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  1. oh no dont encourage him..........
  2. welcome to the mad house, you might get some stick for owning a fezzer but in will be light hearted im sure howard
  3. it is a stunning car, i took it for a test drive when I was looking but went for my s4 instead, it has never been out in the rain, prevoius owner was a doctor at a london hospital who dropped dead.
  4. thanks for the suggestions Graham, like them both but I think thay are more summer events, will add them to my list Howard
  5. welcome to the INTERNATIONAL FORUM not the wanada one (wayne and canada) is that funny I dont know? Howard
  6. The next meeting for NMEG (North Midlands Esprit Group) will be on Sunday 26th February 2006. I will post further details soon, if anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know. Howard ps i hope my car is back with me by then
  7. here is another one for you at Paul Matty sports cars vulcan grey esprit
  8. Greeting of the season to forum members everywhere, dont do the christmas thing or the religous stuff.. Howard and Renu
  9. A fairly sunny but chilly morning saw 6 esprit owners in 4 Esprits and a Shogun met for what we hope will be the first of many North Midlands meets. We had 2 Sport 350's, an S4 and a Turbo Esprit The 4 esprits went for a drive round the Shropshire countryside whilst Lisa lotus and family plus dogs made their way to the end meet point, The Bear Inn at Hodnet. The run was uneventful and was not a mad hoon due to the possiblity of icy roads. Back at the pub a welcoming log fire and some drinks finished off the morning. There was much agreement that this meet will become a regular thing and the next one will be near the end of Febuary date TBC Thank you to all who took the time to attend, Howard
  10. ok quick weather update, skies are clear here in Shropshire bit of frost I think tonight, it has been dry today a bit chilly but nice and sunny today and roads are dry hope it stay dry for sunday see you in the morning if you are coming Howard
  11. no problems , thank for letting us know. I was hoping to make it a regular meet every 6/8 weeks os so Howard
  12. Ok lunch booking now closed, if you havent put your name on my list then its fend for yourself ...sorry I won't have my car back for sunday so will be riding shotgun in Renu's Howard ps if anyone want my mobile number PM me I will give on site weather reports from 7 am onwards
  13. sure please come along, I am sure we can find you a seat, please confirm if you want lunch Howard
  14. Renu doesnt read the forum much , but I keep her informed whats going on, told her the bit about the new europa was a proton want, she said and i quote " proton can take their blobby car and stick up their bottom" made me laugh Howard ps I dont like the shape much either but will wait until I see in in the flesh to be sure.
  15. lunch is booked at the Bear in Hodnet about 7 miles fom the gingerbread man currently for lunch I have , Renu,myself, oneshot and paul if he comes. weather for sunday is looking overcast but dry according to the Guardian today I still dont know if my car will be back yet....
  16. I need to know if anyone else wants lunch please asap, i have booked a table with the option to increase numbers, but obviously I would like to give them as much notice as possible.. Lunch is booked for 12.30 to allow for early departures in daylight weather forecast is looking good for sunday Howard
  17. what a fantastic car such a shame it looks terrible
  18. Age check now ...who remembers Four Feather Falls?
  19. sounds ok , already thought about heading towards Shrewsbury, lets see what the weather has in store. You are right Demon Tweeks is not open ... shame would have been a good run not a bad road from Whitchurch, prehaps sometime next year Would any one like to have lunch if so I need to know some numbers fairly quickly please and I will try and sort a table somewhere... not yet sure if I will have my car back by next week end but fingers crossed
  20. esprit350

    black V8

    could it have been one of the black sport 350's, where were you?
  21. all the wind tunnel work was done before the filming, the filming was done afterwards and what you see on the film at MIRA was for the cameras, The staff at Paul Mattys dont want to say too much at the moment..
  22. Essex Lotus for sale this would look nice on the drive
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