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  1. sorry have to disagree, best bond film is OHMSS with my fav bond lazenby, stuck fairly well to the book. The best bit is the skiing. First bond movie that Bond skis in, the company building the restaurant ( piz gloria)let the movie people have it early for the film also has the better bond theme not the lou armstrong track, but the opening credits music which has probably been used in every bond film since. also has my second fav bond girl diana rigg, all time fav being Kristina Waybourne (Magda in octopussy)
  2. can I ask Nick are you actually a member of Club Lotus? you could have refused the A4 sheet to put in your window, Alan has only been at the helm of CL for two years, if stoneleigh is booked for the next five in adavance on the week end he wants , how the hell can he change that? Move the event to the NEC,
  3. it was a seriously big snake! I dont blame you for being scared!
  4. Nick I had a similar veiw to yours a few years ago, now it has changed, I wrote and complained to Alan at CL after the stonleigh parking mess a couple of years ago. I got a very prompt reply and he addressd all my points, I have since met him and he has a very positive attitude to us " the esprit community" and I will echo what Paul C says in his post. Alan turned up at donington at 8am on sunday and the first person he came and spoke to was me. He was so helpful and was really concerned that we got our display sorted and helped us with cordon tape and acess to barriers. He had been liaising with Paul and I for the previous two weeks about the display. I have changed my opinion of Club Lotus in the past year and it is due to the attitude of Alan Morgan, He redily admits things are not right with the web page and is taking steps to sort it. He also told me that he would like to get stonleigh at an earlier date in the year , these week ends are booked years in advance by some organisations. Give the man some credit he is trying to make things better, we should help and encourage. Howard
  5. Etna was on the Lotus Club of Holland stand! so might only be on a passing visit!
  6. elise simulator, high wing, I really must spend more time inside! next year must go both days, Saturday to look at the show Sunday for the car park. Carl C we shouted for you at the noon meet, sorry we missed you, saw your car though! Howard
  7. I was there at 7.45 the car park was very lonley at that time, just the burger van setting up.
  8. Thanks to all those who parked in the display today at Donington. We had at one point 35 Esprit's all parked in a line.
  9. A very big thanks to Lisa and family for inviting some of us back to her house after donnington today. Tea and bacon butties were provided and we all met the snake and the other animals, a very nice end to a great day out. Lisa refused the the money we collected for her and asked that it was donated to LEW (see laptop thread) THANK YOU LISA Howard
  10. Kato, after donigton today a number of us went back to Lisa's (lisalotus) she very kindly provided us with tea and bacon butties anwe all got to meet the snake and horse and ducks dog etc. We had a whip round for lisa but she refused to accept it saying she wished the money to go to LEW so
  11. esprit350


    more info on Scientology xenu
  12. WOW I like that! looks like it should be in a si fi movie
  13. Christmas day is a good day usually, I like the idea of a royal funeral, prehaps we could have one a week through summer please. I remember water skiing on lake windermere the day charles and di the sloane got married , what at great day sunny and only 4 boats on the whole lake.....
  14. Carl you would be very welcome to come along to any of our(NMEG) meets watch the "events" page for details which part of Lancashire are you in? Howard
  15. Thanks, just being lazy not looking for the thread
  16. not sure on that yet will wait and see what it looks like on the day, rather and try and do my memory I think.
  17. Hi there, welcome hope to meet you at donny howard
  18. Thanks wayne we have similar tastes i belive, i like the boomerang for one and that green car that was posted the other day ?bertone? somthing? zonda looks out of balance and the front end of the veyron is ugh, maybe its the grill or the roundness
  19. all them cream eggs mate, told you! Graham, sorry you cant make it, you can watch the grand prix instead. hope things work out ok. see you at the next NMEG meet Howard
  20. Welcome , join the esprit owners on here and you wont go far wrong,, we have 2 esprits at home and love them both!! Howard
  21. zonda and the bugatti veyron two of the ugliest cars on sale today sorry mr dr fish robin evil person
  22. oh! dear the man has been too long without his car and too many cream eggs
  23. dont want to pay the entry fee!! but wants a special car park? there is one just for you its big, green and covered in grass, suitable for off road machines like the range rover
  24. I am sorry but i do not understand any of the previous post.
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