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  1. just spotted this on MSN has the Esprit in the list top ten lotuses but no Lotus in this list Top ten babe magnets you will probably have your own list
  2. where abouts are you, maybe some one local to you can help you with your search
  3. funny thing freeview, cant get men & motors on freeview at home ( box when tuning says sutton colfield transmitter) but took a freview box on holiday to scotland and got extra channels men and motors and more 4 +1 etc. anyone know why?
  4. welcome to the mad house! howard
  5. I have Kumho on my rears (245/45 zr17 Ecsta SPT) seem ok no problems so far
  6. Welcome to the mad house (forum) , let have some more gen on your car please it will keep Wayne happy! Howard
  7. esprit350

    Hi from Aus

    G'day mate, welcome to the mad house, hope you find what you are looking for. Howard
  8. oh gosh he is modest! Paul deserves the attention because he works hard for the Esprit community. I was going to let my Club Lotus membership lapse and now I am glad I did not, for the same reasons as Paul. Club lotus with Alan at the helm seem to be coming aware that ther is a large group of Esprit owners out there who dont have much time for Club Lotus and they seem to be trying to address the problem. Howard
  9. Try looking on Ebay, there always seems to be someone selling manuals on CD
  10. Happy Birthday to LEW, and well done to Kato for running it. shares the same date with my S4 which was first registered on Feb14 1995 , could not have bought the car or Renu's Sport 350 with out the info on LEW and made so many new friends by attnding the meets. Long live Lotus Esprit World Howard
  11. I agree, dont like the round lights on any Esprit
  12. Hi all, just got back from two weeks in Scotland with Renu and the dog. Who is coming to our meet on the 26th? we will meet at Gingerbread Man , Market Drayton (on A53)at 10 am and set off to Oulton Park about 10. 30 , meet the north west guys and chat, lunch, watch the action on track set off home as and when the mood takes you. Howard
  13. Another Electrician here, currently working for via an agency for Amec. Renu is a business manager for a GP medical practice.
  14. I will be there, great time last year and great venue
  15. Nice story, and good to know you have a new friend, lets hope he come on here. Howard
  16. good to have you back on the forum Wayne, missed you Howard
  17. esprit350

    Hi all

    Dave you dont have to have your car on the road to come along to a meet, we should be able to find you a passenger ride in one of our cars if you come to a NMEG meet Howard
  18. Ok Dave ball in your court, we will be arriving at Oulton Parkl about 11.30 ish. You guys sort yourselfs out and come and meet us Howard
  19. If i pass the house again on our next trip I will stick a note on the screen with the forum address on it. Howard
  20. I have just had a new bumper on my S4 I had a bigger crack than the one in the picture and the bumper had a slight buckle in it futher along, with some minor scuff damage to the wing and the spoiler as well, my body shop, Paul Matty's UK had to cut of the old bumper because it was such a pig to remove. parts were a bumper and some mounting plates biggest cost was three days labour inculding the painting. whole job cost me just under
  21. Just caught my eye as Renu and I passed a house on the way home from Macro. car was parked on a drive anyone on here?
  22. Ok gang , we will meet Gingerbread Man , Market Drayton at 10 am Sunday 26th Feb. set off to Oulton Park about 10.30 meet up with the North West owners , chat, lunch , watch the track leave in your own time.
  23. esprit350

    Hi all

    Hi,welcome to the mad house, please do come to the next North Midlands Esprit Group meet (NMEG) see event section we welcome owners and enthusiasts with or with out cars our next meet is in FEB a run up to Oulton Park to meet some other Esprit owners Howard
  24. As see it, only about 30 of us use LEW and the half millon hits or so have been done by the above. or there are a lot of people using the site and not coughing up some dosh. so please people why not donate to keep my favorite and hopefully your favorite site running. thank you Howard
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