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  1. The MX2E is 'taught' the gear ratio's during its set up calibration (RPM Vs in gear speed) The dash doesnt know if its Manual or auto (ad doesnt care ) Just need the two signals (RPM and MPH)
  2. The software is very limited in what it will allow end users to change....... But the shift lights are fully adjustable/configurable and can be gear dependant ie the lights can come on earlier or later for a given gear
  3. Its not the ECU that matters its the CAN Stream that is important. If your EMU ecu uses the correct can stream then it should work. Does your standard dash still work correctly?
  4. Took less than an hour to install. It truly is Plug and play. It just needs the Time, Date, MPH/KPH, C or F Setting and then the dash putting into learn mode for the gear change to set itself on a road test. All this is done from the 4 external buttons on the new binnacle Sorry cant post pictures
  5. First MX2E fitted earlier today. Mileage is stored in the instrument cluster only , But can be set by AIM before dispatch to the correct mileage of your car if that's required I can confirm that the Sport and Race buttons can be seen working in the display (Buy very small font ) Fitted to a 2017 350 Sport Exige
  6. GBP pricing is £1225 + vat. UK stock apparently available from late next week........
  7. Unless things have changes you are correct Mine and the two that are at/where at. Bell and colvill
  8. The main splitter is the same on the pre 17my cars and the post 17.5my cars. The early winglets dont fit the wheel arch shape of the newer clam.( I have tried!!!)
  9. Think the total for 3Eleven is something like 150-160 Last time i checked they hadn't made 20 of the 430 models.....Please about it really as it makes mine even more of a rare beastie!!
  10. They are not the same as the bolts used on ALL v6 lotus variants. Those are the ones used on the s2 cars etc etc (We also stock and sell the same ones) The v6 type bolts have a moving washer, Lotus used these to get more accurate torque values, They will fit but............................
  11. Under the dash, just in front of the gear lever
  12. Point 3 Yes the Alcons have the handbrake drum as part of the bell
  13. I trailer my 3Eleven 430 to its track visits, But would happily drive it there and back if needed. Its just much easier to use the trailer and i can then carry some fuel cans as even with the larger 48ltr tank, it very very quickly needs fuel, Its easy to get through 150-180 litres in a day, They are a thirsty beast!!!!! If driving on the road i always go super steady as they look like they are speeding when stationary! Certainly attract attention that's for sure, But surprisingly in a nice way, Up to now i haven't had one adverse comment or gesture. I find the wind noise is worse with a helmet than without..... Up to legal speeds, I have found it better with a woolly hat and shatter proof glasses than with a helmet. After its first running in service i drove it 250 mile home from Hofmanns with out a helmet, Must admit it was a very hot sunny day, but the hat was perfect for that trip and i'm glad i didn't wear a helmet. Very extreme car, make sure thats what you want before you make the jump!!!!! Happy to chat if you need any help etc etc etc
  14. The 3Eleven has the charge cooler radiator up front in the nose along with an additional main cooling radiator. The Engine oil and gear oil are cooled by the engine coolant, Hence the additional rad in the nose
  15. It is me that's has done the 260/250 Front clam mods, I am building a 2zz powered 260 Lookalike but with full 2Eleven GT4 running gear inc the 270bhp engine but fitted with a charge cooler. ABS delete, massive brakes and bias pedal box and Ohlins TTX with mecatronics kit Wheels are the same size Front splitter is the same size as 250 Spoiler mounts unavailable (Tried many times to get them.Lotus have zero stock) Rear spoiler is 1400mm wide (Same blade as the 3Eleven, But the 3Eleven one is 1600mm wide)
  16. My be t6 has mph Speedo kmph Digi read out Lots of cars have a Speedo face with both, the larger outer numbers being the ones used in the county it's sold in
  17. There is a fix max weight of all cars Look at the chassis plate and there should be 3 weight figures First is front axle max in Kgs Second is the rear axle max in Kgs Third is vehicle max in Kgs, Remove actual weight of car from the max gives the total permissible load that the car can take (inc fuel , luggage. passengers etc etc)
  18. Neither did mine!!! Torque was massively up though
  19. Do you have a picture of this said code??? My 360 didnt show any such code and had the SSC reflash
  20. Sounds expensive if its just the filter element......A K&N filter element is less than £60 inc vat for the TRD filter box!! A complete TRD filter box kit with K&N filter is about £135.00 A TRD kit with standard element is about £95.00 Check what you have been quoted for
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