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  1. I dont think my late father ever took a test, he was issued a licence during the war i think
  2. I am in it though you cant see me as a passenger in what was Renu's Sport 350 , remember the day out and pushing high speeds through deepest oxfordshire
  3. there is another thread elsewhere on the forum about this car
  4. but the rendering above is just a generic lambo fezza lookalike
  5. I posted thsi advice in another thread, but would seem to be useful here just a little tip, if you organise a meet pick a date and then a venue, dont give people a choice of date or venue you will never please everybody, if you organise, then its your choice, do things you want to do if other people want to come they will, when you get back tell everyone what great time you had and publish the next meet date. by the way this is not my personal advice it is the advise regional co ordinators of Mensa ( the high IQ society) are given best of luck
  6. please dont call that ugly car above an Esprit
  7. esprit350

    Go Compare

    "most annoying TV ads" all of them...we watch tv via a hard drive recorder, if we wait a few minutes after the show has started before watching you can skip the ad..
  8. I am soory it was a peeety comment and not very nice of me to piont out speeing mitaks when i kant speel myslf, I apologise
  9. Paul I think you have hit the nail squarely on the head, as much as I would love to see them win or do well the potential to hurt the "brand" is huge and its not even a lotus car...i do hope we are wrong and would love to be surprised but the red car will dominate this year I think because they will have had such a telling off from their brand manager about last season....
  10. not a hope in hell, but i hope I am wrong because I like Malyasia and its good they have an F1 team
  11. are your fellow students able to spell awe?
  12. Sorry, Dave came and bought the car purely on the recomendation of Bibs ( thank you) I explained to Dave that it had some minor issues that you knew about and it was SORN, it passed its MOT the day fter he bought it and he got it for a very good price. You kept saying you wanted the car for over 12 months, but various things kept cropping up for you I understand. I refrained from advertising it because you were so keen and I wanted it to go to a forum member. I have only worked for 11 weeks in the last 12 months I needed to sell tha car as I could no longer afford to run and keep it in good running order. I am sorry you are gutted Stephen but he who hesitates it lost..........
  13. Paul you are right, I got my sums wrong just glad the world returns to normal after the lomg shutdown
  14. the year 2000 was the last year of the 20th century and the 1990's and 2001 was the first year of the new decade, because when we count we start at one not zero therfore the new decade starts on jan 1st 2001 , just because tony and his cronies celabrated in the big tent a year early dosent mean we all have to......
  15. great question, I was only disscussing this with Renu the other night, however the new decade does not start until next year
  16. thanks for the speedy update Paul and happy new year, its a dress watch I think, just uploaded a pic any interest to you?
  17. whislt routing for something else I have just come across and old watch which probably belonged to my father or possibly grandfather on the front face it says ENICAR has a little graphic of saturn and says WATERPROOF also on the face are INCABLOC and 17 RUBIS on the back it says waterproof swiss made seventeen jewels 17 jewels stainless steel back anti magnetic incabloc I would be interested to to know if it has any interest in the world of watch collection, it has no sentimental value to me, so I might as well get shut thanks
  18. I can see it now, thanks, maybe it smells of bulls?
  19. this thread is way too early for april fools jokes
  20. you are talking about the sport 350 I hope? I personally dont think the 300 looks any different to any other stevens era esprit and much prefer the later rounded look, however the interior does look very nice, but white would not be my personal choice or the most practicle I think..
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