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  1. that sign in the 2nd pic looks like a petrol station
  2. I stopped talking about watches in the first post, and I dont think it is irelevant, but I will agree to disagreee
  3. beautiful pic of Loch Morlich, slept in the car next it many times when i used to drive up to ski for a weekend
  4. I disagree, and I think Lotus would as well , its using someones brand with out their permission, denying them any income for all the hard work they have put into building that brand. I understand that people want products with the Lotus logo on it and realise sometimes it is hard to differntiate between fake and real.
  5. mine is another year 1984 obviously Mr Orwell had something published........
  6. the post was in jest, but seriously, we take a dim view of anyone trying to promote CD manuals on here as we recognise it is damaging to lotus. There are lots of unlicenced products bearing their logo on ebay why dont we take the same stance?
  7. wise words Paul, and the reason I sold my Esprit
  8. not an offcial Lotus product then? shame on you...
  9. the law states in the UK that you should take all reasonable measures to secure a gun in your car and if possible remove part of it, ie to prevent it being fired, and take it with you when you leave the car...
  10. it should be called force malayasia team or proton f1 , the whole thing is a confusing mess and stands the chance of messing up the reputation of lotus cars and the historic team...
  11. what a mess, even without the 70's fag advert
  12. choice is now made, we stay in India and go south to Kerala, just booked the international flights although I am a bit miffed at the airport taxes of
  13. I agree with all that laura has written, excellent series and film and Morena Bacarin
  14. I am with john and ramjet..... sorry kimbers
  15. [ but the craziest of all have to be the aerialists. yep thats me, I used to train for aerials on a water ramp and trampoline, never jumped on snow though, I also used to coach the British Ladies Aerials Champion 1987, June Short, who was one of my trampoline coaches, she was a fragile girl and had to retire after an ACL injury sustained whislt trampoline training.
  16. Kimbers, Logans Run is a book, not the poor adapted film version..
  17. I do hope you dont work for Qatar, cos I am flying with them later in the year and they have such a good rep
  18. we in the UK do have some very good skiers, unfortunatley the rest of the world has better ones. I did try some years ago to redress the balance, I took two members of the USA moguls team out on the town in La Clusaz, France the night before a world cup event. back in the 90's The rest of the worlds freestyle teams always followed the GB team to bars when on the world cup tour as the Brits had the best party rep. I knew all of the brit team back then and when I was working in La Cusaz set up a sponsorshop deal with a local British bar owner so they could have free drinks and discount for the rest of the world teams, this was very good for the bar owner and the final night of the 1995 world freestyle championships in La Clusaz he had all the world champions in his bar
  19. nice one John, Black Dahlia, another film of a James Ellroy book, not as good as LA Confidential the film. The book is awesome its what got me into James Ellroy, he is so dark it makes your eyes hurt, I have just finished his latest tome : Blood's a Rover... a great read..
  20. try this one, i hope its a bit harder : What kind of name is Bleichert? Dutch? : German : Ah, a great people, the Germans. Hitler was a bit excessive.
  21. we have winner well done Dave
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