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  1. there will be an essex inside the hall on one of the stands
  2. Dave and I will be there from about 8.30 doing our best to keep it exclusive for Esprits, the club lotus marshalls will have other duties as well. we will do our best but trying to marshall 40 spaces with 2 people will difficult with out cones etc Howard
  3. Ok we have about 40 spaces to fill at Donington , so if you are there early you can park in the line up, dave (oneshot) and I will be helping the Club Lotus marshalls, to help you find a space. We will try and give priority to the cars on the list first. but anything can happen and probaly will when your back is turned , so dont blame us if we get a few Elise's ect Howard
  4. was it not the starfighter that they called the widow maker? (sorry off topic)
  5. Welcome see you on Sunday 12 noon at katos car.
  6. hey lay off the BMW owners Renu and I both have BM's and Esprits
  7. engine is 4 cly in line turbo charged and intercooled 1.6 16 valve water cooled RHB5 turbo max power 155BHP at 6000rpm max torque 146 lb ft at 4200 rpm max speed 133mph 0-60 7.3secs these figures come from elan s2 spec sheet/brochure cant help with the other stuff sorry
  8. tickets will be about 8.50 i think, pound cheaper if you pre book, but too late now
  9. good luck guys hope you all get together howard
  10. printed sheet are done, ready to print, will do some extras, away for a couple of days so no internet for me till late wed Howard
  11. welcome to the forum, you have come to the right place, if you post your location then someone might be able to come to look at a car with you if you want, good luck with your search Howard
  12. she has relented just for you Wayne! she behind the wheel of the landy ( taken yesterday)
  13. as she is stood right behind me, she would find out. anyway she hates having her photo taken
  14. My girlfriend (partner) owns an Esprit ( which is faster, newer and cost more than mine)
  15. nice horse lisa, watch out because riding posture is totally bad for skiing!!
  16. sorry i dont have the time, I volunteered to help club lotus with the parking, i e help their marshalls to identify the right cars, I am going early and missing my local group pre meet and convoy and I have been doing the car identifaction sheets for the windscreens , along with all the other stuff in my life like work etc. Howard
  17. printed sheets with model name are being done as we speak, David is also contacting each owner with a print out to display when entering donington so the CL marshalls can direct the cars I dont have the time to find out the other info, if each owner wants to do that for the car then please do so. Howard
  18. welcome, not in the south east, but welcome anyway
  19. Lotus have a friend in Steve Cropley, autocar jurno, who up till recently raced a Lotus 6 in the Paul Matty Lotus hillclimb series.
  20. hey last week Autocar put Lotus on the front cover and a two page spread inside, when they could have pushed other stuff from Geneva!
  21. did some mention shooting Blair in this thread? please please!!
  22. Where are all the cars for the display? we still need 14 cars, come on people, lets show CL that we can do this.
  23. esprit350

    tall driver

    welcome to the forum, hope you find a solution and GET an ESPRIT!
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