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  1. Check out the owners pages on LEW I think you will find all the cars in your collection belong to some one who has seven esprits, I think ( clue one of his cars is featured as the November car in this years LEW caledar if you look in the background you will also see his essex)
  2. Hi there Renu and I are not too far away from, you we are only in Shropshire, welcome to the forum see you at donnington, sunday is the esprit day Howard
  3. try this site
  4. I looked into it but as my car is only 10 years old it did not apply, so cant help any further. ps good to see you at stoneleigh last week howard
  5. There was a feature on the ace cafe in the October 2005 Classic cars magazine (uk) nice pics incuding a lotus, not an esprit but a MkIV
  6. found you, easy at the moment, you are the only one in Canada, need some more pins all over the globe now
  7. Did Lotus have anything to do with the car NASA left on the moon?
  8. these sites may be able to help
  9. I am getting this problem when I try to zoom in ,using inernet explorer
  10. Good to have you back on the forum Rob, hope the leg mends well, in case you did not knoe the 5th gear car is now at Paul Mattys for some sort of appraisal? Kato and I spoke to him at the parts fair and hopefully Kato will get some more info and pics. All the best Howard & Renu
  11. just why do you want an Esprit? trying to talk yourself out of it? we have 2 esprit in our family 4 pot and a v8 and in our time owning no major problems, only things have been a faulty sensor and a wastegate on the v8. Oh and a self inficted bumper bash but that was my fault not the cars. go on buy one and surprise yourself Howard
  12. stick around and you will get to meet my partner Renu, she could not make the parts fair, our dog has just had an eye operation and needs someone with him for the next few weeks. Renu as far as we know is the only female sport 350 owner in the world, it is her 2nd esprit and I dont get to drive it! I have to make do with my own S4 Howard
  13. if you look at the pic of the new lotus circuit car launched earlier this year at shelsey walsh hill climb it has 2 decals of hares on it. killed whilst testing at hethel pic in issue05 lotus club mag howard
  14. how many bananas were we doing ? I was behind you pete and not looking at my speedo, just thinking we left it a bit late for the off slip!!!
  15. Just signed for my LEW 2006 calendars , both desk top and wall are excellent, wall will be going in the study and the desktop to Renu's office at work. Dont forget to support Lotusespritworld by buying your calendar now Howard
  16. this was in todays Autocar magazine, ( UK car weekly for our foriegn readers) "LOTUS SOURCES INSIST the company
  17. someone told me Hoon was a biker term?
  18. there are two white sport 350's in the uk , one owned by Rob C with a black pinstripe and the other by Phil C, ( find them both on LEW owners pages)
  19. item number if link dosent work 4590123500
  20. Renu and I would have been lost and in the dark about Esprit ownership without Kato and Lotusespritworld. So support LEW by purchasing your calendars now please Howard & Renu
  21. good idea, lets remember it for the next meet and do it or we need a banner or a flag to mark a meeting point which we could take turn in manning Howard
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