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  1. pair of skis, most fun you can have with your clothes on! and it's free. you only pay to ride up the mountain, that's the expensive bit!
  2. Just a quick correction to Waynes previous post. Renu owns a sport 350 and she does not allow me to drive it! I own a 1995 s4 which W allow Renu to drive, I bought it so i did not have to be a passenger anymore.
  3. esprit350

    chip upgrades

    you need to talk to rob carrier form south wales, he has had a chip upgrade in his sport 350
  4. dropped through the letter box this morning and it has a decent amount of Esprit content for a change...
  5. Renu says she already has black spots on her silver car, lots of dead insects........ She also says she doesn't mind semi naked women on an esprit as long as they don't look like bimbos!!!
  6. i wait for the results with trepidation on a different matter are the black spots on the yellow car a lotus part and if so does anyone have the part number please howard
  7. bit big to sit on the bookshelf though...
  8. please can I have a picture of an esprit with a naked man? Renu I said dont ask as you will probably get! Howard
  9. Hi we are looking for a model of a Sport 350 any scale Howard & Renu
  10. Hi all, dont think Renu would be intersted in selling the E5PRT for a grand and if she did sell it I would want it for my Esprit s4. E8PRT is also on a sport 350 . Also out of interest National Numbers were advertiing E5PRT on their web site till about six weeks ago until I rang them and told them it was actually on a car sat in the garage below our computer room. Paul Matty has also offeerd to buy the plate from Renu. Howard
  11. Hi all, Howard (S4) born in Yorkshire living Shropshire UK now with Renu (Sport 350)who is half Indian but born in Lancashire.
  12. Looks great Mark, enjoy..................
  13. Renu and I will be there, with both our esprits I hope Howard
  14. working in yorkshire at the moment and spotted a yellow Stevens entering Skipton, Monday June 27th at about 18.45
  15. Hi all, I no longer have to be a passenger in Renu's car as I picked up my pacific blue S4 from Paul Matty's this afternoon. Took the long way home... been shopping in it and out again later........... oh and I let Renu drive it in the hope she may let me one day drive the sport 350 Howard, with big smile
  16. Hi, it would be interesting to know which "Lotus garage"? Renu's V8 s350 has been double the uk speed limit a few times and has no problems with the wiper. hope you get it sorted howard
  17. Ok other cars currently owned :- Renu Esprit Sport 350 Peugeot 406 Coupe V6 (daily drive) BMW 520 Touring (for sale) Landrover 90 with off road tyres (goes to places the esprit can't) Howard Esprit S4 (as of next sat) Peugeot 306 turbo d cant say any of my previous cars are worth remembering, but i did have a v4 ford zepher in my courting days bench seat in the front, so no need to climb in the back
  18. doesn't use the forum "much" is an exageration - generally unsociable and doesn't use it at all is much more accurate. However, I do love my car and can't understand why there aren't more female drivers rocketing round the countryside. The handling is absolutely wonderful and now that Howard is buying his own, the handling will be even better without a passenger. B) It's nice to think that there are other people out there who love their cars as much as I do. Renu
  19. Yes Renu ( my partner) owns a Sport 350 with the best Esprit number plate E5PRT, she will also get to drive my S4 when I pick it up next weekend, but she doesnt read the forums much, just leaves that to me. Howard
  20. Hi just got cover for my new to me S4 from classic line (find them on the lotus esprit world web site) limited to 5000 mile per year 2 drivers , they dont take into acount no claims bonus,cost less than
  21. Hi all, I got fed up of being the passenger in Renu's sport 350 so I have just left a deposit on a 1995 S4 at Paul Matty's sportscar emporium. Very tidy car with solid history in Pacific Blue, all I have to do now is wait for two weeks until i can pick it up.
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