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  1. its still mine until the fat lady has paid etc, but glad you are excited tha picy is an old one before I put the e5prt plate on it the reg now is back to the original M64NOL
  2. great post Laura, you only need to look back at the Uk's history for start......
  3. Well Done Jukka! just beat me to it.......
  4. another from University of Life but I did goto Burnley tech
  5. the man has to work, so anything that brings in the cash for him.... he's got a spice girl baby to keep now as well
  6. esprit350


    never thought they were much good anyway, they had a couple of ok singles out before Live Aid but went downhill from then on.. no idea who Bono is, (sounds like a dog food)
  7. I have an S4 and I am 53 but I dont consider myself old, just a bit used....
  8. Gordon Brown was voted for, he was elected MP for his constituency, when Tony Blair packed in as prime minister, he also stepped down as leader of the labour party, Gordon was then elected leader of the labour party and asked by the qeeen to be prime minister. We never vote for a prime minister in this country, the leader of the party with most seats in the house of commons is asked to form a goverment by the queen. so Gordon Brown is democratily elected, wether you I or anyone else like it or not.
  9. My condolences. Thoughts are with you and your family. Howard
  10. seal the concreat first with a PVA solution Unibond or similar, it will stop the dusting, then follow the intructions on your paint which I presume you already have judging by your post
  11. an intelligence test prior to breeding would be better, that would sort a lot of the problems..I would vote for eugenics anyday
  12. I have fed a girraffe, they are very messy eaters.........
  13. My biggest worry is when I have to end it off to an embassy for a visa, it never comes back within the stated time... Indian embsaay was the worst IIRC
  14. get well soon mate, hope that taking the competitions medicine is not getting you down...
  15. I like the student grant idea, a lasting legacy for a great name in UK motoring.. or commisioned art work..
  16. and my car is on the market, currently sorn and with out mot, pm for more details, well know car on this forum
  17. good luck with the search John, it was the movie that kick started the "extreme" movement 20years ago, with real skiing on real snow ie what was there on the day windpack etc, and the stuff skied in Chamonix is superb and I have seen and skiied some ( ie the less steep, my limit is about 40 degrees) of the same terrain which for me makes it even better..
  18. the work I have is for the duration of an electrical installation at a new fittness complex in stoke on trentm which is a 16 contract. After that who knows its too early to say, thanks for all the good wishes, I need to get some money in then I can mot the esprit and de sorn it ready for sale...
  19. I got a job!, started work today first day in work since xmas eve 2008 its only a 16 week job, but its work...
  20. John my fave ski movie is Greg stump's "Blizzard of Aaahs" great sound track awesome skiing with the aforementioned mr Plake, Mike Hatrup and Scott Shmit, all of who have been in mr Millers films, I saw Warren miller ski in the Legends race in Beaver Creek back in 1989 along with Franz Klammer and Ken Read and many others... chamonix skiing from blizzard
  21. to stop the chatter...turn it off till you want to use it..also saves the battery
  22. have good time and you can take the queen home with you....dont bring her back!
  23. thanks for that John, best ski movie? I know which I would pick, what do others think is the best ski movie ever made is?
  24. I thought "Big Wednesday" was the surf movie?
  25. big van hire co in B'ham is PFK ,IIRC used them years ago very competetive..
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