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  1. Done quite a few sump baffle replacements. Not difficult at all with the right tools and skills
  2. OE as in supplied by lotus, But its not fitted to the car in production. Its a Lotus after market track silencer sold as track only, probably due to homologation reasons. Used one on my 3 Eleven 430 and it made a MASSIVE difference in bring the noise level down
  3. The horn + wire needs connecting to the brass plunger at the top (yellow contact ring at the 12 o'clock position) Remove the horn /airbag spiral wire unit. Use the horn + wire from the connector block.(You will possibly need a bullet connector to attach to the brass plunger Depending on the age of the car you may find a spare horn wire taped too the loom down the side of the column (Was there when i fitted one to the 2016 360 Cup I had
  4. yes George is correct. 410 discs and pads are the same size as V6s , 350 sport, 380 sport etc etc J hook discs are APracing not Alcon
  5. only if they have the 3mm spacer on the rear wheels
  6. Sounds like the brake light switch that needs either correctly adjusting or replacing and correctly adjusting.
  7. Yes that looks like the factory lithium battery ( My 3Eleven also uses a superB battery
  8. That's not the aim dash that is being fitted to the FE cars.
  9. Simple answer is NO, Many differences one being the position of warning lights so software is not transferable, Ask me how i know
  10. I would love to see the engine bay temps on a car that retains the original cats putting out 450 + bhp. Not to mention the life spam of the catalysts
  11. NO they are too short for the rears on the cars with 285 tyres (Lotus fitted a 3mm spacer to the back of the wheel so these are too short by 3mm)
  12. Apparently not an upgrade option, You want lap timing and data logging? Buy the MX2E
  13. There are a few hardware changes on the new Lotus/aim dash that means the software/firmware although similar, will not work correctly on the other dash. So NO you cant have the lotus firmware on your MX2E.
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