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  1. welcome to the forum, can you name ten famous belgians then?
  2. somthing I read somewhere, but I cant think where sorry
  3. may be it should be re titled "The Story so Far". I also got a lotus related present, Renu bought me a complete set of "The Prisoner" on DVD, so I can watch Patrick McGoohan in the Seven drive through 60's London
  4. you can keep your bears, Renu and I would much rather have one of these
  5. Paul, you know far too much about care bears, is there something you would like to share with us all?
  6. aready sorted, Paul said he would be dead keen to meet us, I only missed him by 10 mins. Mr Matty has offered to host a meet for us in the summer and provide some free food and drink. I will sort a date with him in the new year
  7. nice car, hope it all work out ok for you
  8. Christmas Morning and it is foggy here in shropshire so no hoon for Renu and I, just a slow drive to see Renu's parents north of manchester all the best Howard
  9. hi there welcome to the mad house, and merry esprit christmas
  10. Just missed seeing some chap drive away from Paul Matty's this morning with his new, SE high wing with only 330 miles on the clock. yes 330 miles from new where on earth does Paul Matty find them... he has a nice blue Esprit Turbo in px with under 20K miles. New high wing owner lives in Wolverhampton I was told.
  11. The Elan roadster is sitting in Paul Mattys showroom, right at the back near the toilets, I was looking at it less that 2 hours ago. I think it was also at Donnington this year or last. it has a M200 number plate on it.
  12. esprit350


    Big feature in this months EVO magazine on comparing different fuel types, they have done tests with BMW m5 and a golf GTI and looked at supermarket fuel (asda) Tesco 99 ron, optimax, BP ulitma, shell 95 and a high octane race fuel. Makes for interesting reading different fuels providing better results at different points on a graph. One thing they did say was use what you think is best for your car but put some optimax in every now and then for the cleaning properties it has.
  13. thanks Graham, hope one of the chester lot read this thread and invite us Howard
  14. I choose the green chap, better armour and no horns to damage the headlining.
  15. one shot and I like your idea, so what we need now is a meet and lunch venue near chester and some locals to meet Howard
  16. super Paul, you are off work today then? All the best to one and all Howard & Renu
  17. I think this was done by the guy who designed the M250, not sure if i am right looks good in the flesh, saw one at the autosport show acouple of years ago
  18. no no no, read the feed back, the car might make a good project if you get it at the right price, but the ebay profile of the dealer and feedback shout stay away,.
  19. Congratulations to Kato, LEW has won the southrun award for web site of the year again! award wining site Southrun
  20. I thought of that one too, red dwarf fan are you? do you know what smeg really means?
  21. that seems to work. thank you
  22. lets see? posting at 8.06 lets see what the forum shows edit :- forum shows 9.06 set at GMT with daylight saving box ticked so still an hour out thanks for trying
  23. was going to start a new post but saw this one, I have the same problem as you fish dr evil I am 2 hours out with daylight saving ticked, other than pretending to be in the azores, is there another way to sort this please? Howard
  24. I agree with Phil B about Paul Matty and staff, always welcoming and will take the time (now can I have my car back please Mr Matty, you have had it for weeks now)
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