clock cannot be set to East coast USA time. Updating software fixed the one i had, but you can still set the clock, mine jumped 2 hours when saving so i set it 2 hours early, then it tld the correct time 2. Gear selection indicator is completely wrong. 1st says 2nd, 2nd says 4th, 4th,5th and 6th all say 6th. Reverse says N, Did you do the gear calibration, if not you MUST do this 3. HVAC lights are out, Software update coming, It does actually work but is set to 1% so you cant see it,
  5. Reload the software. This fixed the clock on the dash i could set it on. Old HVAC brightness is nothing to do with new back light, have ask Aim for feed back after carrying out a few tests on the back light (had a new dash in my own car for testing)
  6. In settings go to camera You can disable/ enable camera 2 Or disable enable all cameras
  7. Turn off the second reverse camera in the settings, then its one press
  8. leave connected. Its used to turn reverse camera on if fitted (1 second press) Reset trip meter one (5 second press) Turn on/off data logger for road screen (10 second press)
  9. The dynamics of a rear wheel car and especially a Lotus are TOTALLY different to a Front wheel drive car. We raced C1 Citroen's in endurance racing the rear was set to 1.25 overall degree toe out. An Exige V6 with rear toe out would be terrifying IMHO
  10. DO NOT splice a wire. It will not be needed Probably a glitch and WILL be fixed by AIM im am 100% sure as they are very very good
  11. 3Eleven has a Quaife LSD as standard, with essentially the same traction control etc as the 430 Cup Exige, So the factory have already done it on a platform that is essentially a V6 Exige (Front suspension arms are a little longer, steering arms slightly different, but thats about it)
  12. Reflash the 79 software to the dash, then reselect the correct year configuration. That sorted the clock on one that i was presetting (It jumped two hours forward each time i tried to set it)
  13. Should be on all the time side lights are on What is the serial number of you dash?
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