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  1. Mine has now done about 2500 miles and is absolutely brilliant. The upshift an well as the blip down shift just make me giggle like a small child...Its really rather good on track!!!
  2. Yes just add a CAN expander, Channel expander, sensors etc and then use RS3 tp add to the screen of your choice
  3. If the plug rotates it should come out, Its the plugs that are seized that stand a chance of breaking (In my experience)
  4. Paul Is it the hose rotating on the plug or the plug rotating in the box? The plug has an O ring which can 'stick' or the plug can get stuck (seized into the gearbox). We carry the plugs in stock for workshop use for this very issue as they are easy to break if not careful. If the plug is rotating it will be the o ring stopping it coming out....!!
  5. The default position of the valve is open, no need to jam it open etc, Just remove the vacuum pipe, Blank it of, Viola noise all the time
  6. Back in stock with Lotus at the moment, They had 7 when I asked earlier this week, They are a standard Lotus part so available from all Lotus dealers
  7. Just bought one for a customer and the Lotus price has gone up, so i changed the website, so it WAS as you said............
  8. Thats not quite right Lee!! An MX2E is £1440 plus vat, The solution i suggested to you starts at under £500 plus vat
  9. Lotus have stock of the Quiet Exhaust for the 400 series cars, Not cheap at £2028 + vat. BUT they do work, I have one on my 3Eleven 430
  10. You dont, They are no longer made (Since 2018)
  11. Number one is the earlier cars mounting
  12. I have one on my 3Eleven430, cant remember the numbers but it is quiet!!
  13. Not misleading really. They don't make a dash for the 2004-2007 white dash non air bag cars, The binnacle is different and doesn't fit so technically they dont make one for that car. However the cluster itself will work but needs some tweakage for the install. Hence why some retailers offer a kit with remote buttons
  14. why is 265 for the rear a problem? 285 dont fit nicely on the rims. We have used the Cooper RS3R/Avon ZZR on lots of cars, work well last well etc No complaints. May not be as fast as some other tyres but its a trackday right? Not racing!!!
  15. Yes you MUST use the adapter harness on the white dash cars. Just hope you havent fried the dash as the feed and earths are in different locations on early cars compared to later hence the harness.
  16. The chip set is different, apparently an updated version due to supply issues, hence the need to update firmware
  17. Give the thread a proper boost and show us the bloody colour version FFS!!!!
  18. Put the bolts back in but not tight (no more than two turns out) Roll car backwards and forwards to break the corrosion DO NOT DRIVE LIKE THIS
  19. New version not shipped out yet. No real difference between them other than the 'V' part has different dimensions to the previous version
  20. They dont make the 46mm one way dampers now (Possibly 4-5 years since they did) Yours will be 40mm and they have always been a much quieter damper in operation than the 46mm version
  21. If your carbon roof is from Lotus I will buy you a new soft top and have your carbon roof please.............
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