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  1. he was busy rolling it all up and putting it in his boot last i saw of him, must want to use it again?
  2. went for a pee, when I came back could not see you
  3. a very big thank you to Paul for sorting the parking, made the day, lot better than last year. Great to see all of you again and meet some new esprit friends Howard
  4. nice to meet you and the family, hope to see you again at that next one. Renu says sorry she was not there to help fly the lady owner flag... Howard
  5. twas nice to meet you as well. hope to see you again at the next one. Howard
  6. the anti lock light was lit that afternoon and i was making my way home to ring paul matty and see what the problem might be, might acount for the wheel lock, or just me going too fast for the conditions.... Howard
  7. waiting for estimate from Paul Matty, bumber is slightly out of shape and needs to be replaced. it is ABS and if possible Paul Matty would have repaired it. one good thing about this is I get to have some of my stone chips painted at the same time. howard
  8. we will see how minor when I get my estimate from paul matty, over
  9. yes too ashamed to admit it, but I hit the brakes whist passing a muddy puddle and wheels locked and I skid into the back end of a taxi coming the other way on a country lane. Not a mark on the taxi but I need a new bumper!!! I have a fist sized crack next to the side light. Howard
  10. back to the original topic the 5th gear esprit, just got back from Paul Matty's. Guess what they have in their workshop? yes the 5th gear esprit. they picked it up earlier this week and are going to do some sort of appraisal on it. guy i spoke to said they havent had time to have a proper look yet but all the paint is coming off where they stuck the plastic rearscreen on with duct tape. Howard
  11. K & N have told me that #33 2547 is from the nova GTE as per their reply Hi The part number used on the Nova GTE is 33-2547 and the dimensions are 384mm x 151mm. For details of nearest K&N dealers I would just need your post code. Regards Don Marshall now i am just confused what do i need? Renu
  12. wall and desk ordered last week, looking forward to post man coming up the drive soon, howard
  13. yes i went , think the S3 used to belong to King Hussien of jordan, must admit the elite/excel on the stand did not look to hot though, good show, i spent lots of money on some expensive swissol wax and got myself a battery conditioner Howard
  14. Spoke to Alan (Club lotus chairman) yesterday at the classic car show, he said he was looking forward to seeing all the esprits arrive and that we had various options for parking, ie outside if weather ok. he also said the elan M100 lot are planning to arrive in convoy as well. seemed very positive and said club if for the members and we could do what we want. so well done to paul for sorting this out howard
  15. hey! lay off bmw drivers we own Esprits, both Renu and I have BMW's as daily drives, Renu also has a SWB landrover for off road use Howard
  16. Renu and I have both spotted the same car at different times A41 A442 heading towards Telford over the past couple of weeks last sighting Monday 24 oct A41 south of Whitchurch Howard
  17. Hi can anyone help please, read all the previous threads but cant actually find the part numbers for the airfilters went into our local K&N stockists and they dont have any reference for Esprit V8 would like the number for the K& N and the ITG if anyone has it? thanks Renu
  18. Thank for your efforts Paul, have used my vote but Renu is coming as well, so we will bring both Esprits Howard [MOD= Added another 1 on there for you, Paul ]
  19. Just spotted my name on the list, but as I said in my earlier post Renu and I will be on a boat off the coast of Africa on that date.
  20. Renu and I would love to come as it's about 40 mins up the road from us. But we will be on a boat somewhere off the coast of Africa. sorry! Howard
  21. been working away all week so no internet acess, hence late reply. Renu keeps her Sport 350 in the garage at the house her other two cars (V6 406 Coupe and SWB Landrover) live on the drive with my daily drive (BMW 520i Touring). My S4 lives in a rented garage at a secret location about 4 miles way. Howard
  22. Am I right in thinking that the cars are actually built in South Africa? or is that a myth? Howard
  23. Great day out, I am looking forward to seeing the photos as I dropped my camera in the car park at the services and all my photos are out of focus. Thanks to Dermot, Kato, Rob and Paul for a wonderful day... great run and super lunch venue. However some strange lunch conversations sharing a table with Paul, Vicky and the Evil Dr Fish and others......what was that about vogons? Howard
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