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  1. Congratulations Frazer, just never forget how lucky you are to have been given a car, I had to buy my first car and all the others since and fund my own insurance etc so you are very lucky. stay lucky and stay away from motorbikes I had a neigbour who was killed on his bike at 17
  2. great news they have missed my street, total wast of resources and bloody nosey if you ask me
  3. having just gone back to the first post to read about prizes, it would appear that there are some errors, ie the closing date is last year and last years F1 champion is not Lewis Hamilton,,a cut and paste error prehaps great newes about the prizes, what will I get for coming 19th again?
  4. elanman you might want to try here for a shirt...
  5. so sad to lose a pet, soory for your loss
  6. esprit350


    the only way to fly, Renu and I always travel business class where we can, what a difference, depending on airline you get chauffer drive to the airport, lounge with free food and drinks at the airport, priority boarding, top service on board, lie flat seats on longer flights, more leg room, amenity kits, and the better airlines now have premium terminals at their hubs, usually with showers free internet, food drinks etc. the real confirmation for me was last year when we were delayed leaving Delhi due to fog, we missed our connection in Doha, so Qatar put us up in a 5 star hotel with meal vouchers and free phone calls till the next Manchester flight.
  7. esprit350


    Dave which Maldive did you go to? I have tried Vakarufhali, Reethi Beach and last year Nika
  8. esprit350


    looks nice Kimbers, not been to Cyprus, but its on the list, unfortunatley its a long list, and so many places to go
  9. esprit350


    we are off back to India, flying into Delhi then spending a couple of nights in a 14th century fort in before flying on to Guwahati in Assam where we have a house after a week we then fly to southern India to tour Kerela before coming home. best Holiday was probably 2007 when we spent some time swimming with whale sharks in the Gulf of Cortez, Baja. to see where else I have been check out my tripadvisor map on the link below
  10. who will do the crashing to help him this year?................
  11. Simon give me shout if you need any help on transport day, I only live down the road in Madeley
  12. Howard team ghostbat Group A - Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Racing-Renault) Michael Schumacher (Mercedes Grand Prix) Group B Felipe Massa (Scuderia Ferrari) Jenson Button (McLaren-Mercedes) Group C - Nico Rosberg (Mercedes Grand Prix) Robert Kubica (Renault F1 Team) Rubens Barrichello (Williams-Cosworth) Group D Adrian Sutil (Force India F1 Team-Mercedes) Vitantonio Liuzzi (Force India F1 Team-Mercedes) Group E Jarno Trulli (Lotus-Cosworth) Sebastien Buemi (Scuderia Toro Rosso-Ferrari) Karun Chandhok (HRT F1 Team-Cosworth) TEAM SELECTIONS Group F - McLaren - group G Mercedes Group H - Torro Rosso Group I - Force India
  13. but what about cam belt change every 24000 miles or x years whichever come sooner, its not a cheap job and would come under servicing...?
  14. its the skiing season, maybe hes shreding some bumps...
  15. I think the £1K a year is too low a figure and would say more like double that for a 4 pot esprit and more for the V8, as for the week in new york it does not tempt me. but somewhere else would...I have yet to see much of the world, check out where I have been on the link below...
  16. Got my Visa for India this morning, very happy to have my passport back with me. what an awesome service from the company that processes the visa applications on behalf of the Indian Government. I did the online application last weekend and posted the passports with the other required stuff on Monday, by special delivery, I tracked the package using the post office track and trace system, the package was redirected on Tuesday and received by the visa processing center at 15.03 on Wednesday, I got them back this morning(Saturday) at 8.30, superb service especially as the visa website says due to high demand please allow at least 15 working days for your application to be processed
  17. is it true the the floor of the car is made from Borneo iron wood to prevent sparking?
  18. congrats Brian, well done
  19. try reading this book, a few years old now , but still worth the read lords of the rings it has nothing to do with frodo and co.......
  20. I am pretty sure that Addidas can sell the tickets to the Addidas (olympic) Games to who they want, you may detect a large dose of cynasisim in that reply, which should give you aclue to what i feel about the Olympic movement
  21. just found these on you tube ronnie grover
  22. funny that, because as a skier I find ski cross uninspiring. it does not do it for me looks so slow and the course used at the games was not skier freindly at all the berms were too high, so killed too much speed, give me a good slalom race any day or aerials or moguls
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