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  1. what about "failing to make reasonable progress" I'm sure that's an offence?
  2. so its a powder day in Vail then? shredding the back bowls...
  3. Marrakech is a fabulous city , just don't go into the souk without a guide otherwise you will not find your way out. The atlas mountains would be a bit cooler and not that far away and the scenery is breathtaking
  4. Morocco or the Canaries spring to mind, if you want to splash out then this is one of the best hotels in the world mamounia
  5. this thread is getting silly and the argument is flawed ie Esprit v Elise v Evora should read Esprit v Elise v Evora v any BMW or Swindon
  6. who is Chris Evans and is he on the fourm? and what is the ugly red car? I know its a fezza but surley it cant be the enzo looking that bad?
  7. thanks for the info guys, Dave I found interparcel via google and the prices are a bit high for 30k it might be cheaper to take an extra suitcase and pay the excess baggage charge, it only going the one way as its some stuff we want to leave at the house...
  8. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions or recomendations of carriers please. I want to send a package of about 30/40 kilos to India, anyone used any international carriers thanks
  9. dogs and smells, I sympthise, our dog like rolling in fox poo and that smells bad welcome back John
  10. what age is he now? 12 or 13?
  11. from watching on TV only it has to be the new circuit in Abu Dhabi, just for the building that changes colour during the race
  12. you didnt go to Bolton by any chance, IIRC they have a pipe organ in the school hall ps whats the binary under your avatar?
  13. I wouldnt give the man (Peter Smith the time of day) sexist pig, told Renu whilst looking at Sport 350 its was mans car and she would not be able to drive it or a TVR, needless to say she bought elsewhere
  14. esprit350


    my grandfather spent some time at the Somme, thought it was no holiday when he was there...have good time
  15. the BBC take the same race footage as every other broadcaster, all the stuff after the F1 logo and graphics is fed from the offical broadcster for the particaular race
  16. but he must have lost the right to play for England when he went to play for the usa?
  17. hint taken , but the thread was already running, otherwise I will just put it on ebay..
  18. even more frightning to watch the birth rate....stop breeding, you will kill us all
  19. I thought he played for Real America FC sporting club utd, so how can he be dropped from the England team?
  20. I have copy of this book and may be interested in selling if anyone is interested, pm please
  21. well done guys, its only cos you picked that spanish bloke aloonesoo, what a #*%" wins the race than stands on his multi million pound/euro racing car....
  22. just watched the race this afternoon , recorded it on to a hard drive then played it back at 16x at times, so uninteresting, well done to Force Malaysia (Lotus? still not sure about that) but great start for a new team
  23. ok I live in a private cul de sac only people that have a legitimate reason for being there come down it, google can do what it wants with their money, I just feel it is wasteful and its still nosey, i have enough problems with google monitoring my search habits and then directing advertising to me......
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