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  1. seem that the seller dose not know that the LEW calendars are not official Lotus merchandise item number 6608108000 ebay page
  2. Hey go easy on the black stuff, we have a hoon tommorrow!!!
  3. well I like them , Renu likes them and we are both considering one as a daily drive next time we change. Renu is also considering a XK8, Nissan 350Z, M3 ......... and another thing, it is a bit much having a go at Barbi when you drive around with a "Care bear"
  4. you can now buy a hard top for the M100 now and you dont have to remove the soft top to use it, cost just over a
  5. Shoulder joint is a strange joint because it allows you to move your arm in many different ways, ie tennis serve. I hada skiing buddy who kept dislocating his shoulder, spent many hours sat in casualty waiting for him. Eventually he had a "puti-platt" operation to shorten some tendons and prevent it from reoccuring. he was like you doing too much too soon... beware ps see you Sunday? Howard
  6. is anyone form the North West, Cheshire, Wirral coming to Oulton Park? see North Midlands Group thread for more details
  7. is anyone form the North West, Cheshire, Wirral coming to Oulton Park?
  8. That will be the Defence Helicopter Training School then at RAF Shawbury, are you the guy who keeps flying low over my house????
  9. thats Honey Rider not Pussy Galore, but you knew that did'nt you!
  10. Renu's garage is wide enough to open the doors but only just long enough to take the car, we had the roller door mounted externaly to get the extra length. as for parking I screwed a length of 3 x2 to the floor so you just stop when the front wheels hit the timber, that gives an inch to spare at the front and about 3 inches at the back. My garage I rent for my s4 at a secret location has room for 2 cars and steel bar on the windows and steel lined wooden doors alarm sytem and a pit. no space problems at all, biggest problem is that it is 10 miles away. Howard
  11. Good Luck in your new job, hope you can get good discounts?
  12. top man bibs, thanks for sorting it out, anyone notice the hickers cant spell!
  13. congatulations, hope you love the car
  14. if you look on Lotus Esprit World news page,you will find all the details of the Oxford run on April 23rd and also have look at some past events down the page in "other stuff" LEW news page Last oxford meet
  15. oh my god Paul will you be the next Chantelle on celeb BB soon, two mentions in the Club Lotus mag and he's a star
  16. "addiction for life" is the better made of the two DVDs but both were made on tight budgets , hope Alan will make another soon with different cars and people in them.
  17. You are able to buy the DVD which is longer than the TV version from Lotus Esprit World, buy it from there and help maintain the site please Howard
  18. He posted that story on Yahoo a while back, did not know the police were chasing him until the helicopter dropped in front of him at 170 plus, think the car went on sale shortly after.........
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