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  1. thanks for the replys, will work somthing out
  2. I see from reading the Club Lotus mag that they are relaunching "TEAM ESPRIT", did they ever do anything is the first place? I complained recently after donnington about Club Lotus and their attitude to Esprits and got this reply from Alan Morgan new head honcho "Having been Chairman for six months now I believe that we've demonstrably increased member benefits in that time. By general concensus the magazine has vastly improved and we've also boosted the members' insurance scheme benefits. Member offers have also been introduced into the magazine and these will be increased over the coming months. Many people came up over the weekend and commented that this was the best show for many years - I'd be interested to know what you thought. I'm not saying that the club is perfect; the day I think it is will be the day to hand over to somebody else. However, I do think it's better than it was a year ago and it's up to all of us to make sure it continues to serve the needs of the members. To pick up on your point and for the record of course it doesn't exist purely for profit - if it did we wouldn't be about to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Team Esprit may well have been allowed to lapse in the past but why not take an active part in re-building it rather than complaining that somebody else is not doing anything? You must have some stories to tell so why not write something for the magazine or encourage your Esprit friends to do so? I will also make an effort to compile more Esprit features in the future but I need to have material from our owners. If you disagree with any of the above or would like to make any other observations please let me know. Call me in the office if you like, I'm not there every day but leave a message and a number if I'm out. Kind regards, Alan Morgan
  3. i will try a pic of your car in my photo softwear and see what it come up
  4. Kato, make sure it is a really big banner next year! Howard
  5. Help please, Because of limited garage space it would be virtually impossible to jack up the car and remove the wheels ( i.e. for refurb) so the only way I can think of to do this is remove wheels out side put on temporary wheels and then drive the car back into the garage. What wheels would fit? And what bolts would I need? Ideally I would want to go and get a couple of wheels from a scrap yard as cheaply as possible. car is V8 sport 350
  6. right first things first, best bond girl is Kristina Wayborne (Magda in Octopussy) that scene with the balcony and tha sari...... reagrds bonds girls for sport 350 owners ... I am not sure Renu would want one... but i would several girls have been in more than one bond film, but the one you are thinking of is Maude Adams who was in The Man with the Golden Gun and Octopussy
  7. Freedom of speech has to be valued but
  8. Welcome David, how are the new mats?
  9. welcome to the forum, you should find what you need here.......
  10. esprit350


    welcome to our forum, its ok to have a porshe , if fact some guy in the telfor area want to swap an esprit for one on ebay howard
  11. hear hear you have just gone up 10 pionts in Renu's estimation
  12. Excuse me but my partner Renu owns a sport 350, probably the only female s350 owner in the world, she is currently considering a nissan 350z for a daily drive to replace her V6 coupe
  13. Hate to disapoint, although we have a common silver one, but number 41 is black and gold as well, saw it at paul mattys last year... howard & renu with common silver well done steve , hope you got the garage finished oh well quick edit, sorry I am wrong number 41 has standard wheels not gold, just been to check photo on S350 site.
  14. there is speculation in the article in Autocar that the engine might be a a V8 AMG merc as used in the SL, esprit mock ups running at hethel sound the same suposedly. in the past few months there has been mention of the lotus V8 and the toyota engine.
  15. pic of the new Esprit possibly to be buit in Malaysia according to Autocar. sorry could not get a good scan of the text
  16. I like Paul Matty and his team a lot, Renu had the cam belts on the S350 done there last year and he totally mis estimated on time but stuck to his original quote. I went to test drive some elise's in january and he had loads of time and was very helpful ofering insurers numbers etc, unlike Nick Whale round the corner who sussed i was not going to buy that afternoon so would not even let me drive a car. I was trying to find out wether to go for a S1 elise or an S2. I have since decided to go for an Esprit as soon as I can find somwhere to store it. The garage is full of Renu's Sport350 and the drive has my car and Renu's landrover and her daily drive.
  17. sorry must be missing something here, what connection do Club Lotus have with a speciaist? PM if you wish
  18. welcome to the mad house , I am Howard my partner Renu owns a Sport 350#11 but i do all the forum stuff
  19. welcome to the board Howard & Renu
  20. welcome Richard, enjoy Howard
  21. I have to say i like this forum, far easier to use than Yahoo. i agree that there are too many forums, we evn have two for sport 350's and there arnt that many of us.. all the foruma are useful but with so many and so little time i forsee myself not using them all. thanks to all concerned howard
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