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  1. poor weather and we will be in our landrover, glad you are all making the effort. propose we meet 10 30 hang around for a bit for late comers and then go for a little drive meet back at a pub somwhere Howard
  2. esprit350

    s4s? v8? red

    Done . please see EVENTS
  3. I have done that flight , the prayer for travelling I think it was every time we took off, dry airline and a GPS map pointing to Mecca in between the movies.....that will be Royal Brunei airlines then..
  4. lets meet aat the Gingerbread Man on the A53 outside Market Drayton, pub is on a roundabout near cattle market. 10.30 am Sunday 18th December 2005 Renu and I will be there with both Esprits I hope Howard edit :- Gingerbread Man Adderley Road, Cattle Market, Market Drayton, Shropshire TF9 3SW
  5. esprit350

    s4s? v8? red

    I propose we meet at the "Gingerbread Man" on the A53 just outside Market Drayton.. Big pub easy to find! all we need now is a date and time. ?. Howard
  6. snowboarding is a sport for 15 years olds that cant ski! just wish that was my quote but some american skier said it back in the early 90's I am up for a meet at any slope dry or snow, let me know which one you all decide on and I will see if I can organise some sort of discount, I have many contacts in the ski industry. Howard (Snowsports England Coach, ASSI, IVSI)
  7. esprit350

    s4s? v8? red

    meet sound like a great idea, There is a good road just near market drayton, Rernu and io both like to drive it and it has a pub with decent car park, cant remember name of pub though, will get renu to suss it out she drives past every day on way to work. dave how about moving this thread to events? Howard ps cant do a meet for a couple of weeks, car is at Paul Mattys having new bumper
  8. just want the training, will take my Esprit if I can,
  9. dog ( Jack) is fine thanks, he's going for a check at the eye vets tomorrow, and hopefuly he can have the bucket thing he's had to wear round his neck taken off. I suggest we leave the meet at tamworth until the ski season is over , because it will be soo busy, all i need to to now is figure out how the hell to get my skis in the s4... Howard
  10. esprit350

    s4s? v8? red

    Renu and I have seen a red Esprit heading toward Telford on some mornings. There is a chap who has a s4s in norfolk mustard lives in Telford. Howard
  11. Ok what present would you like for your Esprit this Christmas? I will start the ball rolling with Lotus Intensive Driver Training ( hope Renu reads this) Lotus driver training
  12. Good idea an Esprit snowsports get together at a ski slope (Tamworth) one of my alter egos is a as a ski coach / instructor I worked at Ski Rossendale in Lancashire for many years and I hold an International Coaching Licence Howard
  13. I agree the problem is probably on the RF leads and with joints in the co ax you get signal loss. We also get pixilation on out set when trucks go past our house I have a 16 element aerial in the loft with a distribution amplifier. Howard
  14. spare on a sport 350 was an option, but the ethos of the car was it was lighter than a standard V8 so most buyers did not bother Howard
  15. Renu and I have sent money, Thank you for a great website, dont know what we would do without it! Howard
  16. welcome to the forum, you will get lots of help here if you need it
  17. Sorry to hear that Rob, can you sell somthing to fund the car,,, house , body????
  18. Hey Jussi, nice pics, thank you oh and I do like Wayne's tracked machine howard
  19. too right, too many babies.........
  20. sorry about that , worth a try, just a thought why not ring someone like Paul Matty who ship lotus bits all over the globe, see who they use Paul Matty Sportscars 01527 835656
  21. just found this company on google Fastlane
  22. The UK is lacking a Lotus museum, some body was mentioning on the offical lotus website there is no Lotus at Gaydon !!!
  23. Where I live I dont see either of those but I do see plenty of these
  24. see my other post in the LEW calendar thread, lets all think about some fund raising. Renu and I would have been lost without LEW when we bought our cars. Kato you should not have to fund LEW out of your own pocket, please let us help. I am sure there will be more helpers if required Howard
  25. Hi Billy, welcome to the site, yours is #7 usa is it not Howard
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