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  1. lets see if anyone else knows....
  2. right answer, well done, although I prefer the TV series to the film.. try this one.. Money and women. The reasons for make most mistakes in life. Looks like you've mixed up both.
  3. Ok then try this one.. "Right. I'm the chosen one. And I choose to be shopping."
  4. well done wife Ben Hur it is...
  5. not the film I was thinking of, sorry, it may be a reference to the original quote though, I'm not sure
  6. well done Laura, it was L A Confidential a great film in my all time top 5 and the book by James Ellroy is even better if you like your noir very dark...... try this easy one, ..."ramming speed"
  7. Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush...
  8. no its not Howard , the only time i use my first name is when I have to, ie on airline tickets when it has to match your passport.
  9. Howard is my middle name, I dont use my first name which is....
  10. are we all proud to be British? I am not. I travel abroad a lot and some of the stuff I have seen British people do on holiday makes me cringe with ebarrassment also we dont have a a very good history do we? always right invading and occupying other peoples countries etc
  11. Glad you like the vids John, found them on u tube the other day, both from Greg Stump
  12. as I don't have children I am not sure on the rules but I thought it was illegal to have child of 10 or younger in the front?
  13. too much snow has been wasted on the roads, it has a proper use you know, well some of you do, cos there are some skiers and borders on here
  14. time to start on left handed people and those who wear eye glasses, oh and those without blue eyes and blonde hair
  15. MIA what a dump spent a few hours in transit there en route to Ecuador
  16. I always do have my passport in my pocket along with a pen to fill in all those immigration forms , the ones that ask are you a terrorist etc
  17. hey I know who the pussy cat dolls are, my question was what is a pussycat doll? ie is it a euphenism for some thing else?
  18. could someone tell me what a pussycat doll is please......and is jenson still going out with the girl on fame idol
  19. I have eaten beef and pork in India, but a strong believer would be offended if I ate meat in their presence
  20. just a quick thought... instead of veggie substitute the word Hindu into your arguments, then would you expect a Hindu to serve you beef when you visit?
  21. I use opera for my browser and windows xp
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