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  1. Buy them both from LEW and help kato run the site. dont expect to get a specialist title for
  2. Taxi? what's a taxi? is that like a bus?
  3. I agree and have been giving this some thought over the past couple of weeks. One of the ideas I have come up with is prehaps we could organise some sort of fundraiser stall at Donnington next year. We would have two days of exposure to lotus enthusiasts from all over the world. Just what we could do I am not sure , but ther are enough of us to come up with some good ideas, and we would have plenty of volunteers form this forum I am sure. ask not what LEW can do for you, but what you can do for LEW Howard
  4. laugh about it now, but then the company lost a lot of money that night
  5. A few years ago the "illegallity" of use was down to the local health and saftey or enviromental officer. More often than not they did not have a clue about Lasers and were only ther to satisfy local rules etc. However we did have a show shut down at York Uni once, laser was set up in a gym I think ( I wasnt at this gig) and had some high level windows without curtains. Health and safety bloke said without those windows covered you could shoot down an aircraft with a spurious beam! He shut the laser show down. Howard
  6. racing harness these harnesses get me racing!
  7. Ocatane did sort of feature an esprit earlier this year .issue 26 august 2005, it looked at 5 supercars but the esprit chosen was not the right one to go aginst the other 4 cars featured!
  8. Welcome Tony, thank you in advance for all the stories Howard
  9. WHEN :- 1974 WHERE :- Skipton, Yorkshire (had no traffic lights at the time) WHAT :- Instructors Mini passed on 2nd attempt six weeks after 1st Howard
  10. oh well yes a soldering iron , I do use a clothes iron but only to wax my skis....
  11. is this an electrician thing ? because I dont use an iron either Howard
  12. I have an S4 and my partner renu has a sport 350, i havent driven the sport 350 i hvae managed to get on the insurance this year, but since my little bump the other week i think getting a drive is a way off. Renu has driven my car and loves the gear change which she says is far smoother than her car. when I bought the car from Paul Matty he and his sales manager both said it was the best geat change in an Esprit thay had ever driven, possibly the previous owner used it as a daily drive. Incidently he traded up to an elise at 71 years of age. Howard
  13. The white light laser I worked with ( bear in mind this is back in 1990) were mixed gas argon and others cant remember now, they were in reality a very pale green colour but when put through a dichoric filter you could get the colour spectrum, The reds and yellows were poor in comparison to the green and blues, The laser itself was built specially for entertainment use by a company called coherent who also made scientific lasers, we also used lasers by a company called spectra physics. To get a 4 watt output from the laser you needed a 3 phase 32 amp supply and about 3 gallons a minute cold water flow for the cooling system. The laser tube was in a glass water jacket bit scary when you think aboput the 30000 volts needed to get the plasma to lase. I think the hire and entertaimnet industry has moved on a bit since I was involved and you can now get a lot of light output for not much energy input, yag lasers are used now I think Howard
  14. is this the car that was found in a garage that was actually driven by a very close female friend of mr chapmans?
  15. I also used to work for a laser hire company in the 90's based in Birmingham called Laser Hire, they may be responsible for your argon laser in MK its the sort of thing they do, When I was there they had 5 4 watt argon water cooled a 4 watt purelight (white beam, well very pale green) which when used with dichroic fiters could be multi coloured. 2 20 watt argon and a 5 watt krypton (red) also a few 2 watt air cooled lasers, control systems in those days were Laser Systems magnum and a prototype oraclel system. We often did carluaches and laser fireworks concerts with orchestras etc also Wallsall Illuminations and a big peace and reconcilation show in Coventry on the 50th aniversary of the bombing. Howard
  16. thats the strangest sink plug I have ever do you wash the plates though?
  17. and see through like the lew ones, put me down for a couple please
  18. really pleased for you, enjoy enjoy silver is an ok colour by the way ( I have to say that,Renus car is silver) Howard (Blue car driver)
  19. Christmas Day, super day no traffic on roads great time for driving if fine.. think Renu and I will be taking the cars out on the 25th... happy hooning
  20. MP3 is that not some sort of gun by Hekler and koch ? not got round to mp3 music yet sorry
  21. I like the idea of a card slot but what do you view your pictures on? or am I missing the point.. still think CD's are pretty cool....
  22. nice pics thanks for the insight!
  23. 45 watts in to what? power out put in relation to watts depends on speaker impedance.. ie 45 into 4 ohms is nealy equal to 22.5 into 8 ohms far more useful to talk about sound pressure level, but its not much cop as a selling tool...
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