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  1. I would like to be a victim of Jessica,
  2. Hey is anyone coming skiing and partying this week end or not? Lisa would like some idea of numbers I think... see you on sat Howard
  3. If i have a bar code on the back of my neck, can i have the same powers as Jessica Alba in Dark Angel please?
  4. no probs, more sections than models of esprit.....
  5. in the new motoring section
  6. how do we find e bid please?
  7. I have most of those tools used for the same purpose! nice one!
  8. Thanks for responding, Dave let us know what transpires? Howard
  9. Wayne I'll buy you a drink if you get there, good luck!
  10. myth re dry slope wreking snow skis, I have used well maintained skis on both, depends on the quailty of the matting. However I might just have a dedicated pair or two for dry slope use. Not sure if Renu is coming yet, probably yes
  11. My glove box in the S4 is a pig to open somtimes, but true to form the one in Renu's first esprit , an NA, would bounce open at the slightest jolt!
  12. Interesting to note that Lotus have used a picture of the orange Autocar artist's impression in the free 2006 calendar they sent out to Lotus Club International members
  13. will be there , not sure which car to come in as I can't get my skis in the Esprit, dont really want to ski on hire skis (fussy I know)
  14. Happy New year everyone! look forward to meeting some old friends and some new ones in 2006.
  15. I knew she was, but cant remember how I found out. pre google though.
  16. er... we have had photos on our driving licences for some years now.
  17. there is the guy that invented the saxophone, rene magrite the surrelist painter, plastic bertrand , had a hit with ca plan pour moi, but to use google is cheating, shame on you
  18. see you on the ski slope then Bibs?
  19. I will be there all being well, I will give coaching to any skiers who would like some input. short skiing CV qualified as an Artificial Slope Ski Instructor 1985 (ASSI) gained Coaches qualification in 1987 (ESC Coach) co coach to June Short, British ladies aerials champion 1987 International coaching licence, IVSI former national tutor for freestyle skiing co author various instructor training syllabus resort manager for Sliver Ski , la Clusaz, France 1995
  20. Happy Birthday from Renu and myself, have a good one!
  21. I think I am missing your point, this is about the Galileo launch?
  22. this company might be of use NUTS
  23. Akash Farboud is i think the son of a millionaire who wanted to buy a ferrari but was not so the story goes a ferrari type person. So he said up yours and I will build my own supercar. The car I saw at the NEC a cuople of years ago had an audi engine and a reaaly nice curved wing on the back. I think the company has had to rethink the design a bit since. Farboud
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