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  1. strop or to get stroppy is to get off, angry, anoyed, so turbo strop is boosted annoyance..
  2. The tim dalton films took on a bit more realism,, he was the first bond to bleed and get dirty....
  3. hey great pics and i hope you get your car sorted soon, what a day for you highs and mega lows.. all the best Howard
  4. try club lotus or lotus cars for the shirt CABC = Colin Anthony Bruce Chapman the founder of Lotus more info on the emblem on LEW Logo info
  5. I will meet youat J14 M6 and we can pick up the others at frankley, J14 is ok for me been map reading.... nice roads on route..early morning.. you get the picture dave (oneshot) cant make the meet. Howard
  6. I have an ING savings account. The nice people at ING have offerd me
  7. I think we need to be there about 9.30 to 10 if poss, jct 14 is a bit north for me but I can get there.
  8. So whos going ? are we going to pre meet and drive down together? Ideas or suggestions please.... Howard
  9. Tyres are same size as those on my S4 just your rims are different type, both 17" front and back, different profile is correct, would not worry. Howard
  10. and easy to catch at night because they glowed in the dark........
  11. just bought one off ebay but you can get them from lotus dealers and lotus have a web shop
  12. Splodge was he the yellow S4 in the britball it think?
  13. Wayne , next time you are in the uk you can use my Esprit, if you can bear to get in a s car. serious offer ( you need to sort the insurance though) Howard
  14. re karls car, some bits I like some bits i dont, biggest dislike is the colour, love the wing and the belt line , dont like front bumper and bonnet window. re the door handles they can also be found on a range rover, so why not talk them up and froget the marina connection..
  15. welcome to the fold, what part of wales are you in, not to far from north wales here in shropshire, or you could always come to a north midlands meet Howard
  16. hey I am not slagging anyone or their car, some people like G cars the sane like s cars Wayne, Renu says you are right re the tree branch, and now she is going to hit me.
  17. the G cars were an evolutionary stage on the way to an S car sort of a missing link thats not missing.... darwin probaly wrote extensively about it, if you go to the galapagos you can probaly find a G car that has had to adapt to its unique enviroment.... or is that the marine igquana?
  18. Glad you are ther ok, good luck with the job hunt and it wont be too long until the Esprit arrives
  19. Renu has T 1 AGK for sale, came with sport 350 but now it has a different plate (look left) make her an offer! Howard
  20. welcome to the forum barney, sorry to hear things are going wrong. cant help you with heartfordshire, not my area, but some one will have some info for you I am sure. Howard
  21. you will be very welcome to come to any NMEG meet! saw your car and it looked stunning! Howard
  22. not true Wayne I was behind paul and oneshot on the run to lisa's on sunday and it was many bananas faster than 95 !!!!
  23. Thank you for taking the time Alan to comment, you are very welcome on this forum. Please come back frequently and share your thoughts about Club Lotus. Howard
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